Question from DarkendWBlood

Asked: 6 months ago

*Pretty large spoilers* How do I get to the Undead Crypt?

I have lit all four primal bonfires, and I have killed the four 'main bosses.' However, I cannot find the Demon of Song, Undead Crypt, and I don't know what people are talking about when they mention the Shrine of Amana. My specific goal here is to obtain the Kings Ring. I have progressed into Drangleic Castle far enough to reach several bonfires, but am unable to keep going cuz I don't have that stupid ring.

Accepted Answer

From: zero2935 6 months ago

You need the "Key To King's Passage," because it opens the door next to a small lift. Beyond the door is a boss. From the boss you reach Shrine Of Amana, and the Demon Of Song. After that is Undead Crypt, if I remember right.

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