Question from horobosu

Asked: 2 years ago

Black book in Tel Mithryn?

Does anyone know where the black book is in Tel Mithryn tower? Thats the entire quest descripton:Find the black book in Tel Mithryn tower.

Accepted Answer

From: KotomineKirei 2 years ago

If I'm correct, I think it's in the staff enchantment room that's locked.
You have to complete the quest "Reluctant Steward" for the door to unlock, and the Black Book is just to the right of the staff enchanter.

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As mentioned in the previous question, complete the quest for the guy in there and he will give u the key to unlock the room with the black book in it

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YES afther you have done the quest reluctant steward you will get a key to the enganced room the book is there on the tabel.

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