Question from kkc36

Asked: 1 year ago

Where can I find Moonbeam Gems?

Where can I find Moonbeam Gems? There are lots of doors for them but I can't find them. I got down to the door where you have to fight a sorcerer that takes control over a cursed dragon. Do I have 2 go further yet? And also how do you kill that sorcerer?

Accepted Answer

From: Vladtheimplr 1 year ago

Not to give away too much, but once you get into DA+ and start farming Daimon (end boss) You'll have more moonbeam crystals than you'll ever need. One always spawns in the middle chest on the left after the final battle every time you beat him.
As for the Dark Bishop, Personally I prefer ranged weapons/Holy magic and when he drops to the ground melee attacks. The thing is, try not to let him possess the cursed dragon.
Good Luck, I hope this helps.

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