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Answered Questions Answers
Can you do Cross play with other players? 6
How can i make a gun? 6
Is there multiplayer and if so in what form? 3
Where can I find the broken heroes sword? 1
How do I beat wall of flesh? 2
Where can I get the Muramasa sword? 1
I cannot make silk for bed? 1
How do you get the wizard NPC? 2
Where can I find pwnhammer? Or can I have someone's if you have 2??? 4
Can you still make the Hero's clothes (Link's)? 2
Recent Questions Answers
All items map on xbox 360 and Xbox one if I can get it to work? 0
anyone playing terraria? I'd like to join in and play 1
Does anyone want to join a all items map? 0
Is Xbox 360 ever getting 1.2.4? 1
What are the best accessories for terraria? 0
Frost Moon Farm? 0
What is wrong with the respawn time? 0
What's the difference between the three types of head armor? 0
Any Idea on how to kill the twins ( 2 people )? 0
My Terraria data won't load, any way to fix this? 0
  • Total Recent Questions: 10
Unresolved Questions Answers
Key mold farms? 3
Fire feather? 2
Where can I find the spooky twig? 3
I've been farming hours for a frozen key mold. What is the most efficient way to farm for it? 5
I need help gettin good items on xbox 360 terraria? 5
What is the best strategy for beating pumpkin moon xbox 360? 3
Has anyone encountered what seems to be a bug/glitch? 1
When is the next update for Terraria on the 360? 3
What are the "10 new ores" in the 1.2 console update? 2
Could someone help me in defeating Skeletron Prime? 3

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