Question from lilgregdouchy

Asked: 1 year ago

Why are my masks being deleted/removed due to "Breach of terms"?

Twice now I've made masks and they were randomly removed with a message saying that they were removed due to a "breach of terms". There was nothing explicit or vulgar about them.

Additional details - 1 year ago

Any idea why???

Accepted Answer

From: COKE2 1 year ago

Its a glitch. I contacted EA Terms of Service people and they said to paraphrase " got no violations but the mask is gone....nothing we can do sorry"

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I got the same message last night when I turned my game on.

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Ive had the same problem i had two kratos masks one red/white one black/gold my red/white got removed but my other didnt i called customer support and tjey said they dont know anything about it so im thinking maybe.some kinda bug

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