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Where can I find another soul vessel?

Where do you get another soul vessel? I found the one in majula but I can't find another one.


MightyElite1 answered:

In The Lost Bastille, On servants' quarters there is one there on a body behind a cage, u can get it if u jump from up that what i can recall
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czukshaolin answered:

There is one in Lost Bastille, from servants quaters head out and for the bridge. You have to jump down and go to the doors on right. Clear the area and you will see a Pharos lock. Use the key to unlock it and claim the treasure.
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NeRaVoxxel answered:

There is one in the lost Bastille behind a Pharos lock stone door past the courtyard with a large well. The man who let's you into the blue covenant by the death counting stone in Majula gives you one after getting a certain number of npc's to return, there's one next to the embedded in drangleic castle. You can get one by dropping to a ledge under the lowerable bridge in the undead crypt it is possible to get a total of 6 in one play through however the one in Majula doesn't always apear.
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Nemke1990 answered:

that guy sitting in Majula gives you a soul vessel when you bring 4 NPCs to Majula...
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