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Asked: 2 years ago

Vahlok's Tomb?

Oh what oh what am I sacrificing?

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From: cainas 2 years ago

Drag a corps over to the grate then pull the lever.

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If you go back to the altar where you first came into the room, there is a lever right below it. All i had to was click that and then you can continue on with the quest by going left or right.

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Alright,so if you listened to the guy who comes with you he says that there are a lot of bodies in the area. Now,drag a dragur body onto the grate,pull the switch below the tablet the guy read,and presto. Also,there are two more puzzles in the left and right doors that open,and at the end of each,you need to fight a deathlord to get two halves of a claw. Later,you cross magical platforms which disappear fast in order to fight Vahlok,a dragon priest. You will also get a word of power.

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You're sacrificing one of the dead Dragur that are lying about. Just drag one, and only one, onto the closed grate (I threw several on and only one door opened, which I didn't realise until after I completed the open side, so I had to go back to my autosave when I entered to do it right) then go back up to the top of the curving stairs where there's a switch on the front of the pedestal you read, or should have read, when you came in. Look at both the left and right gated doors to see if they're both open before proceding. If only one is open, reload the game rather than sacrificing more Dragur because that won't work, at least it didn't for me. If it keeps glitching on you then go to a save before you entered and be sure to change something, like the time as that seems to help with the glitches in this game.

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