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Good Dex weapons early and late in the game? 7
Friend can't see my summoning sign..? EVER 6
What are the best stats for my knight? 5
Should i trade the boss souls for weapons or...? 3
Help with sorcerer build and weapon? 2
What do I do after the Throne Watcher and Throne Defender? 3
How do I level up in the brotherhood of blood? 8
How do you unlock the door to the Salamander Cave? 2
Getting to ladder smith Gilligan? 1
Where do you need to go after beating the boss Executioner's Chariot? 2
Recent Questions Answers
So... Who is all still playing a character that is NG+7 and beyond to this day? 3
I'm looking for a dark souls 2 player that is interested in a trade for sir alonne's soul, could anyone help? 1
I'm looking for a player that is willing to trade for the moonlight great sword? 0
Build ideas? 0
Cant invade lucia? 0
Shadow set and Malformed Claws? 0
Gamertags? 0
What is the best way to build a bad as a high Dex, str, build character? And what weapons/shields should I use? 0
  • Total Recent Questions: 8
Unresolved Questions Answers
Strength/Faith Build? 3
Is Covenant of Champions Permanent? 2
Do NPCs killed respawn? 2
Banned from dark souls 2 pc online, Including if I make a new steam account? 2
Is there a ring similar to the rusted iron ring? 3
Multiple Characters? 2
Can I heal a white phantom? 2
How to tell rank in Blood covenant? 2
Online Not Working Properly? (XBOX 360) 2
Accidentally Aggroed Mild-Mannered Pate - Absolve sins in Dark Souls II? 6

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