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Asked: 8 months ago

Why does BF4 keep freezing?

It freezes around every other game. Nothing is wrong the disc, and this has never happened in any other games that I've played. Because of this, my saved game has been corrupted around five times; I'm only level 20.

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Whilst im not completely sure, The Dawnbreaker map is known to freeze xboxes for everyone, But moving all your Battlefield data to a new hard drive might help, I kept getting a disc unreadable error, but I transferred hard drives and wala, fixed. if that doesnt work then I cant help you, sorry

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The game is broken. It's nothing to do with the disc. It has to do with DICE releasing a broken game to the market.

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Yeah dice made a major screwup. Although there is a way to help the freezing. After playing the game so much and getting sick of it freezing I decided to download it to my hard drive. Not only does this help the problem, my game is always first to load which means I can start in whatever vehicle I want to at the begging of the game. Hope this helps.

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