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Is there a way to unlock the original music from budokai 3?

i just got this yesterday and I noticed something odd right from the start. The Original music for the opening of Budokai 3 has completely changed! I was wondering if there is any in game option or unlockable to obtain this glorious memory of days past?


A13x7 answered:

There is no way to get the original soundtrack to either version of the budokai's.
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VJoe10Waffle answered:

"Many of Kenji Yamamoto's works sound eerily similar to songs by Finnish power metal band Stratovarius. The most obvious is Budokai's "Warrior from an Unknown Land" compared to Stratovarius's "Infinity". *
Doesn't make Budokai's soundtrack any less awesome, though.
In fact, years after the Budokai games were released, Yamamoto was fired because Toei found out about his plagiarism. The HD collection of the Budokai games uses a completely different soundtrack."
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irtehmrepic answered:

VJoe is right. If you listen, the soundtrack isn't the original set, but the tracks from budokai tenkaichi.
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