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I have not receive message from jarl of falkreath for plot of land?

I have not receive message from jarl of falkreath for plot of land?

JGC88 provided additional details:

Still not working.

JGC88 provided additional details:

I did all errands but still can't buy land?

JGC88 provided additional details:

No response?

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Evil_Lady_A answered:

This is going to be an answer you don't want to hear, but I had the same problems. I could only buy the Morthal property & I had to ask about it. I didn't receive any letters from anyone....the fix? I started far, everything's doing what it's supposed more glitches.
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redhotpeppers answered:

Go talk to him and he should offer you the land even if you didnt get the message.
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Zeff_fury answered:

keep doing errands for the Jarl and the option will be available eventually
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thisnamerules answered:

If you're already the Thane of Falkreath, you just need to talk to the Jarl's Steward. The same applies to any of the other home sites.
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