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Asked: 1 year ago

How do I beat wall of flesh?

I need help beating wall of flesh, I can't seem to beat him can anyone help me?

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From: Stiqetastic 1 year ago

Most people like to build a bridge across the underworld, usually a 1 block layer which you can run across while fighting the boss. A good tip for this strategy would be to start the bridge directly below the center of the map and stretch it both ways for quite a distance, as the wall of flesh can sometimes spawn on the wrong side in the console version and render your bridge useless if it's only built one way.
There's also the option of using potions for this fight, specifically the waterwalking, obsidian skin, and gravitation potions. All three combined or even just one at a time provide a helpful edge when fighting this boss, as you'll be able to walk on the lava, not get hurt by any lava/hellstone you touch, and flip gravity at will so you don't have to worry about navigating tricky obstacles mid-fight.

As far as actual combat, use what you're most comfortable with (magic, melee, or ranged) and try to craft the best version of whatever weapons you can get your hands on! Don't forget health potions!

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The easiest way for me to beat it was to make a bridge that covered almost the entire underworld so that i didn't have to worry about the lava, then i got the best gun i had (Megashark) and just kept walking backwards and shooting him, eventually he died. Make sure you are aiming for the eye.

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