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Item Location Help status answers
Any hidden/secret items that you can obtain other than the Illusionary rings? Answered 2
Anybody know gow to get multiple Climax hexes?? Answered 1
Anyone got a Drakekeeper Warpick? Open 2
Anyone have a chaos blade or a berserker blade for trade? Open 1
Anyone have a spare pursuer great sword? Open 3
Anyone willing to trade an old whip to me? No more stones to trade the birds with :( Open 1
Armor of Aurous Gauntlets Help? Open 1
Beat physical resistant armor type? Answered 1
Best armor set for Swordsman? Open 4
Best suit? Open 1
Boss souls for spells? Answered 4
Can anyone give me the Monastery Scimitar? (I cant get it to drop) Open 2
Can anyone spare a Worlok Helm? Answered 1
Can anyone spare Heide Knight armor? Answered 1
Can anyone trade me an uchigatana? Open 6
Can Chancellor Wellager be bonfire asceticed to new game plus? Answered 1
Can I get 2 Heide Greatlances? Open 1
Can i reinforce the Black Dragon Armor set? (The one you get after joining the Dragon covenant) Open 1
Can some one give me ( Mad warrior mask)? Answered 1
Can someone trade the sanctum knight leggings with me? (Xbox 360) Open 1
Catarina Helmet help? - Minor Spoilers Answered 1
Dark Pyromancy Flame VS Regular Pyromancy Flame Discussion? Answered 1
Did I mess this up with this ring? (Spoilers) Answered 1
Dingy Set Ascetic? Open 1
Does anyone have a old whip to trade I have shadow top and some other items to trade? Open 3
Does anyone have a pursuer great sword they could spare? Open 1
Does palestone return scaling back? Answered 1
Does someone wanna trade a defenders greatsword? Open 2
Does Vanquisher's Seal affect caestus damage? Open 1
Dragon armor??? (Spoilers) Answered 1
Estus Flask 12 + 5? Answered 1
Faraam Set shield??? Answered 1
Fashion Souls Help -Armor for Gandalf Cosplay? Answered 1
Fire Def doesn't change when I use fire def raising items...? Open 2
For a quality Zweihander build, which infusion is best? Answered 1
Giants kinship? Answered 1
Heide knight armor via bonfire ast.? Answered 1
Heirs of the sun : ranking need your help please ? Open 4
Help with Avatars? Open 1
Help with Dragonrider Bow for my STR build please? Answered 1
Hey im looking for someone to trade a ruin sentinel helm? Can anyone trade one? Open 1
How do i use dark titanite? Answered 2
How do you upgrade rings? Answered 1
How does bonfire ascetic work? Open 2
How many Bonfire astetics? Open 2
How to minimise damage taken from burning stones? Open 2
How to take item on a tree in the boss area (Scorpioness Najka)? Answered 1
I'll trade (just about) anything for a Lizard Staff! (XBox360 SL: 125) Wanna Trade? Open 3
Ideas for pyro build? Open 6
Illusory ring of the exalted??? Open 1
Is it a good idea to keep hold of the big boss souls? e.g. Lost sinner soul Answered 1
Is there a ring similar to the rusted iron ring? Open 3
Items and chest in Iron Keep? Answered 1
Items or rings to help boost sorcery? Open 5
LF another Sun Sword? Open 1
Looking for an obscure weapin to make a build round? Open 3
Looking for berserker blade and set, and monastery scimitar! PM? Open 1
Looking for shadow leggings? Open 1
Looking to trade shadow chest,helm,dagger,boots,claws? Open 2
MLGS post-nerf, infuse or ooze? Answered 1
Multiple Sunlight Spears? Answered 1
Need a Chaos Rapier, interested in trading? Answered 1
Need a good strength sword? Answered 3
Need Heide Knight Set, anyone have it? Open 2
Need help with sorcerer build dark souls 2? Answered 3
Need to trade for a Sun Sword. Will trade effigies/boss souls/upgrade materials? Open 3
Need to trade for another sun sword, trying to dual wield, anyone wanna trade? Unanswered 0
Priest's Chime not scaling correctly? Answered 1
Raw stone reduces damage? Answered 1
Red Soapstone / Cracked Red Eye Orb help? Open 1
Ring of blades +2 trade? Answered 1
Ruin Set leggings and gauntlets? Answered 1
Shaded woods? Answered 1
Should I imbue my +4 Butcher's Knife? Or give it up and cry? Open 3
So in the shrine of amata whats with the thing you can pray at after the last bonfire? Open 1
Someone trade me the monastery scimitar? Open 1
Soul Weapon Help? Answered 2
Stats for the Black Knight Greatsword? Answered 1
Summon sign? Answered 1
Sun sword trade? Open 2
Sun Sword!? Unanswered 0
The Club, The Mace or The Morning Star? Answered 5
The Ladle item? Answered 2
The majula chest (offline)? Open 1
Trade for Armor of Aururos? Open 1
Trade for Visible Aurous Chest peice? Open 1
Trade weapons and sets ultra-rare? Open 1
Trading Black Dragon Sword? Open 1
Trading for berserker blade and monastery scimitar? Open 1
Trading for Monastery shirt! Help? Open 1
Trouble with getting the Black Dragon Greataxe? Open 2
Vendrick? Open 1
Visible Aurous chest, Visible Aurous gauntlets and Monestary hood? Open 1
What are the best rings and spells for a sorcerer? Open 2
What is a good Seconddary weapon for a sorcerer? Answered 3
what is betyer than havel set and where do I get it? Open 2
What staff should I be useing? Answered 2
What would be the best bow scaled off of str? Open 1
Where can I farm sunlight medals? Answered 1
Where can I farm titanite shard? Answered 2
Where can I find a few items? Open 3
Where can I find another bone of order? Open 1
Where can I find another soul vessel? Open 4
Where can I find armor to fit my cosplay ? Open 1
Where can I find black dragon sword? Open 2
Where can I find cracked red eye orbs? Answered 2
Where can I find Faintstones ? Open 1
Where can I find heide sword? Open 1
Where can I find items that boost soul drop amount? Answered 1
Where can I find plate mail and what rewards does Company of Champions give me? Answered 1
Where can I find rosabeth? Open 2
Where can i find some good weapons for lvl 70 fast weapons like the broadsword? Open 4
Where can I find souls items? Open 2
Where can I find the "Great Scythe"? Answered 2
Where can I find the ArchDrake set? Open 6
Where can I find the black witch set? Answered 2
Where can I find the Dingy Set worn by Dark Souls 1 firekeeper? Answered 2
Where can I find the ember? Answered 1
Where can I find the item Tark uses when I kill him? Open 1
Where can I find the Poisonbite Ring? Answered 1
Where can I find the white soapstone? Answered 4
Where can I find This helmet? Open 3
Where can I find visible aurous armor? Answered 1
Where does Twinkling Titanite drop? Answered 1
Where to look for a visible set of Aurous? Answered 1
Will someone trade sanctum knight leggings? Answered 1
Will trade most anything for monastery hood (painted guardian hood) ---- dan401k SL 154, Xbox360? Answered 2
Willing to trade? Open 1
Strategy/Tactics Hel status answers
Better Weapon/Build? Open 1
Build guidance? Open 6
Claymore or black knight halberd? Open 2
Does respec'ing set all stats to 1 or? Open 2
FTH & INT worth it for Pyro? Open 1
Good Dex weapons early and late in the game? Open 5
Help with sorcerer build and weapon? Answered 2
If i play as pure sorcerer, which boss souls i will need for crafting ? Answered 1
Infusing Katana Class weapons? Answered 2
Is this build optimized well enough? Open 2
Looking for a weapon with high dps to dual weild? Open 1
Melee + Miracles/Hexes/Sorceries/Pyromancy? Open 1
New to the game, advice for my first build? Open 2
No death no bonfire run advice appreciated? Open 3
Pvp against Mage with moonlight greatsword? Open 1
Questions about Sorcerers? Open 1
Should I go Gwyn, or pure STR instead? Open 1
So.. i'm a newbie and i play offline any tips? Answered 3
STR/FTH Build help? Open 5
Strength/Faith Build? Open 3
To Infuse or not to Infuse? Open 3
What are good weapons to infuse with magic? Open 3
What are the best stats for different weapons? Answered 1
What are the best stats for my knight? Open 5
What do you think of my build? Answered 2
What is the best builld for hybrid swordsman? Answered 1
What is the best strategy for configuring your character? Open 1
What is the best strategy for dodging Affinity? Open 2
What is the best strategy for str build? Open 5
What spell gives more fire resistance, Flash Sweat or Great Magic Barrier? Open 1
When should i use bon fire ascetics? Open 1
Other Help status answers
(Anybody here dark soul havkers?) Open 3
A great soul has turned to stone and i cant figure out what to do. can you help? Open 2
Abyss Covenant help? Open 2
Am I cheesing players? Open 1
Any body got a spare avelyn? Open 3
Anyone have a Drakekeeper's Warpick to trade? Open 2
Anyone have alonne greatbow for trade? Open 1
Banned from dark souls 2 pc online, Including if I make a new steam account? Open 2
Berserker Blade Trade? Open 1
Best Dual Wield Combo (EXLUDING HEAVY WEAPONS)? Open 2
Can I heal a white phantom? Open 1
Can someone give me a good DEX build? Open 1
can you summon someone via system link(Ethernet)? Open 1
Can you use profound still and resonant flesh at the same time? Open 1
Can't level up in brotherhood of blood? Answered 1
Claymore and Fire Longsword, which one is better? Answered 1
Cosplay Builds and Item Locations. Anyone? Open 1
Dark Souls 2 gamebattles? Open 1
Dark souls II coop issues? Open 2
DLC available on a disc? Answered 1
Do I need xbox gold? Open 1
Does anyone know when patch 1.0.3 is coming? Answered 1
Does anyone want to trade shadow set, visible aurous set, heide knight set, mad warrior set, old whip? Open 3
Does April 11 update ruin offline play ability? Answered 2
Does leaving covenant cause rank penalty? Open 2
Does reinforcing my armor set and weapons increases their weight? Open 1
Does the covenat rank reset upon going to ng+? Open 1
Extra casts of a spell? Open 5
Fire keepers? Open 1
Friend can't see my summoning sign..? EVER Answered 6
Has anyone worked out the formulae for how many souls you get when you kill an invader yet? Open 1
Help for sorcerer build ? Open 3
Hollows not respawning? Open 4
How do I get the 'Curious Map' trophy? Open 1
How do I increase rank in Brotherhood of Blood Covenant? Answered 1
How do i revive the old merchant ha melentia? Answered 1
How does mundane really work? Open 2
How strong are hexes? Answered 1
How to tell rank in Blood covenant? Open 1
How to use torch? Open 1
I accidentally killed Royal Sorcerer Navlaan. How do I resurrect Him? Open 4
I cant summon people or be summoned? Open 2
I need a curved twinblade, will trade for a chanellers trident and human effigies? sl11 Open 1
I'm in ng+3 what level should i be by now? Open 2
If I do a sl 1 playthrough, can I be invaded and summoned? Open 1
Im not getting summoned for the Way of Blue? Open 2
Invisible hands glitch??? Open 1
Is Covenant of Champions Permanent? Open 2
Is it possible to duel my friends? Answered 1
Is it possible to duplicate a save file? Open 2
Is it possible to make Ichigo Kurosaki? Open 2
Is magic cheap in PvP? Open 2
Is there a reward for starting the game with no gift? Answered 1
Is there any reccomended PvP levels for certain areas yet? Answered 2
Is there any way to calm down NPC's you may have accidentally attacked? *Spoilers* Open 2
Is there anyway that I can do some sort of megamule for Dark souls 2 and 1 with a Mac? (Xbox) Open 1
Is there really a soul lv? Open 2
Is there something off with the servers? Open 1
Is this considered hacking/cheating? Open 1
Lucatiel not showing up in Sinner's Rise. Why? Answered 1
Lucatiel of Mirrah? Answered 2
Monastery scimitar too op? Open 1
Multiple Characters? Open 2
Need help dragon longsword anyone? Open 2
New game plus? Answered 2
NG ++ Summoning Issues? Answered 1
Pvp Event Monday On Xbox. sl 150 sm 6.5 mill. Anyone interested? Unanswered 0
Question about Optional Boss...? Answered 1
Reallocate points bug?? Open 2
Reallocating my stats? Open 1
Should I attack/kill the 3 old hags at the start of the game? Answered 3
Should I buy this game? Answered 1
Should i trade the boss souls for weapons or...? Answered 3
Should I use a bonfire ascetic to re-fight Freja? Answered 1
Straid doesn't have half of the boss weapons I have souls for? Open 3
Sun Brother Assistance?! Open 1
Sunlight Spear usage increased! How? Open 1
Teleporting fountain behind the Rotten's primal bonfire? Open 2
Tips for early game? Answered 11
Use human effigy...still hollow? Answered 2
VAC and save files? Open 1
What armor should i stick with late game? Answered 2
What does B/D/E in attribute bonus mean ? Answered 1
What happens to boss souls? Open 2
What is your favorite Weapons/Armor in Dark Souls 2? Open 2
What should I do for a Predator build?? Answered 2
Where can the Dragon Covenant be found? Answered 1
Where is the infamous iron factory? Open 1
Which covenant? Answered 1
Why Can't I summon my friend Once we get to the Dragon Aerie? Answered 1
Why does my summon sign/blue eye orbs keep failing?? Open 1
Why does the Dragon Covenant suck so bad? Open 1
Willing to trade lots of goodies (see details) for a warped sword and petrified dragon bones? Open 2
Would somebody trade me a sun sword? Open 1

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