************************* TOEJAM AND EARL (1991) **********************
                        Megadrive/Genesis - PAL version

                      Game Guide - Final Version (10/09/01)

Created 2/2/2001
Author: falsehead (Sophie Cheshire)
Please email me at falsehead@aol.com for any questions or comments regarding
this FAQ.

Copyright blah blah blah.  If you like this guide then use it.  But it took me
ages to type so please give me a credit and let me know where you'll be posting
it.  Thank you kindly!

Table of Contents.
1) Revisions and Updates

2) Introduction

3) Getting Started - Controls and Game Screen
(a)The Button Functions
(b)Playing the Game
(c)The Game Screen
(d)Presents Screen
(e)Map Screen

4) Fixed Game Ship Piece Locations Guide

5) Guide to Presents

6) Food

7) Bucks!

8) Lives

9) Ranking

10) Playing Tips and Cheats

11) Character Guide
(a) Allies
(b) Enemies

******************* SECTION ONE: Revisions and Updates **********************
(02/02/2001) This is the first version of this guide so nothing to change as

(10/09/2001) Basically this is my final version of this guide.  I believe I
have covered most of the game fully.  I have corrected some spelling mistakes
and layout glitches from the previous version.  But there isn't really too much
else to be said.  Rumours still abound that Toejam and Earl will be reappearing
on a 128 bit console in the future.  I really hope they do and maybe a whole
new generation of fans will want to rediscover the funky aliens roots and
replay their first Genesis outing.  If that's anyone reading now, enjoy the

********************* SECTION TWO: Introduction *****************************

Toejam and Earl is a fairly simple game concept.   Two funky aliens crash their
space ship on earth and have to find all ten pieces of it spread across 25
levels.  On their adventure they find helpful items (presents), meet allies and
have to avoid enemies.  This game allows one or two players to search for ship
pieces at the same time.  Toejam is the three-legged red one, Earl the big fat
orange one.  Sometimes these funky guys get so full of soul they just have to
stop and rap for a while.  The game encourages you to explore and investigate,
opening presents and uncovering special terrain tiles ups your rappers respect
level until you reach the dizzy heights of Funklord.  As the manual states
"being cool is what its all about."

So why write an FAQ about an old megadrive game? Who cares?
Well it seems that this quirky and funny game has still got a cult following
that hold it very dear to them.  I was lucky enough to pick up a pristine copy,
still boxed with a manual just a few weeks ago.  This is a game I wanted for a
long time but never could play when it was first released as I had no console!
Well I got one now and let me tell you it didn't let me down.  Its bright,
funky and funny with good 16 bit graphics and amazing sound.  It has a
wonderful sense of humour from the ridiculous enemies to the interactions
between Toejam and Earl.  Also unlike many platforming games of the time the
onus is not on being the fastest to complete the game.  The game is about
having fun.  Again I can't put it better than the manual.

"The first time you play Toejam and Earl, don't just start punching away at the
controller buttons.  Kick back, relax and let Toejam and Earl turn you on to
their out-there story."

(Before I begin this guide proper I want to make clear one thing.  I saw that
any information had been requested on this game on the gamefaqs request board.
Now since a basic walkthrough is available on the site I assumed that players
who may not have access to the original manual required information on the
controls, items, enemies etc.  So most of this information is drawn from the
original manual.  I have also included the Fixed World Guide, which is
available on other sites such as gamesages for public use as well as some
well-known cheats.)

Ok dudes, lets get funky!

******** SECTION THREE: Getting Started - Controls and Game Screens *********


(i) D-pad moves Toejam and earl on the game screens and makes selections on the
menu screens.
(ii) Start Button, begins play.  Pauses/un-pauses game. Use it to Skip the
Intro as well.
(iii) A Button. The Action Button. Sneaks, Uses Presents, Confirms selections
(iv) B Button. Open and closes Presents List.
(v) C Button. Open and Closes Map Screen.

After the intro, you can choose your character.  Toejam is faster, Earl has
more energy.  Two players can play, or just one.  Highlight with directional
button and select with any button.

Next choose which type of game you want.  The fixed world has the same maps and
locations, but is harder.  Selecting a random world makes the game maps,
baddies and presents different each time, but a bit easier to complete.

Controller Option allows you to assign the Action Button onto Button C instead
of A.


The object is to find all ten of your ship pieces. Some of the levels have
pieces and some don't.  If you arrive on a level with a ship piece a hint will
appear as soon as you get there.  Bring up the map screen and press A or B to
check how many pieces you have got and if this level contains a piece.

(i) Moving - Simple enough, use the d-pad to walk around
(ii) Presents - Walk over them to pick them up.  Open it by pressing B and
selecting it with A.  To use it press A again.  To drop a present toggle
between DROP and OPEN with button C while in the present menu.
(iii) Eating - To eat food walk over it.
(iv) Sneaking - To sneak past a sleeping person, hold down A as you walk.
(v) Running - Select Bonus Hi Tops from the present list (if you have them) and
then hold A as you move.
(vi) Waking Up - Just bang on the buttons until you wake.
(vii) Going Up - Move from level to level using the elevators.  In a two-player
game, both must be in the elevator for it to activate.
(viii) Falling Off - You can fall off levels, don't worry though; you'll just
be back on the level below.
(ix) High Fiving - In the two-player game if one is low on energy, the other
can give you some by bumping bellies.  This will average out their life bars.


The normal screen shows the playing area with Toejam and Earl on it. In two
player mode if they separate then the screen will split.  You can cover more
territory quickly this way.

Along the bottom is an info bar with both players status on it.  The info
listed is as follows.
Active Present-Toejam's Rank-Life Bar-Level-Lives Left-Earls Rank

When either get flattened or "youched" they lose some life.  Eating food
restores life.  If the life bar goes down totally then a life is lost.


Button B brings up the presents screen.  In a two-player game each has his own
presents screen.  Here you can view and open presents, see how many bucks you
have collected, how many lives you have left, your rank and how many points you


Button C brings up the Map screen.  As you explore panels on the map screen
turn over.  The more you explore the higher your rank.  You can use the map to
locate major items like the elevators or ship pieces, or to find the road.

*************** SECTION FOUR: Fixed World Ship Piece locations **************

If you choose the random world option then every game will be different.
Choosing the fixed world option will result in a harder game but everything is
always located in the same place each time you play.

The following information comes direct from SEGA and is freely available across
the net. The number on the left is the level number.

1. The elevator is in the upper right hand side of land.
2. Ship piece is at the bottom left/middle of the world. The elevator is in the
upper right of the land at the end of the road.
3. The elevator is in the middle of a large open field in the left side of the
4. The elevator is in the bottom left of the world next to the lake.
5. Find the road; follow it to the bottom left to find to elevator.
6. Ship piece is in the middle/bottom right of the world. The elevator can be
      found at the upper right of the world.
7. The elevator is at the bottom left of world, next to the lake.
8. The elevator is at the bottom right of the world.
9. The elevator is at the bottom middle/left of the world.
Ship piece is at the upper right/middle of the world. The elevator can be found
in the middle of a lake on and island.
10. The elevator is at the bottom right hand corner of the world.
11. Ship piece is located at the bottom middle part of the world. The elevator
is at the far upper right of world.
12. The elevator is found at the upper right of the world.
13. No information available.
14. Ship piece is at the far upper left corner of the world. The elevator is in
the bottom left of the world.
15. The elevator is at the top middle of world.
16. Ship piece is at the upper right of world. The elevator is found just to
the right of the centre of the world.
17. The elevator is found in the top left of the world.
18. The elevator can be found in the lower right corner of the world.
19. The ship piece is at the bottom left of the world. The elevator is found in
the far upper right of the world.
20. The ship piece is at the bottom right of the world. The elevator is at
upper right of the world.
21. The elevator is at the upper left corner of the world.
22. The ship piece is at the upper middle of the world. The elevator is on and
island in the middle of the lake.
23. The elevator is in the upper left corner of the world.
24. The final ship piece is in the lower right corner of the world.

************************* SECTION FIVE: PRESENTS!!! *************************

Presents are the items that Toejam and Earl collect to make use of on their
adventure. All presents are unidentified to start with and will have question
marks next to them.  Once you use a present then that kind of present will
always be identifiable.  Identical presents will always have the same contents
for the rest of that game and in the fixed game.  In the random game it will
all start again when you begin a new one.  If you come across a black present
with a big yellow question mark above it then this is a mystery present and
will have something random in it.

If you want to identify a present without opening it then find the Wiseman
(he's in a carrot suit).  Pay him two bucks and he will tell you what it is,
there is no other way to find out the content of a mystery present without
opening it.

If you are playing in two player mode and are both on the same screen then you
can both get the benefits of one present, just make sure you are near to each
other when you open it.  Presents cause things to happen this can be an single
event like "eat food" or conjure up a decoy, or you can get an action present
which is an event or item with a short duration of use.  These are called
Action Presents.

Types of Action Presents.
(a) Spring Shoes - Press A and push the directional pad to do a big jump.  The
longer you hold down the further the jump.
(b) Icarus Wings - Stand still and press A repeatedly to flap.  Control
direction of flight with the D-pad.
(c) Tomatoes - Press A to throw at baddies in the direction you are facing.
(d) Slingshot - Same as Tomatoes except it shoots faster and further.
(e) Rocket Skates - Press A to crouch.  Let go to fire yourself though the air.
 Will only work on land and you cannot change direction while moving.
(f) Super Hi-tops - Press A to run.  When running you will leap over ledges.
(g) Innertube - Use directional button to move.
(h) Rosebushes - Pres A to drop Rose seeds, keep moving or the new bush will
youch you.  You can only grow one at a time and not on sand or roads.  They
block baddies paths who are chasing you.

You can only have one action presents activated at once.  In two player mode
move to split screen to allow both to have their own presents working.
Activating a new present will cancel out the old one.

You can't sneak when an Action Present is active.

For a super-detailed guide to presents, enemies food and events check out
http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/genesis/file/toe_jam_and_earl.txt by D HARRIS

***************************** SECTION SIX: FOOD *****************************

Food replenishes Toejam and Earl's energy.  The better the food the bigger the
boost.  In general the fattier and more sugary the food, the better they like
it, eg. Ice cream, burgers, pizza's etc.  Bad food can do damage to them so be
careful.  They will respond to food in the following ways.

OK Foods - "Not Bad"
Slightly Bad Foods - "Ick

Good Foods - "Yummm!"
Bad Foods - "Yuck!"

Great Foods - "Wow!!"
Terrible Foods - "Gross!!"

Food cannot be picked up and carried for consumption later unless it is in a
present.  There are two present types to do with food.

(a) Fudge Sundaes - Great food.
(b) Random Food - Usually good (70%).  If opened when together can be good for
one and bad for the other!

Check out Dharris's TJE guide for an in depth look at food (permission sought
and given) http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/genesis/file/toe_jam_and_earl.txt

*************************** SECTION SEVEN: BUCKS ****************************

Money is left lying around the worlds for Toejam and Earl to pick up.  Simply
walk over to pick up.  Bring up the presents list to see how much money you
have.  This cash can be used to order presents from post-boxes.  Stand next to
the post-box until an option window opens then choose between "yup" and "nope"
and press A to order.  If you decide not to order press B to get rid of the

You can also pay other characters to help you out.

(a) Wizard - One buck will get you fully healed.
(b) Wiseman - Two bucks will get him to identify a present.
(c) Opera Singer - Three bucks will get her to pop all the baddies on screen.

*************************** SECTION EIGHT: LIVES ****************************
You start the game with three lives each.  Lose all your lives an its GAME OVER
baby!  Your life bar is located on the info bar at the bottom of the screen,
getting flattened, youched or staying in water to long depletes your life.
Each food, use a hot tub or pay the wizard to replenish it.  When you lose a
life a little angel will fly up out of you and one extra life will disappear.
If you go in the water your life bar will start to go down as if you were
running out of breath.  Get out of the water before it complete runs out and
you will get your energy back.  Stay in too long and you will drown and lose a

Extra Lives - These are gained every third time you go up a level so you will
gain a life on achieving Poindexter, Bro and Funklord.  You can also drink Hot
Lemonade to gain a life.

In two player you can high five each other to average out you life bars and if
one of you loses all their lives, pummel the buttons like mad, then try and
persuade your partner to give you one of their spare lives!

*************************** SECTION NINE: RANKING ***************************

As you explore your rank will go up.  You start out ranked as "Weiner", in a
one player game the other players rank bar is replaced with the message
Toejam/Earl is on holiday.  Points are gained by opening ANY present and
uncovering terrain tiles (purple tiles)on the map screen.  Every rank increase,
lengthens your characters life bar.

Here are the different levels of coolness.

(a) Weiner
(b) Dufus
(c) Poindexter
(d) Peanut
(e) Dude
(f) Bro
(g) Honey
(h) Rapmaster
(i) Funklord

************************* SECTION TEN: TIPS AND CHEATS **********************

- Stay on the road, you'll move much faster.

- Walk on the Outer edges of the Worlds to discover hidden corridors.

- Tackle sandy areas together as touching the other player can rescue you if
you are sinking.

- Knock out cupids using Spring Shoes or Icarus Wing

- Avoid tornadoes by staying on the grass and doubling back around them just as
they get close to you.  Diving into water will also protect you.

- You can get two or three presents from Santa if you sneak up on him while
he's rummaging through his bag, and stand still when he looks up. If you manage
to reach Santa he will drop some presents when he leaves.

-Pause the game, then push button combinations in this order to acquire all
ship pieces except the last one.
1. Up + A + B + C
2. Right + A
3. Down + B
4. Left + C
If you did the code correctly, you should hear a chime. Un-pause the game, and
you should notice that you have all but one of the ship pieces collected. And
no matter where you are, you will find the last piece on the next level.

-Secret Island. There is an island on the upper right of Level 1 that has many
presents on it. Make sure you have a way back; un-fall is best, as you will
return to your previous level. There is always an un-fall on this island.

-Secret Level.  You start the game on level one, which appears to consist
solely of two islands in the water. However, if you jet ski, fly, or ride an
inner tube to the lower left part of level 1, you will find another island with
some presents and a hole in it. Fall down the hole to level 0, where you can be
healed (in the hot tub) and receive an extra life (by drinking lemonade). When
you leave level 0, you will return to the highest level you've visited.

*************************** SECTION TEN: CHARACTERS *************************

1) Wiseman.  Dressed as a Carrot, he will identify your presents for you.
Simple stand next to him.  When he asks for two bucks say yup and the choose a
present to be identified.
2) Wahini - Dancing Girls.  Get too close and you can't resist dancing.  They
aren't a threat in themselves, but get too close and you might find you dancing
renders you unable to fight off other threats.
3) Santa - has lots of presents.  Sneak up behind him while he looks in his
sack to acquire bonus presents.
4) Wizards - They will Heal you for a Buck.  Just say Yup when they ask for
full healing.
5) Opera Singer - Big Fat Bloater, she uses the noxious power of Opera to burst
all on screen enemies for a payment of 3 bucks.

1) Crazed Shopper - Easy to avoid due to her crazed state.
2) Insane Dentist - Uses his big drill to hurt you.  But when he stops to
cackle that when you can make your escape!
3) Cupid - Annoying Cherub that shoots you with arrows that cause you to fall
in lurve (a detrimental status effect). Use spring shoes, Icarus wings and
super Hi-tops to pop it out the sky
4) Hamster in Ball - Hamsters are slow and dumb.  Just walk out of harms way.
5) Bogey Man - Dangerous and Invisible.  Look hard for tippy-toeing shadows.
6) Nerdheads - Gimps.  Avoid them.
7) Mole - Annoying little swine's will dig underneath and rob you of presents.
8) Angry Bees.  Normal Bees can be outrun and lose interest after a while.
Deadly bees are harder to get rid of, best jump in some water.
9) Mailbox Monster - watch the mailbox for a while.  If it blinks it's a
10) Lil Devil - Likes to chase after you and poke you with its pitchfork.
11) Shark - Try and stay clear of shark infested waters!
12) Tornado - It will try and sweep you up, try running away and swerving at
the last minute.
13) Fat Man and Mower - Walks back and forth, easy to avoid.
14) Chickens with Mortars - Try and avoid the tomatoes they fire at you!
15) Phantom Ice Cream Truck - The ghostly music warns you this apparition is
one its way.

Feel fee to email me about any aspect of this guide. Please inform me of any
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***************************** THE END *********************************