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Sonic The Fighters Achievement / Trophy Guide

---Table of Contents---
01. Introduction
02. Achievement / Trophies
03. Suggestions/ Tips
04. BONUS: Metal Sonic / Dr. Robotnik / Super Sonic

---01. Introduction---

Hey everyone, this is my first guide ever for gamefaqs. 
I figured I would start off with one of the most easiest 
guides to make.This is a guide for Sonic the Fighters, 
released November 28th, 2012 for the Xbox360. This could 
also easily be used for those with a Ps3. The sole purpose 
of this guide is to explain how to get Sonic The Fighters 
Achievements / Trophies. I also have made a quick 
Suggestions/ Tips guide as to how to obtain these as 
quickly as possible.Thanks for all those who read, and I 
hope this helps someone. Note button pressons are for STANDARD

---02. Achievement / Trophy Guide ---

Simply put here are the achievements/ Trophies and how to 
get them. I'll be posting it in what I feel is best order, 
and label them via letter. (For example instead of 
Achievemnt/Trophy 1, I will put achievement/trophy A.)

A) Honey The Cat (60G / Silver Trophy) = Use Honey the Cat 
in Arcade Mode or Offline Versus (Press Start on Amy and select)
  HOW TO:  Like most of the achievemtns in this game this is self 
           explanatory. When selection a character in Acrade or 
           Offline Versus, highlight Amy (Second to last on the right) 
           and press START and BACK (for PS3 Start and Select). 
           When you do this it will most likely pause the game, just
           hit "Resume Game" and if done correctly you will see the 
           3D character is no longer Amy, but Honey the Cat!. Just 
           Press A (X on ps3) to pick her and you should get the 
           achievement/trophy shortly. You don't even have to finish 
           a round.

B) Perfect (60G / Gold Trophy) = Win a round without receiving any 
damage in Arcade Mode (Any Difficulty)
  HOW TO: For this you must finish one round (note: not a match, 
          just one round) with out being hit by your opponent. 
          It must be done in Arcade Mode. Just don't get hit, 
          with standrard controls remember X (ps3 : Square) 
          is to block (Blocking is limited to barriers so its 
          best not to abuse!) and RT (ps3: R2) is to side step. 
          Both useful for this achievement AND completeting the game.

C) Barrier Destroyer (40G / Silver Trophy) = Destroy all of an opponent's 
barriers while playing Arcade Mode or Offline Versus
  HOW TO: In order to destroy an oppontents barrier is when they 
          are blocking attack them with a strong attack,or combo. 
          At least for Honey, I found the best way to do this is 
          either complete a punching combo (hitting A repeatedly on
          Xbox or X on ps3) to a oppontent blocking.

D) A Small Transformation (40G / Silver Trophy) = Turn small by being 
attacked (ie, by Amy's Down+P, etc) in Arcade Mode or Offline Versus
 HOW TO: This kind of explains itself, just be hit by an attack that 
         turns you smaller. You should be able to get this just by playing 
         arcade mode. If not then play a few matches of offline versus against 
         a friend!

E) The Enemy Within (40G / Silver Trophy) = Fight a mirror match in Arcade 
Mode or Offline Versus.
 HOW TO: In order to get this Achievement/ Trophy you must simply fight 
         against the character you have chosen in arcade or offline versus. 
         If you select a regular character you will eventually fight yourself 
         in arcade mode (and see a cool little opening before the fight). 
         Otherwise just pick the same character you are in offline verse mode.

F) Stage 1 Complete ( 20G/ Bronze Trophy) = Complete Stage 1 of Arcade Mode 
(any difficulty)
 HOW TO: Stage 1 to the end of arcade all use the same stradegy, and are 
         relatively easy to get. Just win all the rounds against your 
         opponent in Arcade mode.

My advice against the computer is:

 1) Make sure you are close enough to the oppontent to hit them, 
    it sounds funny but I found myself completely missing sometimes 
    and giving the oppponent the opportunity to attack.

 2) Block (Barriers) and Side Step! To block press X (Square on ps3), 
    and to side step press RT (R2 on ps3), while the first few rounds 
    you won't really need to do this as much, towards the 
    end of the game I found myself having to use this alot to dodge 
    attacks. Try to immediatelly counter attack once you have dodge 
    you can't block forever.

 3) Get comfortable with a character, and don't be afraid to check out the 
    move list availbe in the pause menu. Take advantage of combos!

 4) When all else fails and you are impacient remember you can adjust 
    the difficulty.

G) Stage 2 - 6 Complete (20G / Bronze Trophy) = Complete Stages 2-6 
of Arcade Mode (Any difficulty)
  HOW TO: See ""F) Stage 1 Complete" for details on how to do this. 
          Pretty much win all the rounds against your arcade opponent 
          before you do. If you use a continue, and complete it you still 
          get Achievements/ Trophies. I found once you reached around stage 
          6 the game got much more difficult, but still beatable!

H) Stage 7 Complete (40G / Bronze Trophy) = Complete Stage 8 of Arcade Mode 
(any difficulty)
   HOW TO: This is the same as the previous two listed above. I seperated 
           it because it is worth a higher gamerscore on the xbox360.

---03. Suggestions / Tips ---

So say you are in a hurry to get these achievement/trophies here is my advice 
to get them as quickly as possible. You should be able to get them all 
literally within minutes.

Tip #1 = Set arcade mode to the following

Difficulty: Easy (Easy makes it easy!)
Round Count : 2 (Least amount of rounds you can have)
Time Limit: 30 (You can reduce it to 10 seconds but I found some rounds 
            the computer was quick to deal damage, with 30 seconds a round 
            you still get gamerscore within minutes)
Attack Power: Normal (You could use "+3" but certain characters have really 
              powerful attacks which may easily wipe your health away)
Number of Barriers: 1 (I limited this so their are less opportunities 
              for your opponent to block, resulting in a faster paced game, 
              and you break all barrriers for gamerscore easily)
Game Type : Type A (I used type A, I would use either this or type B for 
            the "Barrier Destroyer" so you have more opportunities to break 
            all barriers)

Tip #2 = See my "F) Stage 1 Complete" Stradegy. Seriously, it is this easy. 
         If all goes well you can get all but one if the achievements in one 
         play through of arcade.

Tip #3 = For those who do not get "The Enemy Within", "Barrier Destroyer", 
         "Honey The Cat" Achievements/ Trophies In arcade mode. Just do these 
         in offline versus either with a friend or for those with no friends 
         available, just use a second controller. 

Tip #4 = Beat the game with Sonic, and then do a round as "Honey The Cat". 
         While I am not too familiar with the game I would assume Sonic is 
         like the "Ray McDougal" of fighting games (Brownie points for those 
         who actually get it) so should be a good all around character to 
         start with.You should have all but "Honey The Cat" is all goes well, 
         just do a round as Honey.

--- 04. Bonus: Metal Sonic / Dr. Robotnik / Super Sonic ---

      SECRET CHARACTERS BUT BE ALLOWED ON (it's possible for people 
      to turn them off)

METAL SONIC = Press Start on Sonic (First guy on the left) and he will 
              turn into Metal Sonic.Then select him.

DR. ROBOTNIK = Press Start on Bean (Fourth person from the left) and 
               he will turn into Dr. Robotnik. Select him.

SUPER SONIC = From what I know this is arcade only. As Sonic get to the 
              second round of stage 8 against Metal Sonic with out being 
              defeated (Don't lose a round!). Then once the second round 
              starts hit Back+Punch+Kick , if done right you should be 
              SUPER SONIC!.He is invicible I believe.

--- 05. Credits ---

This was all written by me, that I figured out without research.
However I did get the supersonic cheat from "whoisthisgit". Thanks 
I <3 you bunches.
This took me about 30 minutes to do. It should take you half the 
time to get all of these achievements/trophies. 
If you read this I love you. This is a solid game
and for only about 5 dollars, it is a steal. 

Special Thanks to My Girlfriend (Ale!) for putting up with my 
Thanks to GAMEFAQS for Posting this.
Thanks to anyone who read it.
Special thanks to any who reads it AND can sense my dry humor 
throughout the guide. And Thanks to Danny for talking to me 
while I made this.