• Achievements

    Covered in Mud and GloryWin a Horizon Rally.20
    Flawless VictoryWin a Horizon Rally stage without crashing or using rewind.15
    GhostbusterWin 10 Horizon Rally stages in online multiplayer.25
    Harder DrivingWin a Rally stage on Hard opponent difficulty without using automatic shifting or the Driving Line.25
    High Five!Purchase all five Horizon Rally cars.20
    Horizon Rally ChampionBecome the Horizon Rally Champion.75
    Mile High ClubGet a total of 1609 metres of air in Horizon Rally events.10
    Now that's a Special StageComplete your first Horizon Rally stage.20
    Rally RivalsComplete 5 Horizon Rally events in Rivals mode.20
    Take her for a Power SlideObtain your first Horizon Rally car.20

    Contributed By: Guard Master.