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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

Super Buu FAQ and strategy guide version


Okay, I've decided to produce a strategy guide for my favourite character:
Super Buu. I hope I can help some of you budding Super Buu players. If you
have anything to add about Super Buu, or I've made a mistake, please email
me at

Version History

Version 1.0: Super Buu's FAQ is created! But it was soon rejected for lack of

Version 2.0: Super Buu's FAQ is totally re-written, with sections 1,2 and 5
added. Rejected again.
Version 2.1: Part of the intro is removed. FAQ gets accepted.
Version 2.2: I changed the layout a bit. The lines are mostly the same length

Version 3.0: A new section (Thanks Kujila) is added, and some changes to the
other sections.
Verson 3.2: Two new important combos added. I also re-wrote the the extended
combos section.
Version 3.3: Minor changes everywhere, and the battle strategy has been

Version 4.0: A new section "Super Buu's starters" has been added, and the
section "Super Buu's important combos" has been totally rewritten.
Version 4.1: "Super Buu's extended combos" has been rewritten.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Super Buu
2. Intresting Majin Buu facts
3. How to get Super Buu and his capsules
4. Super Buu's starters
5. Super Buu's important combos
6. Super Buu's extended combos
7. Buu's character specific capsules
8. Capsule equipping guide
9. Battle Strategy

1. Introduction to Super Buu

Super Buu is the strongest canon villain faced in Dragon Ball and is packed
with little tricks and surprises. He is the result of Bibidi's monster absorbing
two of the higher gods in the Dragon ball universe and is a rather evil fellow.
Did I mention he was pink? And that he dances? But no matter how fruity he seems
it just adds to his character, making him a surprisingly entertaining addition
seeing as how he was introduced long after Dragon Ball had reached it's original
climax in the battle against Frieza. He also has a wide array of magic tricks:
From his ability to absorb other fighters to his regenerative qualities, he's
the ultimate villain. Sadly, due to Goku fanboys, Super Buu wasn't even allowed
to die, instead transforming into the moronic (And considerably weaker) Kid Buu.

Now B2 Super Buu was a terrible, terrible character. In fact,
only Recoome and Nappa were worse. But don't worry, B3 Super Buu is nothing
like him. He's totally different. Gone are the combos he stole from Fat Buu
(And it should be noted his Ill Flash isn't a copy of Innocence Cannon anymore),
gone are his useless absorptions and gone is his sidestep that doesn't involve
dancing like a ballerina.

Super Buu is now a respectable higher third tier character. And he's now totally
unique. No one in the game fights like him, he's in his own little world.
It's just a shame that Absorption (Like every Ultimate) is so hard to pull off
in this game, Both Gohan and Gotenks enable him to do over 2500 damage with
his combos very easily. Thankfully, trying to use Absorption doesn't drain
ki like Ultimates so it's possible to use against even good players.
But it's not a good idea to rely on it.

Super Buu's pros:
-He has a baseline of 5 without transformations.
-His sidestep pre-absorbtion is the fastest, despite being a little fruity.
-Even in his normal form, he can exceed 2000 damage quickly.
-After absorbing Gohan or Gotenks, he can deal more than 2500 damage.
-His Ill Ball Attack cuts through defense and is too fast to teleport counter.
-He has an infinite juggle.
-His fighting style is a little eccentric, making predicting his hits a
chore for the opponent.
-His baseline can be boosted to 6 through absorbtion.
-Using Absorbtion doesn't drain time in Hyper Mode.
-His range is rather impressive.
-He has a wide array of comboable moves.
-He can hit even the smallest of characters, despite his size.

Super Buu's cons:
-His starter isn't exactly the fastest in the game.
-To reach full potential, he needs to pull off absorbtion.
-His offensive starter is very slow. The slowest [>P] in the game.
-His [<PK] doesn't work in ther air, making getting behind the opponent hard.
-The only useful Ill Ball Attack combo is also his offensive starter.
-He doesn't have any normal transformations.

As you can see, his pros far outweigh his cons, but his cons do
drag him down a bit.

2. Interesting Majin Buu Facts

In Budokai 2, Super Buu could absorb several more characters than he could
in Budokai 3!Not only could he absorb Gohan and Gotenks, but he was also
capable of absorbing Vegeta, Freeza, Cell, Yamcha and Tenshinhan. However,
he can only absorb Piccolo in Budokai 3.

This was probably an attempt by Dimps to remove some of the storyline
features they invented themselves for Budokai 2, and stay more true to the
original story. The fusions we see now all happened in the anime and manga.

Gotenks was the first to be absorbed by Buu, and he obtained that handsome
vest when he did so.

He can also absorb Piccolo in the game, and although he never did this
directly in the show, when Goten, Gohan and Trunks are removed by Goku and
Vegeta, Piccolo Buu is seen for a moment.

Gohan was the last to be absorbed by Buu, and gave him a Goku-style gi. It
also made him the most powerful villain in the canon Dragonball universe!

Like many characters, Buu has a different pre-battle dialogue for a few
characters: in this case, Cooler, Broly and Omega Shenron. Rather than his
usual chirpy "I'm going to kill you", he'll say to these chaps, "You're
strong!" with a close-up of his eyes. Impress your friends with this.

Buu also has a unique victory dialogue for Omega Shenron. He'll get a
funky camera angle and say "Are you delicious?" in a strange voice.

Even though Majin Buu and Super Buu are now firmly different characters in
this installment, they both have been given new Level 2 death moves which
work in a similiar fashion. Both moves hit multiple times with a single
button press, are unblockable and move forward at such a speed that teleport
countering it will leave your opponent punching air.

Super Buu's first appearance in the Japanese episodes was in Episode 255.
The first thing he did was promptly kill two startled men who had previously
annoyed his more jovial, friendly form. However, the one thing he can't seem
to bring himself to do is kill Mr. Satan - this restraint seems to have been
overcome by the time he absorbs Gotenks, though, as he's more than willing
to attempt to destroy him! Fortunately Tenshinhan emerges from obscurity to
save the day.

Super Buu is Piccolo's last fight in Dragon Universe, which is unusual as the
two have never actually fought. At one point Piccolo attempted to step in to
save the boys from Super Buu, but fortunately, Gohan arrived just in time.

Super Buu's tentacle changes with size as he absorbs people. It's relatively
small when he's without absorptions, but after absorbing Gotenks it becomes
tremendously long - as long as the tails of some previous villains. After
absorbing Gohan it reaches pasthis feet, but is fortunately shortened by

3. How to get Super Buu and his capsules

Super Buu can be gained rather simply, all you have to do is beat him in Goku's
Dragon universe, which is a cinch compared to some of the things needed done
to get some of the other characters.

Also, Super Buu's Absorption is found much the same way. Simply go on to
complete the Dragon Universe and the absorption capsule is yours. Which is
refreshing, considering how long it took to get in Budokai 2.

Both of Super Buu's death moves can be found easily at Lunch's store.

To get Super Buu's breakthrough, you will first need the following:

- Every character except Saibaman and Cell Jr.
- The Black Membership card
- Lots and lots of zennie (Somewhere in the region of 2 million)

Firstly, when the Black membership card is purchased an extra attack capsule
column appears, only this one isn't random. It'll cycle through all the
ultimates, then later the breakthroughs in order of position on the character
reel. Since Super Buu is pretty late on the reel, you'll have to spend quite a
bit of money before getting his.

4. Super Buu's starters

Starters are important. Very important. With a good starter, you'll be able
hit your opponent easily and with less risk to yourself. In this part of the
FAQ I shall judge and compare all of Super Buu's starters.

Range: 2.5 steps
As a P, this is one of the best in the game. It's one of the fastest, and the
range of it is fantastic. There aren't many characters who can hit their
opponent from 2.5 steps away with a P. This is Super Buu's fastest starter.
From the P, Buu can go into the [PP<PP~] Cancel, the [PP>P] stun (Only works
on the larger characters) or the [PK^] juggle infinite.

Range: 2.0 steps
When I first started playing as Super Buu, I was under the impression that the
<P was a great starter. I was horrible wrong. It has the worst range out of
all of his starters, and it's also his slowest. You should only use the <P
when your opponent is fatigued after hitting 0 ki. It's a shame really, because
you need to use the <P as a starter to use Buu's strongest combo string. From
a <P you can go into the [<PK~] cancel, which is the only way to get to an
opponents back or the [<P>P], which stuns larger characters if you use the <P
from close range.

Range: 2.5 steps
Strangely enough, it only has the same range as the P. It's also much slower.
It's actually the slowest >P in the game. Even though it's matched by the P,
the range is still good, and it's not incredibly slow like his <P. It also
has the second best damage potential, after the <P, so it's a nice starter to
use. Use it as it stands (it stuns heavily on it's own) and link it into the
[<PK~] for best results. If you don't like the idea of using it on it's own,
the [>PPP] also stuns, but the stun isn't heavy enough to combo into the <P
so you'll have to follow it with a P. The [>PP>PPK] is a good knock back and
ki building combo.

Range: 3.0 steps
The K has excellent range, moves Buu forward and is Buu's second fastest
starter. But, it has a problem. The only cancel/stun the K has only works
from behind. But thankfully, it has the [KKKK^] juggle infinite so it's a top
notch starter. Using the [KKKK] as an infinite is a bit tricky, so you might
want to use it to juggle, then switch to the [PK^], finally finishing with a
[PPPPE] when you see fit.

Range: 2.5 steps
The <K is pretty good. It's not too slow, has good range and Buu is invincible
while he pulls it off. It's just a shame that it can't be followed by ANYTHING
until Buu absorbs Gohan. Then the [<K<K~] turns into a cancel, and a combo
can be started off of it. It's an okay defensive starter an adds an extra
option that if brought out at the right time will completely suprise your

Range: 3.0 steps
My favourite Super Buu starter. It's quickish, long range and it's very safe.
It's best to follow the >K with a couple of P's, for the heaviest stun. If
your opponent blocks, it's okay, you can cancel every hit and assume a
defensive posture to guard against counterattack. You can follow the [>KPP]
with a P.

5. Super Buu's important combos

For this portion of the FAQ, I shall list Buu's important combos, followed by
the damage done at 100% attack power (And the opponent at 100% defense) and
a description of the move.

[PPPPE]- 607
Nothing too special about this one. The second hit stuns a bit, and the last
two punches knocks the opponent in the air slightly. The best combo to end
juggles with.

[PP<PP]- 265
As it stands, not an intresting combo. But the third hit is a stun, and the
last one can be cancelled. From the front, there's just enough time to cancel
into another attack (But not the [>P]) but from the back there's plenty of time
to do as you please.

[PKK]- 229
If you don't press the second K, this is one of Super Buu's infinities. The
first K sends the opponent pretty high into the air, and if you time it right
you can catch them with the P as they come down and repeat the combo. You can
do this indefinetely.

[<PK]- 331
The K hits multiple times, and can be charged after the first hit (Which stuns),
so this makes for a good cancel to get behind the opponent with. When in the air
this attack changes into an attack identical to the [<P>K].

[<P>K]- 223
A guardbreak. Not a particularily good one, thanks to the time it takes for Buu
to do his little spin in the air for the >K. Good players will be able to evade
it, but if you're not playing against a very good player you should use this
if your <P has been blocked.

[>PPPPE]- 816
If you need to do quick damage, this is a scorcher. Also, the [>P] and the
[>PPP] stun. The [>PP~] is a heavy enough cancel to be followed with anything,
but the [>PPP] only leaves enough time for a P or K.

[>PP>PPK]- 442
useful if you need to do quick damage, but have forgetten your death moves or
need to conserve your own ki. It actually builds quite a bit of ki, so I
recommend using this if you're low. The K sends the opponent flying back.

[KK>KPPE]- 907
Despite doing a crapload of damage, it has a serious problem. It can be blocked
at the first P. It'll still do a lot of damage thanks to Ill Ball Attack
being unblockable, but your opponent will build a bit more ki. Maybe enough
to TC out if their almost at 3 bars (Or some other figure if ki capsules are
being used).

[KK>KPPKK]- 595
The last K stuns and can be cancelled after the stun, making this a cancel.
Sadly, since it can be blocked halfway through, it's only useful from behind,
where it encounters another problem. Depending how far away you start the
attack, the >K can whiff completely and your opponent will have enough time
to turn around and start fighting back.

[KKKKKK]- 448
While a pretty impressive combo as it stands, without the last two K's, this is
not only an excellent juggle starter, but is also an infinite. You have to take
a step forward to get it right though.

[<K<K]- *Gohan Absorbtion only*
After absorbing Gohan, this becomes a nice defensive starter. Before absorbing
Gohan though, it's useless.

[>KPPPPP]- 386
I love this combo. The first five hits stun, and each one can be cancelled. It's
probably Super Buu's best combo. From behind, you can maximise damage by
charging the first three punches fully and leaving the sixth hit out. As a
starter it's best to stick with the [>KPP] as the third punch pushes the
opponent away.

6. Super Buu's extended combos

Extended combos are combos that are linked together through either hits that
stun or hits that can project into the air, enabling "juggling". There's a
fantastic guide in the FAQ area that explains how to do it perfectly. The most
difficult part of extended comboing is cancelling. This requires you to charge
a hit, then pressing guard as it charges. This returns the character to a
neutral stance, allowing you to start another combo.

|Key:        |
|* New combo |
|^ Juggle    |
|~ Cancel    |

Some of Super Buu's combos can be quite difficult, especially if you aren't
familiar with either Super Buu or comboing. I suggest before you try any of
these, practice all the components first. It's no good trying to do the longest
string if you can't get the PP<PP off. When you've done that, try combining two
or more combos, Who knows? You might invent your own extended combo.

I'll divide the combos up by their starters:

Combo Strings for P


Combo Strings for <P


Combo Strings for >P


Combo Strings for K


Combo Strings for >K


Combo Strings for <K *Gohan Buu only*


7. Buu's character specific capsules

Absorption- Takes 3 slots. It takes the place of Super Buu's ultimate
but doesn't take any ki to use. When used, he absorbs either Gohan,
Super Gotenks or Piccolo. He gains an attack boost and several of
the characters moves. While difficult to use due to it being an
ultimate (Thus requiring Hyper Mode and for you to hit the opponent
with an easily predicted hit), it's slightly easier than most due
to the fact that it takes no ki to use. Either spam it, or cancel
out of it to trick your opponent.

Ill Flash- Takes one slot, can be equipped Twice. Super Buu's level one death
move. It's surprisingly average, he simply shoots a pink ball from his mouth.
Has no real faults, but isn't very special either. Gets replaced by Destructive
Wave, Victory Cannon or Kamehameha when absorbing Piccolo, Super Gotenks or
Gohan respectively.

Damage Single Stacked: 250
Damage Double Stacked: 313

Ill Ball Attack- Takes one slot, can be equipped twice. Buu rolls into a ball
and rushes at the opponent. It can't be blocked, it homes in on the enemy
and is rather fast. Good for catching an opponent off guard. Use it from mid
range to annoy your opponent. Gets replaced by Light Grenade when absorbing

Damage Single Stacked: 380
Damage Double Stacked: 475

Demon Realm Flames: Takes one slot. Gives Buu a 10% boost in the attack stat.

Demon Realm Guard, Mage Guard, Babidi's Guard and Bibidi's Guard: Takes one to
four slots respectively. Super Buu's different levels of armour. Each one gives
10% more defence than the last.

Toxic Chocolate: Takes 3 slots. While the game states that this capsule
increases Attack and Defence at regular intervals, it doesn't. The capsule
(And all like it) only give the first boost, which isn't worth 3 capsule spots.

Dabura Cookie: Takes 2 slots. When Buu's health is less than 1/6th his attack
power is boosted greatly.

Majin Buu's Regeneration: Takes 1 slot. Damage is reduced at the cost of some
ki. The percentage of damage which is reduced increases as the amount of damage
done increases.

Babidi's Scope: Takes 1 slot. Reduces the amount of ki Buu uses. Compared to
the other ki reducing capsules, this one isn't as effective.

Human Candy: Takes 2 slots. Reduces the ki drain experienced in Hyper Mode.

8. Capsule equipping guide

There are two main ways to use Super Buu, with Absorption or without. Without
Absorption is safer to rely on, but if you manage to get Absorption off your
opponent is headed for a world of pain.

Without Absorption:
Ill Flash/Ill Ball Attack
Ill Flash/Ill Ball Attack
Potential (2 slot capsule)
Demon Realm Flames
Majin Buu's Regeneration
Turtle Shell

Ill Flash or Ill Ball Attack for damage (Whichever you like better).
Potential is a good universal capsule, giving a good damage boost, as is
Demon Realm Flames. Majin Buu's Regeneration is a good defensive capsule and
Turtle Shell prevents them from getting out your extended combos.

With Absorption:
Ill Ball Attack
Human Candy (2 slot capsule)
Absorption (3 slot capsule)
Turtle Shell

Absorption is still a big capsule, so it seriously condenses your choices when
considering what capsules you want to equip with it. It's better not to equip
Ill Flash twice, as it gets replaced when you absorb. Turtle Shell and Human
Candy give you a better chance of pulling off Absorption.

For Super Buu, equipping Breakthrough is actually a viable option. Both his
death moves are good, he can deal good damage without stat boosts and it
doubles the effectivness of the moves of his Absorption forms. Without
Turtle Shell, combos are much harder though.

9. Battle Strategy

Super Buu can be played a number of ways. I'll discuss some of them here, but
feel free to come up with your own strategies too. The game engine is pretty
flexible, and so is Super Buu.

General Strategy

Recommended Capsules:
2xIll Ball Attack
Ill Flash
Demon Realm Flames
Mage Guard
Chicken+Egg Bowl

A good strategy is one that covers all of the character's weaknesses and makes
the best of a character's strong points.
In general, Super Buu should never have to power up. He starts with a baseline
of 5, and his combo strings build up quite a lot of ki. Take advantage of this,
keep up the offense, and don't allow your foe to power up. Especially
transformation dependant ones (i.e. Goku). But don't attack incessantly, or your
opponent will build a crapload of ki from defending. Just make sure you're
always in a position where you can smack an opponent if he tries anything.

Now, choosing which attack you use can make the difference between dealing a
crapload of damage, or getting your ass kicked. In general, from a distance you
should start with a >K or a >P. The >K is faster and longer, but the >P has the
better damage potential. Slightly closer, and the P should be used exclusively.
It's fast, has good range for a P and has nice damage potential.

You probably won't get much chance to preform long combos normally, so you
should stick mostly to shorter, two or three string combos. Alternatively, try
and get your opponent to TC when you have more ki than them. As soon as they do,
teleport cancel (Hold down X when you Teleport Counter) and start a combo. If
their ki is less than 1 bar, you can even preform Super Buu's max damage combo
(Over 2100 damage!) before they can TC out. I personally enjoy using Ill Flash
and Buu's [>P+K] from a good distance away (Make sure you're close enough to
connect) to get them to TC, as both can be seen coming a mile away. Be warned
though, there are ways to get around this strategy, so don't be suprised if it
doesn't work on some of the better players in the world.

Absorbtion strategy

Recommended Capsules:
Turtle Shell
Ill Ball Attack
Human Candy

Now, the main difference between the general strategy and absorbtion strategy is
that for at least part of the fight, you'll be focused more on getting
Absorbtion off than on dealing damage. But the reward for getting it off makes
it worth trying. But how do you go about getting off? Thankfully, it's one of
the easier ultimates to use. Absorbtion drains no ki, can be cancelled, has a
homing effect and the launcher is extremely long range.

I suggest you start a combo ending in a heavy stun. Quickly enter Hyper Mode
while they are still stunned, then charge his Ultimate launcher. Chances are,
they'll instinctively sidestep, which isn't a good idea. As soon as Buu
recalibrates his aim, let it go and you should hit (Unless they have 6+ ki).
Another thing they might do is backdash, but this is also a bad idea. Just let
the attack go and Super Buu will rush at them at rocket speed, and the launcher
should connect.

Alternatively, you can fake out your opponent by quickly cancelling the attack,
then trying it again straight away or just pegging them with a ki ball.

Once you get Absorbtion off, play as you would normally, but taking advantage
of the ki and strength boost. Also, try using his <K starter every now and then.

~I'll add more strategies very soon~

I would like to thank:

Kujila- Writing most of section 2 for me.

df_345- For telling me about the [KK>KPKK~].

Nnamz/EVIL CAP AMERICA/All the other helpful people from the B2 board- They
discovered the hidden depth in the Budokai engine, if it wasn't for them I'd
never have been able to string Buu's combos together.

escobuu- For making a complete list of everyone's combos. Very useful.

Whoever finally Accepted my FAQ after it's numerous rejections.

Akira Toriyama- He created Super Buu, along with every other character in the
game (Barring O.Shenron, Gogeta and the SSj4's).

Dimps- For making such an excellent game, and realizing their B2 Buu mistake
and updating him.

Atari- Thanks Atari, not only did you make Dimps release an uncomplete game,
but you also botched the PAL release of the game. Great job. But now you've
released a European Special Edition and it's all hugs and kisses. ^_^

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