Question from Balron41

Display cases in the harthfire homes?

Is it just me or can no one use the display cases in any of the harthfire homes you build ?


bluedragon619 answered:

Its not just you, either they've made them so you have to drop and move the items yourself or they're all just glithced
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Mantis503 answered:

The display cases are glitched for me too, they give me the option to open and close it. Dropping an item and manually moving it into the case sounds like a good idea, I'll have to try that.
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yugiteen99 answered:

I don't think it is a glitch. I couldn't do that on any display casses. you can do that with bookshelves and put books in them or put equipment on manikens but with display cases you have to open them up and put the things in by dropping them and moving them. I mean, you can't do that on oblivion, you have to do what I said before and just drop them in.
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Sukotto82 answered:

@yugiteen99 - actually you can activate other display cases in non player homes like the ones in whiteruns dragon reach. you open it then click on the red velvet inlet and you can equip a dagger in the case kinda like you do with a weapon rack.

I think Its a glitch or maybe intentional but iether way I don't like it. It would be better if you could click it and place items in it like you can with other display cases in non player homes.
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abuck662 answered:

I believe Bethesda made the display cases like that so you can place anything
like gems,armor, heck even skulls! Also on the trailer it shows skulls in one of the display cases so my theory could possible be right
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