Rock Lee by Hikaru003

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               ~Table of Content~

|Number | Paragraph                            |
|-0001   \   About Lee                         |
|--0002    \    Basic Controls                 |
|---0003     \     Basic Combos                |
|----0004      \      Items                    |
|-----0005       \       Techniques            |
|------0006        \        Lee's True Ability |
|-------0007         \         Credits         |
|--------0008          \          Epilogue     |

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 ||0001|| About Lee

I'm writing this guide because my favorite character in the anime is him. So
when I first started to play the game I choose him, and never changed since.
(Not literally.) I found him so good that I have tried to develop my skills as
far as I can. I trained with him a lot, and now I would like to share my
knowledge with you.

Important that this FAQ is about TS Lee not PTS.

 ||0002|| Basic Controls

This game is both on XBox360 and PlayStation3 so I'm going to write here the
basic controls for both system and then write there the symbols what I'm going
to use instead. Hopefully it will make things easier.

| Function      | On PS3 is | On Xbox is | Here is |
| Melee         | Circle    | B          | M       |
| Jump          | X         | A          | J       |
| Projectile    | Square    | X          | P       |
| Chakra Charge | Triangle  | Y          | C       |
| Block         | R2        | RT         | B       |
| Substitution  | L2        | LT         | S       |

 ||0003|| Basic Combos

So here are the combos can basically performed. These aren't any special moves,
just the ones already written in the game's combo list, but I write them again
so when I'm going to write about the special combos you don't have to start
the game to look what I'm talking about. And I trust you already know the
basic controls.

Well, when I was a kid I read a lot of FAQs and there were some that I was
totally unable to understand. So just according to my own stupidness I'm going
to write here the way to read these moves. The buttons are explained above.

==So if I write: M, it means you have to press the Melee button, if you have a
  PS3 then the circle, if an XBox then the B.

==If I write: M - M - M, you have to press it three times.

==If I write: J - J - C - J then you have
  to press jump twice, then chakra load, and then jump again.

==If I write G + M, then you have to push the two button at the same time. It's
  usually better to press the first written first. I hope these plus
  few sentences can help you.

 ||And here are the combos:||

//Leaf Hurricane: M - M - M - M - M - M

  -This is Lee's basic combo. It's not that usefully, maybe for breaking the
   enemy supports' attack, because in the end of the combo (If Lee is able to
   finish it.) the attacks of the supports vanish.

//Void-Shattering Kick: M - M - M - M - UP - M - M

  -This is Lee's most useful combo. A lot of my techniques related to this
   combo so if you want to play Lee like I do, better remember this one.
//Meteor Kick: M - M - M - M - DOWN - M - M

  -This is another not too useful combo, but it's good for the same as Leaf
   Hurricane. And besides that, this combo is also good if you want to catch a
   breath, because after this, your opponent will be on the ground for a few

//Flying Whirlwind Kick: IN MIDAIR - M - M - M - M

  -This is also a good combo. Kinda easy to perform and can be chained to the
   Void-Shattering Kick. This combo will have a lot of techniques related to it

//Instant Wind Kicks: TILT - M - M

  -A rarely used combo again. Easy to break.It's only advantage that it can be
   started from a mid range, while other combos can't be. If you start it from
   mid range, press M after you have tilted, and once again when you already
   touched your enemy, to finish the combo.

//Primary Lotus: G + M

  -Lee's Throw. If your enemy jumps a lot, this will surely catch him.
   Except if he/she uses double jump, but that's not likely to be. It's also 
   dashes through supports, so if he/she uses some kind of support, you have
   good chances to reach your enemy. This attack's disadvantage is that it
   misses some times, and it's a lot of time while Lee gets into the position.
   So better use it wisely.

//Leaf's Combo Attack: C - M

  -Lee's Ninjutus. Good for kicking the enemy and his/her supports at the same
   time, but nothing other than that. It's uses too much chakra so it's not
   worth to use it.

//Leaf Hot Wind: C - C - M

  -Lee's Ultimate Ninjutsu. It is very fast, so if you can input the buttons
   quickly, then you can hit with this easily if in a close or mid range.

 ||0004|| Items

Here are the items basically owned by Lee and what they are doing. But I'm
going to write their more correct ways to use later.

//Weight: This is Lee's special item. I'm not sure if it's a weight, but it's
          looks like it. Well what I'm sure of, that it boosts Lee's speed
          for twice as much time as the Shot Run Pills.

//Bomb Ball: It explodes when it touches the enemy. I have a very good
             combo with it.

//Shot Run Pill: It boosts Lee's speed. Better use right before you want to
                 chakra dash, because it isn't lasts long.

//Defense Breaking Tag: Lowers the enemy's guard for a short time. Better use
                        right before you start a melee combo.

 ||0005|| Techniques

Here are few things what is good to learn besides of the basic moves, not just
for Lee but for any character in the game.

==Firstly, this isn't a technique but an advice. I've never seen anyone using
  this, but in my opinion, changing the B and S from their basic to the
  supports' button is a good thing. The bottom buttons sometimes aren't
  reacting instantly, not like the upper ones. In my opinion it's easier and
  faster way to use B and S.

==Secondly the reflexes. In this game it's a very important thing. A lot of
  things in the next paragraph requires that, so if you have them, it will be
  easier to use Lee, but if you lack them, that's not a problem. Nobody born
  with reflexes like Jet Lee's. You can develop yourself, just keep training.

==Thirdly, be friendly with other players. With Lee it's almost impossible to
  spam, so people won't hate on you because of that, but don't give them
  another reason to.

==If you haven't played all of the Storm games, you should. They have changed
  a lot of things since the first one, but if you understand those battle
  systems, this one's will be easier.

==Everything goes way easier if your opponent have no Substitution. Try to aim
  for this before anything, and then use the techniques below.

==And my final advice is to always enjoy the game. Calm personality will always
  help you win. If you're calm, you are able to see things that you wouldn't 
  see while raging.

 ||0006|| Lee's True Ability

Here are the techniques what I have learned so far while I were experiencing
this character. These are what I think the best ways to use Lee.

 ||For every character:||

//Chasing the enemy

  -Lee is a quiet fast character. When you're hitting an enemy, he/she will
   probably try to use S. But with every character it is possible to dash after
   him/her. With Lee it's even easier. You just have to have good reflexes and
   then when you see that your enemy used S, you push C - J and if you were
   fast enough, you can continue hitting. If you used Lee's Weight then you
   have better chances to do this. If you used Shot Run Pills, they have
   probably already deactivated.

  -Be careful: In this game, this move has been nerfed. In generations, it was
   enough to predict when your enemy is going to use S, then press C, and when
   he/she used it, press J. Now in this game it doesn't works. You have to 
   press C and J after your enemy has already used S.

//Substituting like a pro

  -In this game it is possible to use S, not just a given way, but anywhere.
   So if you want to avoid ninjutsus, you have to learn which way are they
   going, and use S into the oposing way. Some examples:

  -A Fire Ball or Deidara's clay birds flying towards you. You can either use S
   sideways or towards your enemy. I would recommend towards because in this
   way, after you just used S, you can fight back.

  -A Rasengan or Chidori is best to avoid towards your enemy, so after you used
   S, you will be behind your enemy, and that gives you a lot of chances.

  -Kimimaro's Larch Dance can come from any direction. Best to avoid into the
   opposing direction.

  -Note: These substitution techniques goes for support attacks too.

  -After you successfully avoided the ninjutsu, it's time to fight back. You
   can chase your enemy. Because he was doing a ninjutsu, and will be unable
   to instantly fight back. But be careful, some ninjutsu still hits if you
   charge into the users back, like Rasengan and Chidori.

//The timing of projectiles

  -Your projectiles can be very useful. They do a bit bonus damage and you can
   use them far from your enemy, so he/she can't attack back directly. I think
   not just your shurikens count as projectile but some of the item's. In Lee's
   case the Defense Breaking Tag. There are a lot of ways to use them  but I
   mostly use them like this:

  -After you have finished a combo like Leaf Hurricane, Meteor Kick, Instant
   Wind Kicks or you used Lee's ninjutsu, your enemy will be likely on the
   ground. You can use projectiles after these, but it's better if you jump a
   bit sideways before it. In this way you can avoid your opponent's supports.
   Be careful because there is a chance that your opponent can rebound after
   you used these combos, and then you may waste your chakra or item.

  -After you used S, to avoid a ninjutsu, you can also use projectiles. In this
   way, you wont get caught, and  can do some plus damage.

  -Note: If you have broken your enemy's guard, you can use projectiles.
   It counts bad mannered to use Ultimate Jutsu, so try not to do this,but if
   you're fighting a spammer, feel free.

 ||For Lee:||

//Open the gates

  -The things above were just things for every character, nothing special.
   From here I start to explain the really cool tricks with Lee. So in this
   game he got Instant Awakening which is a really cool thing. In the previous
   games when he awakened he got teleportation instead of chakra dash and that
   made him very useless. Now when he awakens he still can use chakra dash so
   he's combos don't break because your enemy used S. In awakened state he is
   very strong and quick but only use this when you have a full bar of
   Substitution, or you can cause a lot of trouble for yourself.

//Fighting in the air

  -Lee really can fight in the air, and here are the ways how:

  -The Flying Whirlwind Kick is an air combo. Not like Kakashi's or the
   Raikage's it is quiet long, and does a lot of damage. If you do first a
   Void-Shattering Kick and then a quick Chackra Dash then you can chain a
   Flying Whirlwind Kick. This will do a lot of damage. But if you wanna
   boost this up then while doing Void-Shattering Kick, right before
   Lee starts to kick upwards, use instant awakening. This way you can do even
   more damage. But be careful. When you're in awakened state, use chackra dash
   right when Lee does the last kick upwards, or else you can't dash towards
   your enemy.

  -And this is not everything. While you're kicking your enemy in the air, you
   can use chakra dash, either you're awakened or not. And then Flying
   Whirlwind Kick will start over, doing even more damage. This is one of Lee's
   most useful combos. But be careful that it's way safer if you have chackra
   and your enemy doesn't have Substitution.

//Teaming up

  -You can use a regular team, like a Balanced Type and a Guard Type, but in my
   opinion, for Lee it is the best to have two Attack Type. Use them as much as
   you can, and when you are in Support Drive state, hit your enemy as hard as
   you can. You can cause a 50% damage if you do the following.

  -Use Leaf Hurricane and when your second support finished punching, use
   chakra dash. DO this as long as you can, and after 3 or 4 times, you can
   cause even 50% damage. If your enemy using S, don't worry. These supports
   are somehow aiming at your enemy even after he used S. So if you're not
   able to chakra dash instantly, you still have some chances to continue

  -You can use Leaf Hurricane to end your combo, and after this, one of your
   supports will punch your enemy back at you. You can chakra dash at him/her
   and then do a Flying Whirlwind Kick, or do the ball throwing technique
   explained below.

//Throwing the ball

  -First I didn't thought that this will be a separate technique but then I
   realized that there is a lot of combos chained to this. As you already know
   one of Lee's item is a Bomb Ball. Better use it when your opponent has no S.

  -On the ground you can just use chakra dash, and then throw it, or for more
   damage, you can first punch him/her a few times, and then use chakra dash
   again, and then throw it.

  -Same goes for the air. Just dash and throw or punch a few times and throw.

  -This should end your combo, but if you're using the supports I suggested,
   and you're in Support Drive state, the ball's explosion will cause one of
   your supports to punch your enemy back at you. Now you can throw another
   ball against him, if you still have one, or chakra dash towards him/her and
   do a Flying Whirlwind Kick. If you thrown another ball, the other support
   will punch your enemy back again, and you can do a Flying Whirlwind Kick.

//Taijutsu attacks

  -Lee has an awakening action. This is a very good attack, mainly because
   it's quick and unpredictable. It's a good way to use it while moving
   sideways, and while your enemy is doing some kind of attack. You can also
   combine this with a Void-Shattering Kick. Hit your enemy with it and then go
   into awakened state, and before Lee would start to kick upwards, use the
   awakening action. Or if you aren't next to the edge of the stage, you can
   use it after the first kick. This way your enemy will be in the air, and
   can't move away from the attack.

  -I said before that Lee's ninjutsu is useless. Yes it is. So don't use that
   if you don't have to. But there is a funny thing. You can chain a few
   Leaf's Combo Attack. Just use it and then use it again when you can. If
   you can catch your enemy before falling down, you will be hitting him/her
   again. You can do this about 3 times, and then your chackra depletes.
   But if it doesn't catch your enemy then he/she can attack you freely.

  -So here it is, I hope this text is useful, and that now you understand, how
   can someone fight using only taijutsu.

 ||0007|| Credits

And this paragraph goes for those who helped me creating this FAQ.

-Firstly I would like to thank DutchKraken for letting me use his template.

-I would like to thank GameFAQs for allowing me to put online my knowledge.

-Thank you SONY, for creating the PlayStation.

-Thank you Kishimoto Masashi, for writing Naruto.

-Thank you CyberConnect2, for creating Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.

-And finally I would like to thank all my opponents for teaching me.

 ||0008|| Epilogue

Finally I write this paragraph because I still have a lot of thing to write.
Understand that just after you read this you're not going to be instantly pro.
You have to train a lot of these moves.

GameFAQs says I shouldn't let anyone steal this FAQ but I think this is only
knowledge, and knowledge should be shared at anyways as can be, so feel free
to use this anywhere you want to.

If you have any question or opinion about this guide write an e-mail.

 ||Patch notes will be above if there will be any||