• Achievements

    Beattime StoryDefeat Hansel and Gretel20
    Brilliant!Obtain five stars in all levels60
    Dream TwistUnlock the power to warp your dreams.10
    Fiery AwakeningDefeat Gurglewocky60
    Flurry of FeathersJump or dash onto three owls without touching the ground10
    HardcoreUnlock Hardcore Mode40
    HardercoreUnlock Über Hardcore Mode60
    HypnotistObtain a trophy in all Score Attack levels40
    MicrosleeperObtain a trophy in all Time Attack levels40
    Ruby-Red PirouetteCollect a red gem while twirling10
    Topsy-Turvy TrampolineUse a spiky box like a trampoline10
    Unconscious SubconsciousDefeat Octor Freud40

    Contributed By: Guard Master.