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Raven Rock Mine? (spoilers)

I wanted to explore Raven Rock Mine to find the last word for Dragon Aspect, but right behind Caerellius the game is glitched and there is nothing there. Is this happening to everybody and is there a patch coming out to fix this soon?

bluedragon619 asked for clarification:

Its not happening to everyone as i completed this just fine, sorry


thedragonlady answered:

I've had this happen a couple of times in other areas, not only in Dragonborn but in Skyrim. The only way I was able to fix it was to go back to a save just before I entered the area and change something, like the time of day. If that doesn't work, don't pick up anything inside until after you've finished the area because one of these items may have caused the glitch, like it did to me in The Nighcaller Temple in Skyrim. If that doesn't work, sell off any excess you're carrying around, especially anything you just acquired (If there's something new you don't want to part with, just leave it outside on the ground, but remember to grab it on your way out). I hope this helps..........
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