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How do I solve the quest to talk to the Hunter's at Frostmoon Crag?

I have a misc. quest, and no idea as to where it came from, to talk to the hunters of Frostmoon Crag but when I get there, they say they have nothing to say to me and basically tell me to get lost and the quest does not update so I'm assuming that that is not what is supposed to happen. Is this a glitch, or am I missing something?

thedragonlady provided additional details:

No, I was never a werewolf but I intend to do the companions quest, so if I come back then, will they talk to me?


bluedragon619 answered:

Did you get the quest while you were a werewolf by any chance, as they are werewolves. Sorry if thats a spoiler
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bluedragon619 answered:

Sorry should have added, if your not a werewolf and you don't leave they will attack you, you would have gotten the quest as a rumour down in the town. Btw if you are a werewolf you gain access to some powerful werewolf rings
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