Question from Talonblade84

how can I buy lumber for my house in dawnstar if there is nobody there I think the owner was killed by a dragon?

when I go to anga's mill to buy lumber nobody's there


bluedragon619 answered:

No worries, you don't have to go to that mill at all, I either buy from Hod in riverwood or the mill in morthal
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bluedragon619 answered:

Should add, i know it says to but you really don't and the 'quest' will still complete
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Mantis503 answered:

I had that same issue when I bought the homstead in Falkreath, I was told to go to Half-moon Mill. When I arrived there was no one there, and when I approached the marker it jumped to the house. When I walked to the house, the cursor jumped back to the mill, I ended up using wait and fast forwarded time to operation hours of the following day and the lady that runs the place appeared for me. As stated above, anyone that runs a mill in a hold will sell you lumber and will complete the quest.
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Sovngaria answered:

You can purchase sawn logs from any mill. They are automatically "transported" for you to any of your three homes. In other words, you can make a one-time purchase of 1,000 or so logs from one mill and build all your houses with it.
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1qwed answered:

Well I got a house in Falkreath but he lumber at the mill is expensive. so i went to a dif mill and it was lower so maybe you can go to a dif mill like in a dif city
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Nitefox answered:

You're probably having trouble with Half-moon Mill because, she's a Vampire. Also if you've gotten far enough into the Dark Brotherhood quest you may have killed her and her husband.
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