FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/06/14 | Printable Version

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS3 Version)
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.0
E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
   3C. Hints/Tips
   3D. Character Powers
4. The Helicarrier/Manhattan Hub
5. Story Missions
   5A. Sand Central Station
   5B. Times Square Off
   5C. Exploratory Laboratory
   5D. Rock Up at the Lock Up
   5E. Rebooted, Resuited
   5F. Red Head Detention
   5G. Bifrosty Reception
   5H. Juggernauts and Crosses
   5I. Doctor in the House
   5J. That Sinking Feeling
   5K. Taking Liberties
   5L. Rapturous Rise
   5M. Magnetic Personality
   5N. A Doom With a View
   5O. The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry
6. Manhattan Missions
   6A. A Shock Withdrawal
   6B. Feeling Fisky
   6C. The Thrill of the Chess
   6D. Put Up Your Dukes
   6E. Tabloid Tidy Up
   6F. Stunt Show Surprise
   6G. Reptilian Ruckus
   6H. Bro-tunheim
   6I. Nuff Said
   6J. House Party Protocol
   6K. Stranger Danger
7. Manhattan Exploration
   7A. Stan Lee in Peril
   7B. Races
   7C. Tokens
   7D. Gold Bricks
   7E. Question Marks
   7F. Daily Bugle Snapshots
   7G. Mission Sets
   7H. Bonus Level: The Brick Apple
8. Characters
   8A. Main Characters
   8B. Other Characters
   8C. Ground Vehicles
   8D. Water Vehicles
   8E. Air Vehicles
9. Secrets/Unlockables
   9A. How To Get 100%
   9B. Extras
   9C. Trophies/Achievements
   9D. Secret Codes
10. Standard Guide Stuff
   10A. Legal
   10B. E-mail Guidelines
   10C. Credits
   10D. Version Updates
   10E. The Final Word


Greetings, true... ugh... believers.

So YEAH!  Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes!  In 
this guide you will find the means to make your way through the crazy world 
of Marvel and save New York City once again from the threat of super 
destruction, which is much worse than regular destruction.  You'll also find 
how to get all the collectibles in each of the missions, as well as all the 
hidden stuff there is to find in Manhattan, so let's go!  IT'S MAHVEL BABY!

2. FAQ

Q: What is LEGO Marvel Super Heroes?

A: This is a LEGO-styled action game released in 2013 throwing the varied 
 Marvel super heroes and villains into a big pot and just stirring it.

Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?

A: This game is rated E10+, with the added descriptor of Cartoon Violence.

Q: Would this game be good for my kids?

A: All violence is done towards LEGO bricks, so there's no blood.  While the 
 game makes references to the Marvel movies, it's not even nearly as dire as 
 some of those movies get.  It all remains a pretty lighthearted romp.  As far 
 as positive aspects of the game towards kids, the gameplay is focused on 
 exploration, discovery, and critical thinking.  The co-operative gameplay 
 style and forgiving difficulty is also a plus.

Q: Does this game follow the story of any movie or comic book?

A: The game's story is pretty original, although several *references* are 
 made to the Marvel movies, and characters who have recently been in movies 
 tend to get higher billing.  The story basically bounces around between 
 different heroes fighting different villains, and them all coming together 
 in the end.

Q: Are there voice actors in this game?  Who plays who?

A: Yes there are.  Awesomely enough, many of the voice actors have voiced 
 the characters they play in the past.  For example:
  Wolverine - Steve Blum
  Spider-Man - James Arnold Taylor
  Hulk - Fred Tatasciore
  Deadpool - Nolan North
  Captain America - Roger Craig Smith
 And most awesomely, Clark Gregg himself plays Agent Coulson.
 Oh, and of course Stan Lee plays himself.

Q: How many people can play?  Is there online play?

A: Two, and no.

Q: What's new about this game compared to the recent LEGO games?

A: Not much.  If you've played LEGO Batman 2, you'll find the two games 
 pretty similar.  Same big sandbox, same wealth of super powers to use, 
 same kind of mission progression bouncing around the hub.

Q: Can I save in the middle of a Story Mission?

A: Yes!  At several points throughout missions, there are things called 
 "Save Switches", which will save your progress within the mission, allowing 
 you to quit and return to that spot.  The important thing to remember is 
 that to return to that spot, you must resume the mission by going to its 
 starting location in Manhattan.

Q: I'm at the spot you say that a collectible is, but there's nothing there!

A: Depending on your system, it may take some time for the items in an area 
 to load.  Wait around for a moment in the area to see if the objects appear.  
 If not, pause the game and step away for a minute or two.  It should all be 
 loaded up by the time you get back.

Q: I'm switching characters in Free Play, but I have no giant characters!  
 What gives?

A: Step away from a wall or give yourself some space.  Giant characters need 
 some room to be called in.

Q: Why are there no icons for certain sidequests in Manhattan when you say 
 there are?

A: Some icons will only appear after a certain amount of time in the story.  
 You'll need to complete story missions to make them appear.  For instance, 
 the Guardians of the Galaxy characters will only appear after you finish.

Q: The game didn't give me the character I need for Free Play.  How do I 
 get them?

A: Assuming you've bought the character already, you can access all your 
 characters in Free Play at any time by holding down Triangle.


Most of this information can be found in the instruction manual, like anyone 
reads those.

3A. Controls =

General Controls -

Left Analog Stick: Move your character.
Right Analog Stick: Move the camera.
X Button: Jump.
 - Most characters will dive-roll if you press X in midair.
 - Some characters have a double jump by hitting X again.
 - Some characters can fly by double-tapping X in midair.
Square Button: Attack.
 - Most characters have basic punches for an attack.
 - Hold down the attack button and you'll pull up a targeting reticle by which 
  you can use a projectile attack, like Iron Man's missiles.
Circle Button: Action.
 - Tap Circle near switches to throw them.
 - Hold Circle down near LEGO piles to build them.
 - Also used for certain characters special abilities.
Triangle Button: Shift Focus.
 - Also used to enter and exit vehicles.
L1 and R1 Buttons: Used during Free Play to change characters.
Start Button: Brings up Pause Menu.

Hub Driving/Flying Controls -

Left Analog Stick: Steer
Right Analog Stick: Move the camera.
X Button or R2 Button: Accelerate
Square Button: Fire Weapon (if your vehicle has them)
Circle Button or L2 Button: Brake and Reverse
Triangle Button: Exit Vehicle

Flying is a little difficult in this game, especially as a flying character.  
The analog sticks are used for moving around on the flat plane, while X 
causes you to fly upwards and Circle causes you to fly downwards.  You can 
also double tap X to fly faster and double tap Circle to stop flying and 
drop to the ground.

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu

Main Menu - 
New Game: Start a new game.
Load Game: Load a previously saved game.
Show Trailer: Check out a trailer for a new Marvel thing.
Options: View the Options Menu.


Pause Menu

Resume: Get back to the game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.
Show Game Controls: Take a quick look at the controls in case you've 
Extras: Opens Extras menu, where you can select any extras you've purchased 
 as well as enter secret codes.
Quit: Return to the Main Menu or exit missions depending on where you are.


Options Menu

Audio Volume: Adjust the general volume of the audio, if you can't be 
 bothered to find your TV remote.
Music: Toggle music on/off.
Subtitles: Turns the cutscene subtitles on/off.
Brightness: Adjust to see more in the dark areas.
Motion Blur: If on, your characters will blur as the camera moves around them, 
 making things more cinematic.

3C. Hints/Tips =

Smash freakin' everything.  Lay waste to any LEGO objects in the area and 
rack up that stud total.  Use Ground Pounds and super powers to demolish 
clusters of objects quickly.

Keep collecting studs.  Collecting a specified number in each mission will 
give you "True Believer" status at the conclusion of it.  Once you hit the 
threshold, you cannot lose it, no matter how low your studs gets afterwards.

Explore everywhere.  Run into walls and behind them to look for any areas 
you might be missing.  Big value studs are hidden in places where you can't 
normally see them.

Look out for visual cues to see how you can progress in a mission.  Look for 
clouds of sparkles to see where you can use Sense, or shiny objects that 
need special weapons.  Also, listen when Agent Coulson radios in to tell you 
what to do next.

3D. Character Powers =

Dealing with the myriad stable of Marvel characters, you're going to be 
accessing a large number of different powers.  In this section, I describe 
individual powers and what each can do for you.  I also give you some 
examples of where you can find the power, but not ALL of them, because ain't 
nobody got time for that, although I prioritize the characters that are 
easier to get.


Flight -
 A relatively self-explanatory power.  Characters can double jump in the air 
 to enter a "flying" state, where they can use X to float up, Circle to float 
 down, and the Left Analog stick to move around at the level they're at.  
 It's a little complicated, and gets even moreso once you double tap X to 
 fire the boosters.  Double tap Circle to drop to the ground.  It goes 
 without saying, but flying characters can feasibly get to any spot on a 
 map that's out of a normal person's reach.
 Examples: Iron Man, Thor

Projectiles - 
 This is simply a power or a weapon that the character has where they can 
 shoot, fire, or throw something at enemies.  Usually it's done by tapping 
 Square while not close to an enemy, but can also be done by targeting by 
 holding down Square.
 Examples: Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow

Explosives - 
 Certain characters have projectiles that explode on contact with someone 
 or something.  These explosives can demolish shiny silver objects.
 Examples: Iron Man, Hawkeye

Hacking -
 Some characters have the ability to use blue terminals with red lights on 
 them.  Sometimes all you have to do when you access them is to mash 
 Square to hack through it.  Other times you'll have a display and have to 
 move a cursor and tap objects to solve a small puzzle.
 Examples: Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Black Widow

Giant -
 Several characters are considered "giant" type.  They're much larger than 
 normal characters.  They have Super Strength, meaning they can pull on 
 objects with handles and smash down cracked walls.  Many also have a ground 
 pound when in the air that creates a shockwave.  Pressing Circle with most 
 of them will have them clap or create another shockwave, while holding 
 Circle will have them pick up a rock to throw, giving them a projectile 
 attack.  The only liability is that they cannot build nor can they fit in 
 small spaces.
 Examples: Hulk, Thing

Transform -
 A few characters can transform between normal and giant forms.  This is 
 done by holding down Triangle.
 Examples: Hulk, Venom

Super Strength -
 Characters with super strength can smash down cracked walls, either with 
 their melee attack or with a thrown weapon.  They can also pull on green 
 Examples: Hulk, Thing

Web-slinger -
 Web-slingers have a wealth of abilities.  First and foremost, they have 
 incredible mobility because by pressing X in midair, they can start 
 swinging on their webs, basically giving them the same abilities as flying 
 characters.  The only difference is that they can't web swing in very 
 high areas, such as on top of the Helicarrier.  They can also stick to 
 walls if they jump into them, although this isn't particularly useful.  
 Furthermore, they all have Projectiles, Double Rope, and Sense.
 Examples: Spider-Man, Venom

Rope and Double Rope -
 Some characters can use ropes or rope-like appendages to pull down 
 orange hooks.  Stand in front of the hook and press Circle to attach to it, 
 then mash Circle to pull it down.  Sometimes you have a single hook to pull 
 down, and other times two, and certain characters can handle one or two 
 Single Rope Examples: Hawkeye
 Double Rope Examples: Mister Fantastic, any Web-slinger

Sense -
 This is the ability to spot hidden objects, either through a sense of smell, 
 a sixth sense, or technology.  These objects are marked by a large field of 
 colored sparkles, which usually seem to float in the air.  With a character 
 that has Sense, press Circle to spot the object, which is typically either 
 hooks or spots to climb walls.
 Examples: Spider-Man, Wolverine, Doctor Octopus

Stretch -
 This is a character's ability to contort their body into special shapes.  
 In addition to Double Rope abilities, they can use pads with a "4" on them 
 to contort into a special shape, and can also glide holding X while in 
 midair, which allows them to cross long gaps.
 Examples: Mister Fantastic

Vents -
 This is the ability to pass through a vent.  Stretch characters have this 
 natively, but certain other character can also adjust their form or even 
 Examples: Mister Fantastic, Sandman, Doctor Strange

Shield -
 In addition to the obvious Captain America, some characters also have 
 psychic shields.  Although only Cap's can be thrown, all characters with 
 shields can reflect beams by standing on a shield platform that looks like 
 Cap's shield and pressing Circle.
 Examples: Captain America, Jean Grey, Invisible Woman

Invisibility -
 Press Circle with characters with this power and they will either use 
 their powers or technology to vanish, allowing them to pass by cameras with 
 laser sights.
 Examples: Black Widow, Invisible Woman, Nick Fury

Claws -
 Characters with claws can climb walls that they've Sensed, and also use 
 special Claw Switches.  They can also be used to dig up dirt piles in the 
 ground.  Lastly, they can be used to slash through cracked walls at 
 ground level.
 Examples: Wolverine, Beast

Heat Beam -
 This is the ability to fire a laser-like beam of heat energy.  Typically, 
 these are meant to be used on gold shiny objects.  Some objects will heat 
 up and explode with a beam held on them.  Other objects are walls and need 
 to have a shape cut out of them by tracing the beam around the wall.  Heat 
 beams can also melt ice.
 Examples: Iron Man (Mark 42), Human Torch, Cyclops

Electricity -
 This is the ability to channel electricity and fire it.  In addition to 
 frying bad guys, this can also be used to charge up generators.  Thor 
 and Storm are particular in this matter because they need to charge 
 electricity before they use it by holding down Circle.  Once they charge, 
 they can deploy their lightning by holding down Square in front of a 
 generator or holding down Circle and aiming.
 Examples: Thor, Storm, Doctor Doom

Super Weapon -
 These characters have special weapons that are incredibly strong, even if 
 they themselves aren't strong.  These weapons can break cracked walls, and 
 can be thrown to break walls high off the ground.
 Examples: Thor

Ice -
 Similar to a Heat Beam, Ice is typically a beam that can freeze things, 
 such as enemies, but also pools of LEGO water.  It can be used by holding 
 down Circle.
 Examples: Iceman, Loki

Telekinesis -
 Some characters have the power to move objects with their mind.  This can 
 be used to put together LEGO bricks, but can also be used to move objects 
 marked with purple sparkles.  Once an object is held with Circle, they can 
 be moved with the analog stick to place them.
 Examples: Jean Grey, Invisible Woman

Mind Control -
 At certain points, you can find civilian characters with a ? question mark 
 over their head.  Press Circle when you have the Mind Control power to take 
 control of this person, which can use switches or assemble things.
 Examples: Jean Grey, Loki

Float -
 Some telepathic characters have a lesser form of flying that allows them 
 to float in the air, but only so high.  They cannot fly upwards and they 
 will sink if they're over open air, but this can be used to cross gaps that 
 are too far to jump.
 Examples: Jean Grey, Magneto

Magnetism -
 A few characters can use their powers to manipulate metal.  Specifically, 
 they can hold down Circle near shiny blue objects to use them.
 Examples: Magneto, Polaris

Sandman -
 Sandman (and his Goon) have the special ability to teleport through special 
 sand piles on the ground.  It doesn't come up often, but often enough to 
 be notable.
 Examples: Sandman, Sandman Goon

Symbiote -
 Rarely will you come across black puddles on walls or floors.  Symbiote 
 characters can use these to teleport from one place to another.
 Examples: Venom, Carnage

Power Cosmic -
 Rarely, you'll have the opportunity to use purple bricks.  You'll need 
 this ability to manipulate the fabric of reality to do something with 
 them by holding down Circle.
 Examples: Galactus

Shrink -
 At a few spots in Manhattan are courses that require someone who can 
 become little.  Press Circle to shrink and Circle again to return to 
 normal size.
 Examples: Ant-Man


Outside of missions, the main hub for this game is the Big Apple herself, 
the Manhattan burough of New York City, Marvel style.  Of course, the 
Manhattan of this game is MUCH smaller than the real version.  Also, the 
real Manhattan has this thing called "The Bronx" to the north of it, 
rather than just ending in water, but eh, it's a video game.

Also, to the apparent annoyance or concern of no one, the S.H.I.E.L.D. 
Helicarrier is floating just off the east shore.  Once you finish the 
first story mission of the game, you'll be deposited in the Helicarrier, 
which serves as the control center of the game.

The main room of the Helicarrier, or the "Command Center", contains a 
console that allows you to access any of the missions you've already 
completed, including the Manhattan Missions.

Once you complete the fifth story mission, "Rebooted, Resuited", you'll 
be allowed into the side doors which go to other areas of the Helicarrier.  
Most of these are areas where you can perform little side-missions for 
Gold Bricks, but there are a couple that are important:

Deadpool's Room - This is just off to the right of the hallway that leads 
from the left door.  This room is where you buy any Red Bricks you've 
found.  You can also view completed Comic Minikits, and also enter secret 
codes (which you can also do right from the Extras menu).

Cloning Chamber - This is where you create and modify your custom 
characters.  Simply pick cylinders and scroll through them to tailor 
characters as you like them.  Note that you can only use aspects of 
characters you've already unlocked.


Outside of the Helicarrier is Manhattan itself, which you can begin exploring 
after the third story mission.  In addition to getting to the missions, there 
are also a ton of little side missions, most which earn you a Gold Brick or a 
new character.  As you explore, your map of Manhattan will fill in and 
anything you've found will be added to the map, be it a yellow question mark 
for a Helper Mission, a Gold Brick, or a Race.

The map of Manhattan can be brought up at any time after the third mission 
by pressing SELECT.  From there you can view any of the icons on display 
and either set them as destinations, or in the case of green "fast travel" 
icons or blue vehicle call-in points, travel to them instantly.  You can 
also click on any mission icons to begin those missions.


You begin the game going right into the first mission, so let's go!

5A. Sand Central Station =

True Believer at 70,000

Characters: Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man


Walkthrough - 

Park Avenue -
 Another day, another dollar.  Looks like Sandman and Abomination are 
 tearing up Grand Central Station.  Head up the street, smashing all the 
 cabs and Sandman Goons in your way.  At the bus, switch to Iron Man and 
 hold Square to aim at the two fire hydrants with shiny silver caps.  
 Release to fire missiles, which will shoot water on the sand wall.  
 Have Hulk punch the now hardened sand and then press Circle in front 
 of the green handles to pull apart the bus.

 Continue down the street and use missiles on the tanker truck.  Now, as 
 Iron Man, hold down Circle near the pieces to put green handles on the 
 truck.  Have Hulk lift it.  Now head up to Abomination as Hulk and follow 
 the button prompts to pummel him.

Transit Hub -
 You can press Circle next to the nearby computer to save your progress 
 in this mission if you wish.  You're now facing off against Sandman.  
 First, he'll make two giant sand arms to attack you.  Throw the large 
 rubble on the left at one of the hands, then use missiles on the shiny 
 objects on the right so you can get to the other large rock to throw at the 
 other hand.

 In the next section, a sand train will block your way and you'll have to 
 fight off a bunch of Sandman Goons.  In the third section, use a missile 
 on the globe on top of the information booth, then assemble the pieces 
 into a water cannon.  Hop on using Triangle and fire water at the wall to 
 weaken it.  Eventually, it will be enough for Hulk to smash down.

 For the last area, you'll need to smash down the "castle" gate, but the 
 cannons won't let you get close.  Instead, use missiles on the shiny 
 scaffolding to the right, then assemble a shiny anvil.  Have Hulk throw 
 it at the gate.

Station Roof -
 That big Sandman figure at the far end is your adversary, but first, you 
 need to shut down the power and remove that big "A" in your way.  At least 
 you've got Spidey on your team now.  First, use missiles on the shiny wall 
 to the left to uncover a turbine.  Note the red and blue sparkles.  Get 
 Spidey close and press Circle to use his Spider Sense and you'll see a 
 hook.  Press Circle in front of it so he can web it and pull it open.  Now, 
 head to the far right (still as Spidey) and use Sense near the wall to 
 uncover climbing parts.  Climb up the wall and use web on the dish to 
 pull it down.  Assemble the resulting pieces, then have Hulk grab the 
 object to pull it into the second turbine.  You can now use Sense in front 
 of the A to reveal hooks that Spidey can pull down.  Climb up the ramp 
 to the next part.

 On the right, have Spidey use Circle under the hook to set a web rope.  
 Now, switch to Hulk and hold Triangle to turn him back into Bruce Banner.  
 Climb up the rope, then transform back and pull on the globe to smash it.  
 Assemble the pieces (with someone besides Hulk) into a water cannon, then 
 fire it at Sandman.  Switch to Hulk and have him smash the part of Sandman 
 that solidified.  That's one hit.  Next, have Hulk smash the structure on 
 the left and assemble it into an orange... something.  Either a water tank 
 or a cement mixer.  Anyway, toss it at Sandman and smash him a second time.  
 Now, get closer and you'll see a shiny object and an object with a hook on 
 it on either side of Sandman.  Missile and web them, respectively, then 
 throw the switches underneath.  Use Sense to uncover the hook on the tank 
 in the middle, then pull it.  Smash Sandman one last time.


New Characters: Iron Man (Mark 6), Hulk, Spider-Man
Available for Purchase: Roxxon Guard, Sandman


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - On the left side of the first area is a billboard.  Throw a taxi (or a 
 rock) at it to break it, then fly Iron Man to it.
#2 - Smash three blue mailboxes in the first area.  First, you need to 
 move the helicopters back by removing the first big bus in your way.  
 There are two mailboxes on the left side of the ramp, and one on the 
 right, and two of them are way in the back.
#3 - (Claws) Dig up the pizza bike in the front of the first area, to 
 the right of the ramp.  Drive it all the way back and between the two 
 pizza signs.
#4 - (Electricity) Charge up the generator on the building to the right 
 of the ramp in the first area.  Then use Sense to detect hooks and pull 
 them off.
#5 - (Heat Beam) In the second area (train station), use heat on the small 
 gold object on the wall on the left balcony (not the cages themselves).  
 Taking out this support will drop the cage above and release the minikit.
#6 - (Sense, Heat Beam, Sandman) In the second area, there are sparkles to 
 the right of the info booth.  Use Sense near them to find a gold object on 
 the wall.  Burn it down and then use Sandman on the sandbox that appears.
#7 - (Heat Beam, Claws, Mind Control) To the left of Sandman's cannon walls 
 is a gold wall.  Burn it down and use the Claw Switch inside.  Assemble the 
 fan, then use Mind Control on the person behind the window.
#8 - (Telekinesis) On the rooftop, use Telekinesis on the clock in the 
#9 - (Heat Beam) Melt five gold objects on the rooftop.  One is to the 
 left of the start.  The second is to the right of the start on top of the 
 dish structure.  The third is just past the A.  The fourth is in the back 
 left.  The fifth is on the right, near the water tower.
#10 - (Ice) On top of the water tower on the rooftop, you'll release some 
 water.  Freeze it to make a slide, then press Triangle to slide down it.

Stan Lee - In the train station, fly up to the left balcony and you'll 
 find Stan pinned under a vending machine.  Smash it.


Manhattan Interlude: 

New Characters: Captain America, Mister Fantastic

Welcome to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.  You can go back down the elevator 
to the Control Room, but all you can do there is access the first mission 
again.  Instead, follow the light blue studs over to the launch platform and 
jump off.  Enjoy the thrilling ride down to Manhattan.  You'll land in a 
park across from the Baxter Building.  To get out of the park, smash the 
lamppost near the locked gate, then assemble it into a vent.  Switch to Mister 
Fantastic and press Circle on top of the vent to stretch to the other end, 
then smash the blue and white dish to assemble a "4" pad.  Stand on it as 
Fantastic and press Circle to transform into bolt cutters.

Next, head to the right of the building's door.  This red, white and blue 
object is a Shield Switch.  Target it with Captain America to throw his 
shield at it, which will drop a ladder.  Climb up as Fantastic, then jump 
into the air and glide across to the left by pressing X in midair.  Press 
Circle in front of the blue switch on the wall and mash Square to hack your 
way in.  This will fire up some laser cannons.  Switch to Cap and press 
Circle while standing on the pad in front of the cannons to put up your 
shield.  Use the Left Analog Stick to direct the beam upwards to the exposed 
wires to fry them.  You can now enter the building.

5B. Times Square Off =

True Believer at 170,000

Characters: Captain America, Mister Fantastic


Walkthrough - 

Reed Richards' Lab -
 First, smash all the Octobots that show up.  Now, head up the stairs to 
 the right.  Note the fires on the back wall.  Assemble the 4 Pad and use 
 it to unscrew the Shield Switch.  Hit it to start a lift to the balcony.  
 Send Cap up the lift.  Doc Ock will head off, but not before making an 
 even bigger mess.  Now, you need to get both characters to the left side 
 of the area.  For Mister Fantastic, it's as easy as assembling some of 
 the pieces Doc Ock knocked down into a vent and passing through.  For Cap, 
 head to the left on that balcony.  Press Circle and he'll bring up his 
 shield and walk slowly.  Go through the fire with the shield up and down 
 to the far left.  Use Reed as you would a web-slinger on the hook on the 
 wall to pull down some pieces you can assemble into a Shield Switch for 
 Cap.  Once you hit the switch, a blue box with red lights will light up 
 on the upper level.  Climb up as Reed and activate the box, which will 
 uncover a big red button nearby.  Step on it to fire up a laser, which 
 will zap pieces that can be made into a Shield platform.  Use the platform 
 and redirect the beam into the two round light blue circles on the back 
 wall and charge them up.  This will reveal an elevator you can ride up 
 to the roof.

Baxter Building Roof -
 As Mister Fantastic, head down to the right and glide across the gap in 
 the buildings near where H.E.R.B.I.E. is.  Pull down the hook on the 
 back wall, then assemble the pieces into a ladder and climb up to the 
 interior area.  Smash the boxes inside and assemble a rotator switch.  
 Push it to turn the dish so it points outward.  Now, Cap can cross the 
 gap using the poles on the wall and the dish.  Once Cap crosses head to 
 the right and forward until you find a Shield Switch.  This will shut off 
 the fans below so Reed can join him going through the vent.  Smash the 
 pipes near the water tower to find pieces for a 4 Pad.  Use it and Reed 
 will become a pump to bust the tower.  Assemble the remaining pieces into 
 a zipline and cross to the other side.

 Ock will grab the lead character, so switch to the other and smack him.  
 He'll retreat up the building, so follow him.  After he crosses the gap to 
 the HOTEL sign, fling Cap's shield at the sign's supports.  Cross the sign 
 and continue to the right.  At the end, fling the shield at a red and 
 blue support under a ladder to knock it down, then climb up.  The two 
 characters have to split, here.  Send Reed to the left.  Have him climb up 
 to the hook and stand in front of the elevator, then send Cap to the right 
 and have him climb up the wall by bouncing off each side.  At the roof, 
 smash the blue vent to find pieces for a Shield Switch, which will open 
 the elevator once hit.  Hop in as Reed, then glide across the gap in the 
 roofs to the right.

 Assemble the nearby pieces to make a zipline so Cap can follow, then throw 
 Cap's shield at Ock to scare him off.  Head into the vent on the right so 
 you travel up to the billboard, then pull down the big blue bugle.  Assemble 
 the pieces into a 4 Pad, then use it to turn into a wrecking crane.

Rooftop Chase -
 You now have Spidey on the team.  Pull down the tower in the back to cross 
 to the next roof, then use Spider Sense on the left hand pipes so you can 
 climb up them, then again in front of the machine so you can pull it with 
 web.  This starts up a fan so the other two can get up to your level.  Go 
 right and smash up the objects near the metal gate so you can assemble a 
 switch with red lights.  Have Fantastic use the switch to open the gate, 
 then cross the garden to the right.  Use the 4 Pad to turn into a rocket 
 and smash into the billboard, then pull it down using Spidey or Reed.  
 Cross the billboard and chase Ock through the building.

Times Square -
 Now to take down the Ock.  This battle is simply a matter of luring Ock 
 into striking so his arm sticks in the ground.  A green circle will appear 
 at that spot, so you can press Square with any character to rip the arm 
 off.  Do this three times, then just punch him for the last heart. 


New Characters: Doctor Octopus
Available for Purchase: H.E.R.B.I.E.


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - (Magnetism) In the first room, use Magnetism on the blue safe on the 
 back wall.
#2 - (Electricity) In the first room, go to the back right and blast away 
 the silver covering, then charge up the generator.
#3 - (Power Cosmic) At the first roof, go left past the fire and down to 
 find a pile of dirt.  Dig it up with Claws, then use Power Cosmic to put 
 the bricks together.
#4 - There are five roof greenhouses to hit to make their flowers grow.  
 One is right across the first glide gap.  The second is near the first 
 Shield Switch.  The third is just before the big red HOTEL sign.  The 
 last two are on the HOTEL rooftop, on the left and right sides.
#5 - (Symbiote) On the second set of roofs is a green dollar sign.  Just 
 beneath it is a silver vent.  Blast it off, then pass through the 
 symbiote goop.
#6 - (Explosives) In the grassy garden area, blast all the silver objects, 
 then assemble them into a pump to lift up the 4 Pad for Reed.
#7 - (Heat Beam) In the back right of the grassy area is a barbecue.  
 Melt the gold tank.
#8 - (Heat Beam) In Times Square, melt the gold caps off five fire 
 hydrants.  They shouldn't be hard to find.
#9 - (Explosives, Super Strength) In the back right of Times Square is a 
 silver car.  Blast it, then smash the cracked floor.
#10 - (Super Strength) In the front left is an ambulance with green handles.  
 Pull on them.

Stan Lee - (Telekinesis) In the second rooftop area, there's a water tower 
 with silver objects around it.  Blast them all, then use TK on the purple 
 valve to bust open the tower.


Manhattan Interlude: 

New Characters: Black Widow, Hawkeye

Okay, you still don't have free reign down in Manhattan yet, but you do 
have some new folks in Natasha and Clint.  Head down the stairs and across 
the planks, then circle around Times Square counter-clockwise.  Aim 
Hawkeye at the billboard on the far building with silver around the border.  
You'll automatically fire explosive arrows at the silver, which will uncover 
little holes that you can shoot your arrows into to create poles.  Cross 
these poles.

Now, switch to Widow, then cross the poles and hop up the wall jump area 
between the next couple of buildings.  Head to the left and use the blue 
switch to hack it.  You'll need to hit each of the blue arrows at least once 
to switch off the electricity in the area.  Hop down to the street, then 
head through the alley.  Hawkeye can use a rope arrow on the gate to open it.
Now head up to the Oscorp building and press Circle as Widow to use her 
cloaking device.  Flip the switch near the roving green camera to turn it 
off, allowing you to enter.

5C. Exploratory Laboratory =

True Believer at 100,000

Characters: Black Widow, Hawkeye, Spider-Man


Walkthrough - 

Executive Halls -
 Head to the right and you'll see Green Goblin slam a door behind him.  
 Use Black Widow on the blue switch to start hacking it.  Watch the order 
 the square lights light up beneath the circles, then tap the circles in 
 the same color order to open the door.  Continue to the right.  Use Spidey 
 or Hawkeye to pull the vents off the ceiling, then use explosive arrows 
 on the shiny silver object on the right, then assemble all the pieces to 
 another switch that Widow needs to hack.  Head further right and use 
 Sense to see two hooks that Spidey needs to pull down, then head right 
 and shoot Goblin with a projectile.  He'll bust down the elevator and 

 Go into the elevator shaft and use Sense to see the wall to crawl up.  
 Smash the lit-up box and flip the switch beneath it to drop a ladder for 
 the other two.  Have Hawkeye blast the silver vent above, then attach a 
 rope arrow or web to the hook and climb up.  Use another rope on the hook 
 to the left to pull down the gantry so you can cross to the hallway leading 
 to the back.  At the end, use Sense, then pull the two hooks with web, then 
 blast the silver covering beneath.  Head through the camera hallway with 
 Widow cloaked, then grab the switch on the right to deactivate the cameras 
 so one of the other two can pull down the hook to open the door leading 
 to Goblin.

Basement Labs -
 So, Goblin dumped you down here.  Blast the silver object above you, then 
 smash the engine next to you and assemble the pieces into a ladder.  Climb 
 up and hey!  It's Venom!  Head to the right and back.  You'll have to fight 
 a bunch of symbiote-infected scientists here.  Use explosive arrows on 
 the silver objects above you and you'll be able to use Sense to see two 
 hooks to pull down.  Climb up the boxes to the ladder, then climb up two 
 floors to the very top.  Have Widow hack the panel with red lights, which 
 rotates the big pillar in the back.  Attach arrows to all the holes in the 
 pillar, then use Widow to flip up to the switch at the top right.  Cloak 
 so you can pull the switch, which opens a ladder to the very top.

Symbiote Labs -
 Head to the right.  Note the two spots you need to put power cells into.  
 Bust down the blockade to the right, then head to the far end of the 
 passage.  Pull down the two hooks on the back wall, then assemble the 
 hole so you can shoot an arrow into it, then flip up and hack the terminal.  
 Rotate all the pipes in the monitor so that they all connect as one, which 
 will open doors back to the left.  Head back that way, taking out all the 
 symbiotes as you go.  Go to one of the rooms on either side of the cells 
 and step on the orange button.  This will charge one of the cells.  Switch 
 to another character and move it to the other button and you'll open the 
 door to the back.

 Smash the objects back here that are lit up and assemble the pieces into 
 a speaker.  Rope the hook on the speaker to crank it up, which will scare 
 off the symbiote web in the back.

Stasis Pods -
 Continue to the back.  Fight off more symbiotes and use explosive arrows 
 on the shiny parts in the back to uncover hooks.  Pull both down to cause 
 a fire that will shake off the next symbiote web.  You'll now have to fight 
 Venom.  After fighting a few symbiotes, you'll get pieces to assemble into 
 a boombox.  This will drop Venom to the ground, so you can punch him.  
 For the next round a door in the back will open revealing a switch.  Pull 
 it, then hop into the "emergency symbiote containment" device, which is 
 basically an awesome riding flamethrower.  Blast Venom with the fire, then 
 punch him again when he falls.  Now, you'll see two hooks on the canister 
 up to the right.  Pull them down, then assemble the pieces that fall off 
 and have someone shoot the target beneath the bell.  Punch Venom one 
 last time.


New Characters: Venom
Available for Purchase: Symbiote Scientist (Hazmat)


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - (Heat Beam, Mind Control) There are four portraits in the executive 
 halls to melt with a Heat Beam.  The first is to the left of where you 
 start.  The second is in the hallway you get trapped in.  The third is in 
 the elevator room on the right.  The last is in the lab on the left when you 
 go into a hallway at the top of the elevator.  You need to Mind Control the 
 scientist on the right so he throws the switch uncovering the vent, then 
 enter the vent as Reed to reach it.
#2 - (Magnetism) In the first area, when you got the room where you have to 
 pull hooks off the ceiling, go to the back room and magnetize the two 
 batteries into the wall.  This will open up the lab on the left.  Hack 
 into the terminal, and turn the genetic code to match the picture.
#3 - (Super Strength, Captain America) In the elevator room, pull on the 
 green handles on the wall, then use the Shield Switch behind them.
#4 - (Mind Control, Electricity) Go to the same area as the last gold 
 portrait for #1 (the lab on the left) and charge up the two generators in 
 that room.  Use the Claw Switch that appears.
#5 - (Claws) In the basement labs, drop into the trash compactor on the 
 right side and dig up the dirt pile.
#6 - (Telekinesis) You need to assemble three radioactive spiders.  For 
 the first, go to the second floor of the basement lab, go left, and smash 
 all the objects.  Use a Symbiote (like Venom) go through the marked black 
 goop on the ground, then smash and assemble the objects in this room.  For 
 the second, go to the right on the first floor and use TK on the valve 
 to open it, then assemble the purple parts below you.  For the last, 
 go up to the third floor and use Super Strength on the cracked wall to find 
 red parts.
#7 - (Ice) In the third area, go to the middle symbiote cell to find some 
 water.  Freeze it, then melt it.
#8 - (Heat Beam) In the third area, go to the left enclosure before the 
 door leading back and melt the gold vent cover.
#9 - (Magnetism) In the last area, use magnetism to uncover a Claw Switch, 
 then use it to open the stasis pods.  The canister is in the back right.
#10 - (Power Cosmic) During the Venom fight, fly up to the back, smash 
 all the nearby objects and assemble them with Galactus to open the 
 back door.

Stan Lee - (Magnetism) In the last area, use magnetism to uncover a Claw 
 Switch, then use it to open the stasis pods.


Manhattan Interlude: 

Now, you FINALLY have freedom to explore the island of Manhattan if you 
want, AND you get to do so as Iron Man, who can fly.  Awesooome!  Your 
target is the Raft prison out to the northeast.  Make your way over to 
where the map is targeting however you wish.  You can't fly to the Raft 
itself for some reason, but go to the nearby ferry dock.  Blast the silver 
box with missiles to loosen the boat, which will get the captain down to 
where you are.  He will ask for a ticket, though, so head back up to the 
upper area and assemble the ticket machine.  Grab the ticket and give it 
to the captain, then hop on the boat.

Once on the island, have Hulk rip open the main door, then blast open the 
silver behind it and head inside.

5D. Rock Up at the Lock Up =

True Believer at 150,000

Characters: Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine


Walkthrough - 

Prison Perimeter - 
 Head up the path, then hang a right at the door to go down to the 
 shoreline.  The waves will wash the bridge down, so fly across and 
 reassemble the rotator switch so you can pull the bridge back up and 
 let the other two across.

 Note the yellow and blue sparkles.  Wolverine has a Sense (like Spidey's) 
 so press Circle near them to see a spot where you can climb the wall.  
 That gives Wolverine and Iron Man a way to get up.  Now you just need to 
 give the Hulk a way up.  As Wolverine, press Circle near the dirt pile to 
 dig it up with his claws.  Assemble the handles onto the wall, then have 
 Hulk pull it off.  Now, get the other two to the upper level.  Smash the 
 objects in the back right to find a Claw Switch.  Press Circle in front 
 of it as Wolverine to throw it, which will power up the elevator and bring 
 Hulk to the upper level.

 Hulk tripped an alarm so a bunch of sentry guns appeared.  Fly around as 
 Iron Man and shoot missiles at all four of them.  Once they're gone, the 
 beams to the left of Hulk will vanish, allowing him to rip the wall apart.  
 Head through as Wolverine and use Sense to find a wall to climb.  Climb up 
 and up the nearby ladder, then slash open the wall with the yellow coming 
 out of it.  Hack the terminal behind it using Iron Man.  Aim the cursor at 
 each of the four black and yellow barriers at the corners to disengage them, 
 which will open the door to Sabretooth, who will take off immediately.  
 Chase after him, smashing down the wall at the end.

Holding Cells -
 Head forward and you'll face off against The Leader for some reason.  
 Blast his floating silver junk with missiles to stop him, then punch him 
 once to make him warp away.  That taken care of, head to the right and use 
 Sense to see where to smash open a wall.  Do so, then head inside and climb 
 up to a Claw Switch, which will open the door to the right.

 Next we need to get rid of that electricity.  Head to the right and smash 
 up all the objects to find pieces for a terminal that Iron Man can hack.  
 Do so to overload Whiplash and put him out of commission.  Now, use Sense 
 in front of Abomination's cell and have Hulk pull on the handles to drop 
 him out of sight.  Now a rope will run up to the left.  Fly Tony up to 
 the left and blast open the shiny locks on the doors, and the shiny 
 canisters at the end of the halls.  Now, have Wolverine climb up and use 
 the Claw Switch, which will open the big gate to the left.  Head out and 
 through to the security room.

 In the security room, use Tony to hack the terminal.  Guide the cursor 
 through the halls to each of the question marks to find Sabretooth, then 
 head through the back to the elevator.

Elevator -
 Poor Tony got his suit busted by Magneto, but you still need to fight 
 Sabretooth.  This fight is pretty simple.  You have to beat up a bunch of 
 inmates, then Wolverine has to assemble something and Hulk has to throw 
 that something at Sabretooth.  You need to do this four times.

Prison Stockade -
 Looks like Abomination wants to go another round with you.  Note how he's 
 not fond of those spotlights.  First, head to the back of the yard and 
 dig up the ground to find a ladder.  Assemble it and climb up, then use 
 Sense and climb up further to the spotlight.  Press Triangle to jump on 
 it and aim it at Abomination.  Switch over to Hulk and start pounding on 
 him.  Next, go to the right and have Hulk hold down Circle to pick up a 
 rock.  Throw it at the spot that has colored light on it in cracks to 
 break it.  Assemble the pieces and have Wolverine bounce up to the 
 spotlight at the top.  Aim and pound again.  For the last spotlight, go 
 back to the back part and an elevator will open.  Ride up as Wolverine, 
 then smash the boxes on the left to find pieces for a claw switch.  Use 
 it and then aim and pound once more.


New Characters: Tony Stark (Underwear), Wolverine
Available for Purchase: Abomination, Sabretooth


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - (Magnetism) There's a blue shiny grate right at the beginning.  Use 
 Magnetism on it.
#2 - Smash five life preservers in the first area.  One is right near you 
 at the beginning.  The second is just before the rope bridge.  The third is 
 at the far right side of the waterline.  The fourth is just up the 
 elevator, and the last is on the far left side of the upper level, near 
 the vent.
#3 - (Ice) Go to the far right side of the waterline to find a vent.  Pull 
 the hook off it, then freeze the water to do a little ice fishing.
#4 - Fly out over the water and fire missiles at the boat on the far right.
#5 - (Magnetism) In the second area, after passing to the right side, use 
 magnetism on the blue shiny cell, then smash the objects inside and 
 assemble the vent, then travel through it.
#6 - (Magnetism) At the far right of the second area, magnetize the dumpster, 
 then the can inside it, then the cup inside it.
#7 - (Web-slinger, Heat Beam) Above Abomination, use Sense and then pull 
 down the two hooks.  Cut a shape out of the gold wall, then assemble the 
#8 - (Electricity) After using the security cameras to find Sabretooth, 
 use Sense to reveal a generator.  Charge it up, then use the cameras again 
 to find the canister.
#9 - (Flight) On the roof, once the elevator in the back opens, fly up to 
 the canister.
#10 - (Sandman) In the last area, there are three objects that need to be 
 found.  One is on the right side of the main area.  Melt the gold box 
 with a Heat Beam and use Sandman on the sand.  For the second, go to the 
 left side of the floor, blow up the silver boxes, assemble the box and 
 use the switch.  For the last, go up to the top level on the left and 
 throw the switch inside the room.

Stan Lee - (Stretch) In the first area, go to the far left of the upper level 
 to find a vent.  Stretch through it and then use Sense to reveal hooks to 
 pull down.


Manhattan Interlude: 

You're still on the Raft, so you can boat back to Manhattan or just use 
the map and Fast Travel.  You can't fly without armor, though, so head 
over to Stark Tower and see about getting yourself some new metal.  Once 
you get to the tower, have Cap knock off the A in "Stark" to uncover a 
Shield Switch, which will open the gate.  Have Iron Man hack the terminal, 
clicking each blue arrow twice to point the electricity in the right 

5E. Rebooted, Resuited =

True Believer at 146,000

Characters: Tony Stark, Captain America, Iron Man (Mark 1), 
 Iron Man (Mark 42)


Walkthrough - 

Entry Hall -
 First, have Cap toss his shield at the spot above the wall behind you and 
 then hit the Shield Switch behind it.  Inside, smash all the items and 
 you'll get pieces to make a hacking terminal.  Hack it with Tony and click 
 on each of the blue parts to disable them.  This will disrupt the laser 
 barriers.  Time your movements past them in order to reach the far side 
 of the room.  Have Cap get on the shield platform and reflect the beam of 
 the laser cannon onto it to destroy it, then assemble the pieces into a 
 terminal.  Have Tony hack it to get a hover bot thingy.  Float the hover 
 bot up using X, then out the hole in the window to the main room, then 
 over to where the blue arrow is pointing.  This will allow Tony to hop 
 into his old style Mark 1 suit.  Fire missiles at the silver above the 
 room that Killian just showed up in, then hit the Shield Switch behind it 
 and smash up the Extremis bad guys in here and hop into the elevator.

Upper Floors -
 Head to the right and along the back wall.  Pull the switch to raise a 
 platform off to the right that neither character can reach.  Send Tony 
 down to the front of the glass to find a terminal to hack.  If you're 
 playing alone, Cap will automatically jump onto the platform once you 
 get it over to him.  Otherwise, have the other player jump on once it 
 gets in range.  Once Cap is carried to the right side, walk past the 
 flames with his shield up and smash the console to lower both sets of 
 barriers allowing you to regroup.

 Don't mind that red face that shows up every once in a while.  That's just 
 the hacked JARVIS.  Move to the right and have Tony blast down the 
 silver on the back door to open it.  Have Cap flip up to the poles and up 
 to the right, then go around the glass to the switch high on the wall.  
 Jump up to it and it will start a fan that will get Tony up.  Have him 
 go to the right and blast the silver parts on the wall in the purple-lit 
 room to stop the fan.  Drop down and head right.

 In this large room with the pillar in it, head to the right and blast open 
 the door with the silver parts, then have Cap go through it and hop up the 
 walls.  Go to the upper part of the pillar in the room and push the rotator 
 switch.  This will reveal the workings beneath you that Iron Man can blast 
 with missiles.  The laser barrier is now lowered, but the laser *cannons* 
 are now firing.  Use Cap on the shield platform to reflect the beams to 
 the blue panels on either side of the back door.  Head through the door.  
 When the big laser pops out, have Cap blow it up by reflecting the beam 
 back, then assemble the switches on either side of the door and pull 
 them both at the same time.

 Head into the room and use both Shield Switches in the back.  This will 
 fire some lasers.  Use Cap on the shield platform and point it at the 
 right-hand panel.  You'll basically laser the hacking out of JARVIS, which 
 will allow Tony to access his Mark 42 suit.  Oh yeah.  This suit has a 
 heat beam which you can use on gold objects.  Use it on the gold wall by 
 pressing Circle and cutting out the wall so you can move into the elevator.

Tower Platform -
 Despite Loki taking off, you'll still have to deal with Killian and 
 Mandarin.  First, smash up all the Extremis soldiers.  After they're beat 
 up, Mandarin will try to mind control one of your characters.  Use the 
 other to punch him.  After that, punch Killian.  Do this two more times and 
 Killian will be out of the fight, but Mandarin will now have the Hulkbuster 
 Armor.  Take out all the Extremis soldiers that show up, then start 
 hammering on the Hulkbuster with missiles and shield bashes.  JARVIS will 
 soon start up House Party Protocol so you'll pound on the damage.  Once 
 the armors are all destroyed, you can put them together to make a mini 
 Arc Reactor.  Use the Shield Switch on it and the Hulkbuster will drop.  
 Use the heat beam on the back of it to bust it open and drag Mandarin out 
 of there.


New Characters: Tony Stark, Iron Man (Mark 1), Iron Man (Mark 42)
Available for Purchase: Aldrich Killian, Mandarin


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - (Telekinesis, Electricty) Go to the back right of the first area.  
 Pull down the hooks on the right, and use TK on the shelves on the left.  
 Assemble all the pieces and charge up the generator.
#2 - (Magnetism) Use Mind Control on the guy behind the glass in the back 
 right and have him throw the switch so the garage to the left opens.  Use 
 TK to put the wheels on the car, then use Magnetism to put the engine 
 in.  Hop in the hot rod and zoom over to the left to find the canister.
#3 - Use the Heat Beam on five holograms of armor in the second area (this 
 can be done after you get the Mark 42).  The first is to the left of the 
 purple vent room.  The second is in a room on the far right up some 
 wall jumps.  The third is on the upper floor near the spinning pillar.  
 The fourth is in the hallway leading back to the Mark 42 room, and the 
 last is in the Mark 42 room.
#4 - This is suspended above the walkway surrounded by glass.  You can fly 
 up to it once you get the Mark 42.
#5 - (Telekinesis) This is in the room up and to the right of the wall 
 jumps.  Use TK on the shelves and pull the orange hooks out.  Assemble 
 the jukebox.
#6 - (Super Strength) Behind the spinning pillar in the second area is a 
 glass room with a motorcyle behind it.  Pull the green handle door open.
#7 - On the roof, fly off to the left to find this one floating there.
#8 - (Ice) Go to the right on the roof and freeze the puddle of water.
#9 - (Telekinesis) Go to the back of the roof and use TK on the bell.
#10 - (Magnetism) After you fight off Killian, you can fly up towards the 
 searchlights above the roof.  Use Magnetism on each of them.

Stan Lee - (Samdman) In the second area, head down to the lower left and 
 use the sandbox.


Manhattan Interlude: 

You're now in control of Clint and Natasha again.  Now would be a good time 
to point out that the rest of the Helicarrier is open.  There are doors to 
the left and right of the Command Center that you can use to access the rest 
of the place.

Anyway, drop down to the city and start following the trail on the map.  
Once you reach the end, use Black Widow to flip the switch near the camera 
to find that this was a dead end.  Follow the trail again and you'll reach 
a spot with a hook that Hawkeye can pull down, revealing a rather obvious 
HYDRA logo.  Assemble the trampoline and fire an arrow at the logo, then 
flip onto it to spin the logo and open the entrance to the base.

5F. Red Head Detention =

True Believer at 95,000

Characters: Black Widow, Hawkeye, Human Torch, Captain America


Walkthrough - 

Sewers -
 First, cloak Widow and have her hop on the elevator near the cameras.  
 At the top, climb up the walls on the left and smash the console at the 
 top to disable the cameras so Hawkeye can join her.  Assemble the pieces 
 near the elevator into a switch to jump and grab.  This will open a shiny 
 part of the spinning wheel in the back.  Blow it up with explosive arrows 
 to stop the wheel so you can cross.

 Head to the right and smash all the blue stuff to make pieces for a 
 terminal that Widow can hack.  Spin each of the four disks so that they 
 all light up blue and the door will open.

HYDRA Base -
 So now you have the Human Torch with you, which is nice.  Head around the 
 platforms to the gold wall and have Torch cut out the shape.  This brings 
 up a terminal that Widow can hack.  Make the shape that appears out of 
 the reflected light to bring the trolley over to where you are.  This 
 creates a bridge so you can go up and across with the other two.  Grab the 
 switch near the elevator to start it up and hop on.  Walk to the left and 
 cloak so you can get past the cameras and into the little room where Red 
 Skull just was.  Head out the other side and use Hawkeye to hang an arrow 
 from the hook to the right and jump across.  Now, have Hawkeye grab onto 
 the hanging rope near the terminal, then switch to Widow and hack the 
 terminal so he gets carried over to the other side.  Switch back to Hawkeye 
 and have him use his rope to pull the hook off the wall, then jump onto 
 the switch behind it.  This will uncover a gold thing that Torch can melt 
 with his heat beam, revealing a hole that Hawkeye can shoot an arrow into, 
 allowing Widow to get across.

 Cloak Widow and have her go to the right.  Time your jump across the gear 
 near the big fire wall there and flip the switch on the far right side to 
 stop the cameras and laser cannon, then cross to the right with Hawkeye and 
 have him pull open the door at the end.

Missile Silo -
 Cut a hole in the gold wall and climb up.  Have Hawkeye blow up the silver 
 object and assemble the pieces to make walls you can jump up.  At the top, 
 send Widow cloaked to the back and left to hack the panel and shut down 
 the guns.  Two HYDRA guards with gold armor will pop out.  You can melt 
 their armor off to beat them up, or just walk past them through the door.

Portal Room -
 Clint and Natasha are out of the fight, but you have Cap now to fight 
 Red Skull.  First, walk up to him while holding the shield up so you can 
 punch him.  Next, you'll need to disable two guns.  The one on the right 
 requires pulling a switch, cutting a hole in the gold wall, then smashing 
 the workings that pop out.  The one in the back left requires assembling 
 a Shield Switch and hitting it, then again cutting a hole in the gold and 
 smashing the stuff inside.  Hit the Red Skull a second time.  For the 
 last hit, you basically need to do the same stuff again, only for the last 
 two guns.


New Characters: Human Torch
Available for Purchase: Arnim Zola, Red Skull


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - Shoot three hanging spiders in the first area.  One is right at the 
 beginning.  The second is to the left of the first eleveator.  The third 
 is next to the big door leading into the base.
#2 - (Magnetism) Above the first elevator is a blue fan on the wall.  
 Magnetize it.
#3 - (Ice) After the big blue spinning wheel, freeze the water coming out the 
 pipe, then melt it.
#4 - In the second area, you need to melt five gold items with a heat 
 beam.  The first four are in the open area at the beginning, two on the left 
 (one high up) and two on the right, with one in the foreground and one in 
 the back.  The fifth is further to the right on a ledge high up.
#5 - (Electricity) In the second area, on the right side of the open floor, 
 is a generator.  Charge it up to get a gear turning.  Catch the canister 
 as it rides up.
#6 - (Ice/Wind)  Beneath the horizontal turning gear in the second area is 
 some fire obscuring this canister.  It's easiest to hit it from the left 
 ledge standing on the railing with an ice beam.
#7 - (Double Rope) In the third area, go up one level then all the way to 
 the right to find two hooks that need to be pulled down.
#8 - (Claws) Above the door leading to the last area is a Claw Switch.  
 Use it.
#9 - In the last area are four blue flags in each of the four corners of the 
 room.  Destroy them all.
#10 - (Stretch) On the right side of the room is a vent.  Go through it 
 to reach the glass command center.

Stan Lee - Stan is imprisoned in a turbine thing on the upper left part of 
 the second area.  Smash the side parts of it to free him.


Manhattan Interlude:

Time to head to the Bifrost.  Head out to the northwest of the island to 
where the arrow points to so you can find Thor.

5G. Bifrosty Reception =

True Believer at 95,000

Characters: Captain America, Human Torch, Wolverine, Thor


Walkthrough - 

Bifrost -
 Wheeeee!  Collect as many studs as you can.

Heimdall's Observatory -
 Use Torch to melt the ice around the controls in the center, then 
 assemble the generator.  Switch to Thor and hold down Circle.  Thor 
 will charge himself up with electricity.  Hold Square in front of the 
 generator to charge it up, which will open the gate out of the 

Great Bridge -
 Smash up a bunch of Frost Giants, then head to the far end of the 
 bridge.  Once all the Giants are broke, Loki will zap one of your 
 guys, so switch to another and punch him.  Melt the ice blocking the 
 door out of here, then hold down Square so Thor can target his hammer and 
 throw it at the cracks.

Asgard Gardens -
 You won't be able to walk up the slippery ramp, so have both Thor and 
 Torch fly up to Loki.  One will get zapped, so punch him with the other.  
 Now, bust up the fallen pillars and assemble them into stairs for the 
 other two guys.  Head to the right and use Sense so you can climb up 
 the wall and use the Claw Switch at the top, which will open the room 
 below.  Use Thor's lightning on the generator inside to completely open 
 the room so you can exit.

 Use Torch to melt the statue of Odin and find pieces for a Shield Switch, 
 which will bring up a rotator switch that will create stairs.  Climb up 
 and punch Loki again.  Now, use Wolverine to dig up the nearby dirt and 
 assemble a Claw Switch, which will unlock a generator for Thor.  Charge 
 it and you'll make an elevator so everyone can get to the next level.  
 Find the spot for Wolverine to use his Sense, which reveals cracks on a 
 statue in back.  Smash it with Thor's thrown hammer, then melt the back 
 of the helmet with Torch.  Assemble the pieces into a fountain and climb 
 up the flowers to the next door.

 In this next room, Loki will make several copies of himself.  Use 
 Wolverine's sense to find the real one, then punch Loki to find some 
 pieces to make a Shield Switch, which will open the door to the exit.

Throne Room -
 Time to fight the Destroyer.  Dodge its fire and punch Frost Giants.  Once 
 the dialogue starts, note the pieces of a shield platform for Cap.  Assemble 
 it and reflect the Destroyer beam onto Loki, then run up to it with Thor 
 and press Square to start smashing it.  Once it powers back up, dodge fire 
 until you see a big ice chunk fall.  Melt it to find the pieces for the 
 next shield platform.  Proceed like this to take out Loki's second and 
 third heart, then for the final, he'll do his copy trick again.  Use 
 Wolverine once more for Sense to find the true Loki.


New Characters: Thor
Available for Purchase: Destroyer (Minifig), Frost Giant


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - This is found in the Bifrost passage.  I'm not sure *exactly* how to 
 get it, because I mostly just stumble over it.
#2 - (Single Rope) In the first area, pull open the orange hook on the 
 chest on the right side and use Heat Beam on the thing that pops out.
#3 - This is hiding right behind the generator (with the sword sticking out 
 of it) in the first area.
#4 - (Explosives) At the end of the rainbow bridge is a silver statue on 
 the left.  Blast it, then pull down the hook.
#5 - (Magnetism) At the end of the rainbow bridge is a blue statue on the 
 right.  Magnetize it.
#6 - (Telekinesis) After the rainbow bridge, fly up to the left and smash 
 an blue object that exposes a generator.  Charge it, then drop down and 
 use TK to move the ice, then melt it.
#7 - Melt ice and grow three purple flowers in the area after the rainbow 
 bridge.  The first is just to the left of the ice ramp up the stairs.  
 The second and third are past the golden statue of Odin.  Just melt every 
 ice chunk you see and you should get it.
#8 - (Explosives, Telekinesis, Super Strength) After bypassing the 
 cylindrical glass room, head down the bridge towards the foreground to 
 find this area.  Blast the silver rock and assemble the rotator switch, 
 then push it, then go to the right and smash the rocks to find pieces for 
 another statue.  Now, pull on the green handles on the gate, then assemble 
 the gauntlet and use TK on it.
#9 - In the area just after the gold statue of Odin, smash some vegetation 
 to find some dirt to dig up.  Assemble the canister that you unearth.
#10 - This is in the throne room fight.  You need to melt the three gold 
 statues in the room, the third of which is kinda obscured in the back.  
 To get to the back one, you'll have to disable the Destroyer first.

Stan Lee - (Explosives) In the first area, blast the silver wheel in the 


Manhattan Interlude: 

New Characters: Jean Grey, Cyclops

You're now with the X-Men.  Head up to the mansion, then to the right.  
Note poor Stan behind the fire over there.  Use Circle with Jean to use 
mind control, and steer Stan to build the pipe.  Use Circle with Jean 
again to use her telekinesis on the purple valve.  This will turn on the 
water.  Head to the right and use TK on the piece on the ground to steer 
it to the pedestal and make an X.  Head inside the mansion.

5H. Juggernauts and Crosses =

True Believer at 105,000

Characters: Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, Iceman, Beast


Walkthrough - 

Mansion Foyer -
 First order of business is to save the students.  Go left and use Cyclops' 
 optic blast on the gold statue to melt it, then use Jean to TK away the 
 bookshelf.  Throw the switch behind the shelf.  That's one set of students 
 covered.  Now, go to the staircase on the right and smash the wood so you 
 can reassemble the stairs.  Head up and use TK on the portrait of Jean, 
 then cut an X out of the gold behind it.  Assemble the switch and use it 
 to save the other group.  Now you can leave to the right.

Dining Room -
 Head to the right and you'll get blocked in.  Use mind control on the 
 construction guy on the other side of the barricade and have him reassemble 
 the boiler.  This will douse some of the flames.  Have Jean TK the door 
 so you can head through to the right.  Melt the gold chains on the back 
 wall, then TK the debris so you can move back to find Storm held by Toad.  
 Switch to Storm and charge up her lightning to zap Toad.  You can now use 
 Storm's wind powers to put out all the fires in here.  Now, smash the piano 
 and assemble the pieces into a chair, then have Jean use TK on all the 
 chairs around the table.  This will raise up a generator.  Charge up Storm's 
 electricity like you charge Thor's and charge up the generator.  This will 
 let the students escape.

 Now to get out of here.  More bad guys will jump in, and blast doors will 
 close to the way out.  Melt the gold part, then use TK on the plug behind 
 it to stick it in the armor, which reveals a generator to charge up with 
 Storm, which will open the way out.

Garden -
 Switch to Iceman in the yard here and mash Circle to chill Pyro out, then 
 hold down Circle to fire an ice beam and aim it at the fountain to make 
 ice so you can get up to the ledge above.  Head right and put out the fires 
 with either Storm or Iceman, then melt the gold on the right to pop out 
 some water for Iceman to freeze so you can cross.  At the window on the 
 right, TK away the plants, then melt the gold and head through.

Living Room -
 Use TK on the bookshelf to the left of the TV, then mind control the 
 guy inside the room.  Have him throw the switch to reveal switches on 
 the floor.  Stand on them in the order they light up on the TV.  Next, 
 use TK on the bricks on the right to assemble a platform.  Have Cyclops 
 stand on it and have Jean lift him up.  Head left and melt the gold 
 pendulum on the clock, then bust it and assemble the pieces into a ladder.  
 Once everyone else joins you, have Iceman put out the fires in the back, 
 then TK the pieces to make a way to cross to the door.  Melt the gold 
 hinges and pass through the door.

Foyer Revisited -
 Drop down and head right, then head up the stairs on the right and put 
 out the fires, also smashing the rubble so you can get up to the 
 second floor.  Put out the fires and assemble the pieces into two armor 
 suits.  TK the red one on the red pedestal, and the blue on the blue 
 pedestal.  This will open the fireplace.

Hangar -
 You may have left Storm and Cyclops behind, but you got Beast on your 
 team.  When Juggernaut throws something at you, TK it in midair to 
 knock it back to him.  The box will stick on his head.  Now, put out the 
 fires in the corner and assemble the switch.  Pull it on the one on the 
 other side of the door to open it.  Smash the box and assemble the radio 
 inside.  TK it to turn it on so Juggernaut smashes into the wall.  Freeze 
 the water he's standing in to encase him in ice, then TK him to throw him 
 into the wall.  Repeat all these steps again for the right side, only this 
 time Beast will have to hack the terminal on the large door to open it.  
 For Jug's last heart, an object will fall from above.  Smash it up and 
 assemble the pieces into another terminal for Beast.  Hack it, then tap 
 the right, up, left, and up arrows on the screen.  Use Jean to take 
 control of Juggernaut, then start smashing up the place.  Go for those 
 handles in the back, then freeze the water again and TK the ice.


New Characters: Storm, Iceman, Beast
Available for Purchase: Juggernaut, Pyro


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - (Magnetism) In the foyer, go to the left area and use Magnetism on 
 the gramophone.
#2 - In the foyer, use a Heat Beam on the golden lock on the cabinet at the 
 right end of the room.
#3 - (Single Rope) In the beginning of the second area, pull on the door, 
 then melt the gold box behind it.
#4 - (Explosives) In the second area, once you use the hard hat guy, 
 blast the silver door, then TK the plunger next to the toilet.
#5 - (Magnetism) In the dining room, magnetize the blue armor on the left.
#6 - There are five brown gargoyles in the garden to destroy.  One 
 is by the entrance.  The second is on the roof above the entrance.  The 
 third is just to the right of the Juggnernaut and Colossus fight, and the 
 last two are on the right side of the area. 
#7 - (Sandman) To the right of where you get Iceman, there's some shrubs 
 under which is a pile of dirt.  Dig it up to find sand.  Use Sandman on 
#8 - (Claws) Near the exit of the garden is a dig pile next to a green 
 hedge.  Dig up pieces for a hedge trimmer and use it with TK.
#9 - (Magnetism) In the big TV room, magnetize the soda machine, then 
 build and use the Shield Switch.  A vent will appear in the room on the 
 left, so use it.
#10 - In the final fight with Juggernaut, use TK on X monitors in the 
 four corners of the room.

Stan Lee - (Super Strength) In the garden, put out the fires on top of the 
 shed, then jump up to the roof and assemble the green handles so you can 
 pull it away from the area and build a trampoline.


Manhattan Interlude: 

New Character: Invisible Woman

Head to Central Park and use TK on the hot dog cart to shake out pieces 
for a 4 Pad.  Build it and use it to bring out the Fantasticar.  Hop in.

5I. Doctor in the House =

True Believer at 100,000

Characters: Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, Human Torch, Nick Fury


Walkthrough - 

Skydive -
 Wheee, again!  Collect studs, yo.

Castle Wall -
 Pull down the hook with Reed, then use Sue to TK the nearby rocks into 
 stairs.  Climb them and then, as Thing, hold Circle to kick up a rock and 
 throw it at the cracked wall.  Climb up with Reed, then throw the switch 
 at the top.  Climb the ladder that just appeared with Sue and have her 
 use her barrier shield to reflect the beam to the opposite antenna.  Cross 
 the bridge.

 Have Thing pull on the green handles, then assemble the 4 Pad and use 
 Reed on it to unscrew the panel.  Hack the terminal with Reed by pressing 
 the red X on the screen.  Cross the light bridge to the right, then smash 
 down the cracked wall.  Use TK to place the purple platforms on the purple 
 spots and climb up.  Turn invisible and step on the button in front of the 
 terminal, then hold Circle to TK the stuff inside.  You can now use Reed 
 to climb up to the upper level from outside.  Assemble the pieces for 
 the rotator switch and push it to disengage the lasers and camera.  Drop 
 back down and head right.  Smash the cracked wall and use TK on the box 
 to move it away from the vent so Reed can pass through.  Glide to the 
 right and pull down the hook.  Assemble and use the 4 Pad to move on to the 
 next area.

Castle Keep -
 Johnny and Nick are here and they need your help.  Head down the stairs 
 and smash the wall, then turn invisible and walk into the area with the 
 glass window.  You can't use the terminal as Sue, so head right and TK the 
 purple plug to stop the camera so Reed can hack it.  You can now cross the 
 bridge.  On the other side, pull down the hook so you can climb up, then 
 have Thing grab the block with green handles and chuck it at the cracked 
 wall.  Assemble the shield platform and stand on with Sue to reflect the 
 beam to the left.  This will extend the bridge and you can join Johnny.  
 Head left and have Thing pull off the handles.  Climb up the ladder to 
 join Fury.  TK the laser on the pedestal above you to turn it, then melt 
 the gold part of the base and flip the switch.  This will open the door.  
 Head inside and grab the hook with Reed, which will turn on the alarm.  
 Drop down to the main area and melt the wall so you can get on the lift.

Inner Hall -
 Johnny's out of this fight, so you'll have to make do.  Smash up the 
 Doom-bots until you have enough pieces to make a box that Thing can throw 
 at Green Goblin.  Once he's off his board, punch three hearts off him.  
 Next, wait until he knocks out more pieces to make a tennis racket which 
 Sue can TK to knock him off so you can punch three more hearts off him.  
 Now, wait until the back windows are both broken and assemble the pieces 
 into a... well... you'll see it.


New Characters: Thing, Nick Fury, Green Goblin
Available for Purchase: Doombot


Manhattan Interlude: 

With Iron Man and Thor, head out to the marked location in the water 
south of Manhattan.


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - Near the end of the skydive, in the midst of some studs.
#2 - (Heat Beam) In the first area are five gold statues to melt.  The 
 first is right to the left of where you start.  The second is above and 
 behind the cracked wall.  The third is in the area with the radio jammer, 
 towards the foreground.  The fourth is on the left end of the area with 
 the camera.  The last is just before you extend the bridge to the next 
#3 - (Magnetism) After disabling the radio jammer, fly up and use magnetism 
 on the blue collar on the tank.
#4 - (Mind Control) In the latter section of the first area, with the camera, 
 melt the ice in front of the obvious canister at the upper level, then 
 Mind Control the Doombot behind it.
#5 - In the second area, assemble five Doom faces.  The first is near the 
 entrance of the area and is under ice.  The second is under ice and to 
 the left of the exit door.  The third is to the left of the ladder that 
 you had to uncover by pulling green handles (on the left).  The fourth is 
 to the right of the exit door on the next level.  The last is on the far 
 right side to the side of the silver door.
#6 - In the second area, after regaining Human Torch, go to the right and 
 melt the gold statue of Doom.
#7 - (Electricity) In the second area, go to the far right and blast a silver 
 door on an odd contraption.  Charge up the generator behind it.
#8 - (Sense) In the second area, to the right of the exit door and up is 
 an area to sense.  Pull down the hooks that appear, then blast the silver 
 and melt the gold inside.
#9 - (Explosives) In the second area are three tapestries under silver 
 blocks.  The first is above the entrance, and the last two are above the 
#10 - (Claws) To the left of the part where you get Human Torch is a 
 pile of dirt.  Dig it up and assemble the pieces.

Stan Lee - (Sense) In the second area, just before crossing the bridge to 
 get Human Torch, there's a cannon on the right side.  Sense, then pull on 
 the hook to aim it, then melt the gold panel on it.

5J. That Sinking Feeling =

True Believer at 90,000

Characters: Iron Man (Mark 42), Thor, Spider-Man, Jean Grey


Walkthrough - 

Sub Interior -
 Smash all the junk in the back left corner to find pieces for a terminal.  
 Have Tony hack it and line up all the pipes in a continuous pattern.  
 This will get rid of the fire in front of the gold wall.  Melt it down and 
 have Spidey enter.  Climb up and head to the right and Sense two hooks.  
 Pull them down to get water flowing in the pipes.  Now head down to the 
 door on the right and use Sense to reveal two more hooks to pull, which will 
 remove the rest of the fires.  Smash all the junk here to find pieces for 
 a generator which Thor can charge, which will open the door to the right.

 In the dock area, head all the way to the right onto the fishing trawler.  
 Use Iron Man's missiles on the silver box to uncover the generator and 
 charge it up.  This will move a crate over to the left.  Use Sense near it 
 to find hooks to pull.  Assemble the terminal that pops out and hack it 
 with Tony.  Move the mini sub and knock it into the two red markers on 
 the wall (use Circle to sink the sub a little) to raise a bridge in the 
 middle.  Melt the gold on the box at the far end and assemble the generator 
 so Thor can charge it.  You can now head through the doors and to the back.

 And now it's time to face M.O.D.O.K.!  Punch out the guys in suits and 
 wait for him to attack.  Once he does, blast him to drop him to the floor, 
 then punch him to take a heart.  You have to do this twice more.

New York Harbor -
 Looks like Jean showed up to lend a hand.  She'll move slowly in her 
 bubble to try to keep up with you.  Go up the little hill to the left 
 and smash the rocks to find a cracked floor.  Have Thor toss his hammer 
 at it to release some air and pieces.  Assemble them to put a starfish on 
 the wall, then Sense near it and pull the hooks to get it and the hatch off.  
 Head along the passage and further to the right.  At the underwater temple 
 building is another Sense spot that uncovers more hooks to pull down.
 Smash the cracked wall.

 Keep moving to the right until you come across a silver wall that Iron 
 Man can missile down.  Smash the cracked wall behind it and head down 
 the path.  Laser the tentacles on the pillar to remove them, then use 
 Sense to find two more hooks to pull down.  Keep moving to the right 
 until you reach the S.H.I.E.L.D. sub.  Smash down the cracked wall.


Available for Purchase: A.I.M. Agent, M.O.D.O.K.


Manhattan Interlude: 

What's THIS?  Larceny of Lady Liberty?  Stealthy Stealing of Statues?
You'll be in control of Hulk and Reed Richards for this portion.  Head 
to the marked spot to find a jet to take you after the Statue.


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - (Claws) In the first area, go to the right and find a Claw Switch to 
 raise up a big M.O.D.O.K. face.
#2 - There are three holograms of Doom that need to be smashed.  The first 
 is in the first area, down the stairs and to the left.  The second is in 
 the sub dock by the water, and the third is just before the doorway leading 
 to M.O.D.O.K.
#3 - After hacking the terminal to put out the first fire, hack it again.  
 Hold down the let arrow, then hold down the sprinkler button to put out 
 the fire on the left.
#4 - (Captain America) After going through the first door, use the Shield 
 Switch on the back wall in the hallway.
#5 - After charging the generator on the fishing trawler to get the box, 
 charge it once more, then melt the gold box that's pulled up.
#6 - When driving around the mini-sub, steer it under the water into the 
 canister that's down there.
#7 - (Claws) Dig up three treasure chests in the underwater section.  The 
 first is to the right of where you start.  The second is not far after 
 the underwater temple.  The last is in front of the sub at the end.
#8 - (Sandman) After smashing the underwater temple, smash up the pillars 
 that remain to find a little sand pile.  Pass through it as Sandman.
#9 - (Telekinesis) After smashing the underwater temple, use TK on the 
 little green and purple worm hanging high on the wall.
#10 - After smashing the underwater temple, go down the path (instead of 
 up and back) to find a little sand castle with the canister behind it.

Stan Lee - (Magnetism) In the first room, once you enter the small area with 
 pipes, you'll find Stan trapped under a shiny blue clamp.  Magnetize it.

5K. Taking Liberties =

True Believer at 100,000

Characters: Hulk, Mister Fantastic, Wolverine


Walkthrough - 

Roxxon Plant -
 Mash Circle to bust out of the jet, then head to the right.  Wade into 
 the toxic waste as Hulk and punch open the cracked wall to get some 
 platforms to float out so the other two can cross.  Head up the ladder 
 and punch/slash open the wall, then use the Claw Switch behind it.  Break 
 open the case that comes out to assemble a 4 Pad for Reed which will 
 remove that big old arm and torch in your path.

 Head down the stairs with Hulk and pull on the green handles in the toxic 
 crud.  This will remove the tower allowing Reed to float across and 
 Wolverine to Sense some wall spots to crawl along.  Slash open the cracked 
 wall and use Reed to hack the panel which will raise Hulk up a lift.  
 Have Hulk grab the handled box and throw it at the obvious spot to burn 
 the statue's hand.  Move on to the right.

 To get across the big pit, have Reed hack the nearby panel so Wolverine 
 can get on the moving platform.  Reed can then use the vent on the right 
 to travel to the other side, and Hulk can just walk there.  Have all 
 three guys stand on the buttons in the center to open the elevator.

Reactor -
 Pull the green handles on the rotating arm to start it moving.  Follow 
 it around and use the Claw Switch to start the second one.  Move to the 
 right and pull the green handles on the gate, then send Wolverine up, 
 using Sense along the way to climb the wall, then head right across the 
 turbine.  Use the Claw Switch on the right to turn the reactor in the 
 opposite direction, allowing the other two to pass.  Drop down and have 
 Reed pull on the hook to open the door.

Statue of Liberty -
 Go to the back wall and Sense to climb up the wall, then use the Claw 
 Switch to start a lift.  The other two can ride it.  Have Reed enter 
 the vent.  On the other side, smash the big box, then assemble the hook 
 and pull it off the wall.  Once Hulk crosses the gap, pull the green handles 
 on the left so you can climb up the stairs.  Walk all the way to the right 
 and enter the vent.  Smash the brown box on the other side and assemble 
 the 4 Pad so Reed can turn into a crane and pull the bridge up.  Smash 
 the cracked wall and move up the stairs.  At the top, send Reed through 
 the vent on the right to come out the left and pull down the hook on the 
 back wall to lower another bridge.  Cross and have Hulk pull off the 
 green handles so Reed can climb up and pull another hook to get a lift 
 going, allowing Hulk to get up.  When the fires spring up, smash a nearby 
 box to find pieces for a plank.  Cross the plank and slash the cracked 
 wall on the right to find pieces for a 4 Pad.  Use it to put out the fire 
 so Hulk can toss the jet aside.  Move further right and use the Claw 
 Switch, which will make stairs so you can get to the top.

Statue's Crown -
 You'll now fight Mastermind.  He'll first take control of Wolverine, so 
 punch him up.  Next, he'll do Mister Fantastic, so make sure to switch 
 if he wraps up one of your guys.  Lastly, the Hulk.  Wait for him to 
 charge, which changes him back into Bruce Banner.  Then, you can punch 
 him.  When Mastermind drops down, use Wolverine's Sense to find the real 
 one and punch him.


Available for Purchase: Liberty, Mastermind


Manhattan Interlude: 

Captain America and the Thing are now prepping for an operation heading to 
Asteroid M, floating out in the sea.  Head to the marker to find the plane 
that will take you there.


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - (Explosives) Go left from the start and drop down to the bottom.  
 Blast the silver object.
#2 - (Flight) Go left from the start and drop down to find a vent.  Enter 
 it, then fly up.
#3 - (Telekinesis) Go left from the start and use TK on the object with 
 purple sparkles near #2.  That's one.  The second is just after the first 
 time the Statue's arm blocks your way, on the upper ledge.  The last is 
 in front of the giant toxic pool, on the right side.
#4 - After smashing the first wall as Hulk, you'll find this tucked away 
 in the large pipe.
#5 - (Flight) In the second area, from the entrance, fly up and back to 
 find this one sitting around.
#6 - (Power Cosmic) In the second area, fly to the back between the two 
 rotating arms.  Pull down the hook, then assemble the pieces with Power 
#7 - After crossing the bridge beyond the two rotating arms, pull the green 
 handles of the wall and head to the left inside this room.
#8 - (Magnetism) Inside the Statue, go to the right and magnetize the blue 
#9 - There are five blue and white signs in the Statue to destroy.  The first 
 is on the ground floor.  The second is just above it on the next level.  
 The third is part way up past a cracked wall.  The fourth is a few levels 
 up, just before a jet smashes into the statue which causes fire.  The 
 last is past the fire up the stairs.
#10 - (Ice) About two thirds of the way up the Statue is a pipe leaking 
 water on the right side.  Freeze it, then melt it.

Stan Lee - (Flight) In the second area, go to the back of the room between 
 the two rotating arms and smash the little pile of stuff on Stan.

5L. Rapturous Rise =

True Believer at 85,000

Characters: Captain America, Thing, Storm


Walkthrough - 

Beach -
 Okay, first order of business is to get Ben dislodged.  Use Cap's shield on 
 the leaves on the back wall as well as on a nearby tree to find parts for 
 an air pump.  Assemble it and jump on it to free him.  Have Thing smash 
 the wall to the right.  Now, to get inside the compound.  Head to the 
 right.  Make sure you put up Cap's shield to reflect the lasers from the 
 gun emplacement.  Head to the right and toss a rock at that yellow cracked 
 wall, and then use the Shield Switch behind it.  The electric border will 
 disable and you can enter.

 Go right and you'll find leaves on a wall which are hiding green handles 
 that Thing can pull off.  Do so and assemble the rotator switch.  Turn it 
 to raise the rope bridge and cross.  Instead of going up the slope.  Go 
 down to the right and jump across the pole.  Behind some leaves is another 
 Shield Switch that disables the next electric border.  Now, head inside 
 the area and throw your shield at the crane to knock down its arm, then 
 climb up and pull the green handles to open the way to the jungle.

Jungle -
 Pull the handles on the tree to move it out of the way, then head right 
 and, oh my!  Dinosaurs!  Smash them and pull the green handles to clear the 
 way for Cap to cross the poles, then shield up to walk over the fire and 
 pull the switch to lower an inflatable ramp to let Thing up.  Head further 
 right and smash some rocks to find pieces to make some handles so Thing 
 can pull on the plane fuselage.  Head further right for another melee.  
 Smash up the boxes in this area to find the pieces for a jet engine and hop 
 on it to bust down the rocks in back.

 The next area has a bridge.  Use Cap to hop on the underside and shimmy 
 to the right.  Head up the ledges and onto the bridge to find a switch.  
 Throw it to open the way for Thing, then head back to the right.  Make 
 sure you defend to destroy the gun emplacements.  Pull the handles to 
 open the large wall, then throw a rock at the yellow cracked wall.  Assemble 
 the pieces behind them with Cap to make a Shield Switch, which will open 
 the way forward.

Tower -
 Hey, Storm showed up for your bout with Magneto!  Smash the leaves and 
 the wall behind it on the left, then assemble the pieces into a generator 
 and charge it up with Storm.  Head to the next area and clear the garbage 
 off the shield platform so you can reflect the lasers back onto the guns.  
 Once they're busted, assemble the generator then charge it.

 Oh, and you're not just fighting Magneto.  You're also fighting Rhino!  
 Smash all the orange stuff in the center (or just wait for Rhino to do it 
 if you're lazy) and assemble it all into a rather humorously large 
 pumpkin.  Goad Rhino into charging into it, then have Thing punch him.  
 Now, Magneto will start smashing things at you.  Wait for the object to 
 break apart, then assemble it into an anvil so Thing can throw it, then 
 punch Maggy.  You'll have to do this two more times to finish off... 


New Characters: Mystique
Available for Purchase: Rhino


Manhattan Interlude: 

You now have Spider-Man and Iron Man.  Head to the lake in Central Park 
and go to the northwest corner.  Use Sense to see a rather large console 
(how could we have missed that?) and have Tony hack it.  Tap each of the 
outer discs twice, then head out on the platform.


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - (Claws) In the first beach, dig up the three dirt piles and assemble 
 the pieces into a crab.
#2 - (Sandman) In the back left of the first beach, use Heat Beam on the 
 statue, then smash the wall behind it, then assemble the pieces, then use 
 Sandman on the sandbox.
#3 - (Web-slinger) After the first electric gate, use Sense in the back left, 
 then pull down the hook.
#4 - (Heat Beam) In the enclosure just after the second electric gate, use 
 Heat Beam on the golden wall.
#5 - (Heat Beam) In the second area, melt five gold eggs.  The first is to 
 the left of where you start.  The second you pass on your way through the 
 plane.  The third is in the middle of the plane crash area.  The fourth 
 is in front of the wall just after the bridge over the canyon, and the 
 last is behind the last wall in the area.
#6 - Destroy four red boxes in the second area.  The first is to the right 
 of the big fallen tree.  The second is on a ledge near the plane crash on 
 the back wall.  The third is behind a part of the plane on the right 
 side of the crash site.  The last is behind the last wall in the area, 
 on a ledge.
#7 - (Explosives) In the plane crash site, fire missiles at the silver 
 part of the plane fuselage.
#8 - (Telekinesis) At the end of the second area, use TK on the plants on 
 the left wall, then assemble the vent and pass through.
#9 - (Claws) In the last area, dig up and smash five pumpkins that are under 
 dirt piles.  They're all pretty obvious in the area.
#10 - (Magnetism) In the last area, look above the generator you charge up 
 at the beginning to see a blue statue.  Magnetize it.

Stan Lee - (Ice/Wind) In the plane crash site, put out all the fires around 

5M. Magnetic Personality =

True Believer at 100,000

Characters: Iron Man (Mark 42), Spider-Man, Thor


Walkthrough - 

Hangar -
 To either side of the hatch in the center are panels.  The one on the 
 right needs Sense and then to be pulled down.  Behind that is a silver 
 panel, and there's also silver on the left side.  Behind THAT are 
 generators.  Charge up both generators, then assemble the pieces that 
 fall out to make a rotator switch.  Turn it to open the door leading out.

Passage -
 Now, Magneto just moved the bridge so you can't cross, but failed to 
 realize that none of the three of you need to walk across it.  Cross the 
 gap, then float up to the right.  You can't fly or swing past those 
 giant pillars.  Use Sense near the window and have Thor smash the glass.  
 Pull down the hook on the other side to remove the pillars.  Continue 
 up and to the right to reach a large door that Magneto will slam in your 
 face.  Head to the right and missile down the silver and assemble the 
 pieces.  Pull down this switch and its twin on the opposite side to 
 reveal hooks for Spidey to use to pull down the door.  In the circular 
 room, pull the two hooks, then have Tony hack the terminal to turn the 

Magneto -
 Ooo, that's quite the construct.  Wait for it to attack a few times, then 
 assemble the pieces that he leaves behind into an iron.  Have Iron Man 
 (oh, NOW I get it) throw it.  Knock a bunch of hearts off his health.  
 For the next round, you'll assemble a pumpkin.  Smash it with Thor, then 
 punch Magneto some more.  For the last bit, assemble a box with a 
 generator on it, have Thor charge it, then have Spidey use it.


Available for Purchase: Magneto, Magneto Acolyte


Manhattan Interlude: 

With Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic, head to the nearest vehicle 
call-in point and return to the Helicarrier.  Head down to the Command 
Center and talk to Nick Fury.


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - (Magnetism, Power Cosmic) Go to the left from the starting point and 
 magnetize the box with blue handles.  Use Power Cosmic to assemble the 
#2 - There are three piles of canisters to smash in the first area.  The 
 first is to the right of the landing platform.  The second is back and to 
 the left.  The third is forward and to the right.
#3 - (Super Strength) In the back right of the first room, pull on the 
 green handles, then put out the fires, then fly up the pipe.
#4 - (Telekinesis) On the right side of the first room, smash the green 
 box, then use TK to place the three pipe pieces on the wall.
#5 - (Claws) In the beginning of the second area, use the Claw Switch above 
 the spinning rock, then dig up the dirt pile beneath it.
#6 - (Magnetism) Shortly into the second area, magnetize a blue wall to 
 find a generator behind it.  Charge it up, then freeze the water behind the 
 open door.
#7 - (Magnetism) In roughly the same place as #6.  After charing the 
 generator, use Sense and climb up the wall.
#8 - (Mind Control) At the end of the second area are some acolytes running 
 through a pipe.  Mind Control the one just hanging around and have him 
 jump to reach the canister.
#9 - (Stretch) At the end of the second area, go to the right to find a 
 vent to pass through.
#10 - (Magnetism) In the last area, magnetize three blue boxes.  There is 
 one on each of the left and right sides of the room, and one in the 

Stan Lee - After Magneto rotates the station, blast the ceiling above 
 you to free Stan.

5N. A Doom With a View =

True Believer at 85,000

Characters: Spider-Man, Captain America, Storm, Thing


Walkthrough - 

Observation Deck -
 The two teams from the last two missions have sort of joined up.  Head to 
 the right and use Sense in front of the turbine to reveal a hook that when 
 pulled on will extend a platform.  Have Cap jump up the walls to the left 
 and then head across the platform to find pieces for a Shield Switch under 
 a computer, which will uncover a generator for Storm to charge up, which 
 will lower a platform so everyone can move further right.

 Have Thing pull the handles off the wall, which reveals a Shield Switch, 
 which in turn reveals a hook for Spidey to pull, which reveals a laser.  
 Assemble the shield platform and direct the beam to the blue circle to 
 the right, which will extend a bridge.  Cross it, smash open the wall and 
 charge up the generator.  Ride up the left, pull open the handles, then 
 pull down the hooks.  Head through the door.

Access Tunnels -
 Use Cap's shield to reflect the guns, then send Storm to float up the 
 ramp that's conveying the wrong way.  Charge up the generator to switch 
 its direction, then shield some more guns.  Use Sense at the end and pull 
 down the hook for a Shield Switch, which will open the door.  Float up the 
 ramp again and charge another generator.  Use Sense at the end to find 
 a cracked wall to smash down.

 Work quick in this next room, because the guns cannot be destroyed through 
 shields, although they can be destroyed with lightning from Storm.  Head to 
 the right and pull the handles off the wall, then use Cap to jump up the 
 walls and use the rotator switch.  Take Spidey left and use Sense to climb 
 up the wall, then smash the computer, assemble the pieces, and turn the 
 rotator switch.  Charge up the generator that appeared in the middle of 
 the door, then pull on the handles with Thing.

Doctor Doom -
 Smash all the Doombots that show up.  Doom will send a V-Series bot, so 
 wait for it to charge, move out the way so it stumbles, then smash it with 
 Thing.  He'll pull off its helmet, revealing a hook, so have Spidey pull 
 it off.  Next, Doom hops on a laser cannon.  Assemble a shield platform and 
 redirect the beam at the spinning rings above Doom.  Punch Doom once he 
 hops out.  For the second heart, do the V-Series bot and the laser gun 
 thing again.  For the last heart, one more V-Series will show up.


New Characters: Doctor Doom
Available for Purchase: Doombot V-Series


Manhattan Interlude: 

Turns out this entire plan was just for Loki to build a Galactus-controlling 
ray gun.  Big Purple and Scary is ready to munch on Manhattan (as well as 
the rest of Earth).  It's gonna take all of Earth's heroes AND villains to 
stop them.

Head up the elevator and down to Central Park to find Magneto and 
Abomination.  You'll now be controlling them.  Follow the trail to Doom's 
jet.  Use Magneto's powers to remove the blue clamp on the jet, then hop 
in for the final fight!


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - (Heat Beam) From the beginning, go left and melt the gold thing, then 
 hack the terminal behind it.
#2 - Smash five blue coruscating lights in the first area.  The first is just 
 up the stairs to the right at the beginning.  The second you'll need to fly 
 up to almost directly above the first.  The third is above and to the 
 right of the first Shield Switch.  The fourth is next to the elevator that 
 brings you to the upper level, and the fifth is near the exit door, to the 
#3 - After using the first Shield Switch, this canister will appear, only 
 surrounded by fire.  Use Cap's shield to get to it.
#4 - (Explosives) After you reflect a laser, this should be very visible in a 
 room to the back that some mooks pop out of.  Blast the silver door that 
 closes behind them.
#5 - (Magnetism) To the left of the exit door out of the first area is a 
 blue panel on the wall.  Magnetize it.
#6 - (Claws) At the end of the second area, go down to the right in the 
 last room and dig up the dirt pile.
#7 - At the end of the second area, go down to the left in the last room and 
 pull off the green handles.
#8 - (Heat Beam) At the end of the second area, go to the left and melt 
 the gold wall.
#9 - At the end of the second area, you'll find this in the upper left 
 portion of the last room near the rotator switch.  Use Spidey to get to 
 it easily.
#10 - (Power Cosmic) During the last battle go to the left side of the 
 room and blast the panel above the door that the mooks come out of.  
 Assemble the bricks using Power Cosmic.

Stan Lee - (Claws) During the last battle, go to the right and use the 
 Claw Switch.  Assemble the pieces, then hack the terminal.

5O. The Good, the Bad, and the Hungry =

True Believer at 75,000

Characters: Iron Man (Mark 42), Spider-Man, Mister Fantastic, Captain America, 
 Human Torch, Cyclops, Storm, Thing, Nick Fury, Abomination, Doctor Doom, 
 Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Magento, Mystique, Venom


Walkthrough - 

Phase One -
 So, at any point during this fight, not counting his usual blasts and 
 stuff, Galactus can forcefully inhale, requiring you to mash Circle to 
 keep from getting sucked in.

 Anyhoo, the first priority is to fix the engines and use them to repel 
 the big G.  Have Thing throw the green-handled object into the cracked 
 wall on the engine, and then have Green Goblin toss bombs at the silver 
 parts.  Once those are done, a jet crashes into the carrier.  Have Thing 
 fling it away by the handles, then assemble the pieces to make a hook 
 that Spidey can pull open.  Have Mystique hack the terminal that pops up, 
 then head to the front of the engine and use Sense, then pull on the hooks.  
 Invisible Woman will shield you from further attack.

Phase Two -
 Use Iron Man to break the gold object to your left, then hack the 
 terminal that pops up.  Use Abomination's claps to remove the fire, 
 then head to the engine with Venom and use his Sense, then pull on the 
 two hooks that appear.  Next, mash Circle so Iron Man can speed up the 
 fan.  Jean Grey will shield this side.

Phase Three -
 Now to open a portal.  First, use Reed to pull the helicopter loose.  
 Assemble the 4 Pad and use it to turn into a hammer and open the box.  
 Assemble the rest of the projector, then hack the terminal that appears 
 and align the colored circles with the same colored connecting lines.  
 Send Cap over to where the beam ends up pointing, assemble the shield 
 platform, and reflect it into the portal to widen it.

Finale -
 Now, to knock Galactus back so he doesn't drag the Helicarrier with you.  
 Use Magneto's magnetism on the blue hinges to raise a generator, then 
 charge it up with Doom or Storm.  Assemble the pieces to make the bottom 
 part, then use Cyclops to zap the gold parts on the left for the next 
 part of the globe.  Head to the blue stuff on the left and use Magneto's 
 power to remove the pieces to make more of the globe.  Lastly, go right 
 and use Storm's wind to remove the fire and assemble the final parts of 
 this rather purile, yet effective trick.


New Characters: Galactus, Loki


Manhattan Interlude: 

Congratulations!  You've saved da Earth!  Now to go through Manhattan and 
collect EVERYTHING.  Also, the bonus level is unlocked near the Statue of 


Free Play:

Minikit Canisters:
#1 - (Claws) In Phase One, go to the left and use the Claw Switch.  
#2 - (Ice/Wind) In Phase One, go to the foreground and put out the fires 
 around the canister.
#3 - (Magnetism) There are three blue chests to magnetize.  The first is in 
 Phase One to the right.  The latter two are in Phase Two, one on the left 
 and one on the right.
#4 - (Magnetism) In Phase Two, go to the right and magnetize the blue 
 vent on the floor.
#5 - In Phase Three, smash the cracked wall on the left.
#6 - (Heat Beam) In Phase Three, go to the back and melt the gold box.
#7 - (Electricity) In Phase Three, go to the back and charge up the 
#8 - (Claws) In Phase Three, go to the foreground and dig up the dirt pile.
#9 - In the last phase, go to the foreground and hack the terminal to pop 
 out a vacuum bot.  Steer it over the five piles of cosmic goop.
#10 - (Ice) In the final phase, go to the back of the area on the right 
 and freeze the water.

Stan Lee - (Sandman) In the final phase of the fight, go to the back 
 left to find Stan trapped in a jet.  Use Sandman's power at the nearby 


These missions are not the typical story affair.  Rather, they're found while 
exploring Manhattan, and almost all of them require you to have a certain 
amount of Gold Bricks to access.

The missions will be narrated by your friendly neighborhood Deadpool and will 
consist of a single area, so they'll be shorter than the story missions.  
They typically consist of a couple of characters running into a villain and 
needing to take them down.

Like the Story Missions, these will have a number of studs you need to 
collect for "True Believer" status as well as a Stan Lee in Peril to rescue, 
but there's no Minikit for these.  Instead, these missions are where you 
find the Red Bricks for Extras.

6A. A Shock Withdrawal =

Found: The bank in the southwest area of Manhattan, marked on the map by a 
 dollar bill.  Use hacking to open the shutters.
Gold Bricks Required: 5


True Believer at 35,000

Characters: Iron Man (Mark 6), Spider-Man, Captain America


Walkthrough - 

First order of business in the bank is to rescue three hostages.  Each 
hostage requires a different hero.

For the Captain America hostage, go to the right side of the room, hop 
across the tables, and use the Shield Switch to open up the glass room.  
Hop into the room and smash everything to find pieces to make a trampoline.

For the Spider-Man hostage, web swing to the high part of the room in back 
and use Sense to find a hook on the rubble to free the lady.

For the Iron Man hostage, fire missiles at all the silver items on the desks 
on the left side of the room.  Also smash the rotating dollar sign in the 
middle.  Assemble pieces from all these objects to make bridges so the last 
hostage can cross them and leave.

Electro will stop shocking the water on the floor, so close in him so he 
grabs you, then switch characters and smack him.  He'll get knocked into the 
safe door.  Bust it down with Iron Man's missiles to get Shocker to pop out.  
He's far simpler.  Smack him three times and you're done.


Available for Purchase: Electro, Shocker


Free Play:

Red Brick - Collect Ghost Studs
 (Heat Beam) Melt the pile of gold next to the getaway van in the back.
Character Token - Moon Knight
 (Mind Control) Go to the left and control the guy behind the glass and 
 have him throw the switch to open the ATM so you can smash it.
Stan Lee - 
 (Magnetism) Use Magnetism in the vault to rescue Stan from the cage.

6B. Feeling Fisky =

Found: Northwest of Central Park in Fisk Tower, marked by a diamond-topped 
Gold Bricks Required: 50


True Believer at 50,000

Characters: Spider-Man, Captain America, Daredevil


Walkthrough - 

Smash the objects near where the laser is impacting to build a billiard 
table, and then a shield platform on top of it.  Redirect the laser to the 
red lock above.  Use Sense to find hooks near the prisoner.  Pull them off 
to free him.  Daredevil will now drop in, so switch to him.  Some henchmen 
and Elektra will also show up.  Toss DD's stick at her to knock down her 
hearts.  Once she's out, Bullseye will show up.  Hit him once, then use 
Cap's shield to knock his gun blasts back at him.  He'll fall, and you can 
use the gun platforms to build hooks so Spidey can pull down the glass wall.

Kingpin himself will now hop out to face you.  Assemble the pieces in front 
of him for a rotator switch, which will drop the left chandelier on him.  
He'll hop to the right, so throw Cap's shield or DD's stick at the chandelier 
to drop it on him.  For the last one, use Sense, then pull on the hooks that 


New Characters: Daredevil
Available for Purchase: Kingpin


Free Play:

Red Brick - Studs x6
 (Heat Beam, Telekinesis) Use Telekinesis on the painting in the back right, 
 then burn down the gold cover.
Character Token - Kingpin Henchman
 (Electricity) Fire up the generator on the left side.
Stan Lee - 
 (Ice/Wind) Put out the fires in the fireplace on the right side.

6C. The Thrill of the Chess =

Found: This is on the north side of the Raft prison.
Gold Bricks Required: 175


True Believer at 35,000

Characters: Magneto, Mystique


Walkthrough - 

Head to the right and magnetize the gate, then turn the latch on the door 
with the magnetism powers and using the analog stick to move it.

In the main area, switch to Mystique and hold down Circle so she becomes 
"invisible", then go into the elevator and ride up to the second level.  
Smash the wires to the right to deactivate the cameras so Magneto can join 
you, then have him go to the right and magnetize the lock.  Punch Mysterio, 
then assemble the pieces inside the cell and throw the switch.  This will 
reveal a target over a cell below you.  Shoot it with Mystique to open the 
cell, then punch Mysterio.  Lastly, go back up to the second floor and 
assemble the switch.  Pull it so the cell opens and punch Mysterio.


Available for Purchase: Mysterio, Polaris


Free Play:

Red Brick - Character Token Detector
 (Symbiote) Go to the right and smash a filing cabinet to find some 
 symbiote goop, then pass through it.
Character Token - Green Goblin (Ultimate)
 (Claws) Go to the back right and use the Claw Switch.
Stan Lee - 
 (Electricity) Charge up the generator on the left wall.

6D. Put Up Your Dukes =

Found: Fogwell's Gym, west of Central Park, marked by a barbell.
Gold Bricks Required: 75


True Believer at 25,000

Characters: Wolverine, Jean Grey


Walkthrough - 

In order to beat the Blob, you need to feed him.  Smash the the lit-up 
objects to the left of the ring to put together a soda glass.  Next, use 
Sense to climb the back wall to the left.  Smash the vending machines and 
construct a water cannon, then aim it at the soda glass to fill it up.  Have 
Jean lift the glass into the ring.

Next, go to the back of the room.  Smash the green and purple fridge and the 
yellow and blue fridge, then go right and use TK on the purple flowery 
fridge.  Use TK to put the smaller dish on the bigger, dish, then put the 
pineapple on top and lift it into the ring.

For the final dish, go to the small treadmill to the left of the blue 
barbell and use TK to find pieces for an oven, which will spit out a veggie 
platter.  Lift it into the ring.


Available for Purchase: Phoenix, Blob


Free Play:

Red Brick - Detector
 (Hacking) Hack the terminal near Captain America.
Character Token - Wolverine (Cowl)
 (Stretch) Pass through the vent in the back of the room.
Stan Lee - 
 (Magnetism) Lift up the blue barbell on the right side of the room.

6E. Tabloid Tidy Up =

Found: The Daily Bugle building, marked by a gold trumpet, which is found 
 in the south part of Manhattan.
Gold Bricks Required: 10


True Believer at 25,000

Characters: Agent Coulson, Doctor Octopus


Walkthrough - 

Well, this is an odd team-up, and an even more odd mission.  Phil and Otto 
need to clean up the Daily Bugle.  You need to clean up five separate 
points of the office to complete it.

Vacuum: In the back is a raging fire happening on some desks.  To the left 
are sparklies that Doc Ock can use.  Pull on the hooks with Ock to open the 
closet.  Assemble the vacuum and hack the terminal so you can move the 
vacuum onto the three piles of rubbish.

Fire: Just above the fire is a silver thing on the wall.  Fire Coulson's 
blaster at it to find pieces for a water pump.  Hop on its valve to squirt 
water onto the fire.

Door: Use Coulson's blaster on the silver bricks blocking the door, then 
assemble the pieces.

Window: On the left is a big gaping hole in the wall.  Start smashing all 
the debris nearby using Coulson's blaster, then reassemble the window in 
four sets of pieces, the two parts of the wall, the frame, and the glass.

Copier: This is in the near left corner.  Smash up all the debris then 
reassemble it.


New Characters: Agent Coulson
Available for Purchase: J. Jonah Jameson


Free Play:

Red Brick - Studs x4
 (Telekinesis) Go into Jameson's office and place the three trophies on the 
 same-colored pedestals.
Character Token - Doctor Octopus (Ultimate)
 (Heat Beam) There are three papers to hang on the wall.  One is 
 just to the left of Jameson's office and is under a silver brick.  The 
 second is inside the office underneath a filing cabinet.  The 
Stan Lee - 
 (Claws) Head to the right end of the office and dig Stan out of the 

6F. Stunt Show Surprise =

Found: At the Circus Tent in the center of Central Park
Gold Bricks Required: 100


True Believer at 25,000

Characters: Hawkeye, Black Widow, Iceman


Walkthrough - 

Okay, the idea of this one is to set things up so Ghost Rider can attack 
Nightmare.  First, hit the shaking box to the right of the shark pool to 
pop him out.  Punch him, then put out the fires he creates.  Assemble the 
jack-in-the-box to become a fisherman-in-the-box to remove it, leaving a 
puddle behind.  Freeze it with Iceman.

Now, go to the left.  Smash the boxes to find pieces to the strongman's 
test.  Once it's assembled, smash it and make a trampoline with the 
pieces to bounce up to the upper area.  Smash the box with green smoke in 
it to find Nightmare again and slap him.  Put out the fires again and 
assemble the ramp.

Now, Nightmare won't bother hiding, so get close and put out his fires, 
then assemble the hook on the box.  Pull it open with Hawkeye, then smash 
his little funny car.  Now, assemble the pieces to make a cannon and shoot 
it so it creates holes on the back wall.  Shoot arrows into those holes so 
you can flip up to the top ledge.  Shoot a rope above you to climb up to the 
top and blast the metal teeth.  Stand on the pump to inflate the third ramp.  
Drop down and punch Nightmare.


Available for Purchase: Ghost Rider, Nightmare


Free Play:

Red Brick - Attract Studs
 (Magnetism) Use Magnetism on the blue cage in the back.
Character Token - Mandarin (Film)
 Fly up to the right of the area to find this one hanging about.
Stan Lee - 
 (Telekinesis) At the right end is a spot where you need to Sense.  Pull 
 down the hooks and then cut the gold with a Heat Beam.  Assemble the pieces, 
 then use TK on the top hat.

6G. Reptilian Ruckus =

Found: In the Reptile House at the northeast end of Central Park
Gold Bricks Required: 125


True Believer at 45,000

Characters: Spider-Man, Thing


Walkthrough - 

Head down to the lower area and to the right.  Have Thing smash the shack 
and Spidey use Sense and pull down the hook.  Assemble the pump to flush 
out Lizard.  Punch him with Thing.  Now, smash the cage near where the 
shack was to make pieces for a ladder so Thing can climb back out.

Now, go to the back and use Sense to find hooks.  Pull them down and assemble 
green handles for Thing to pull on.  Punch Lizard.  Now, follow him to the 
back lab, then use Sense and pull the hooks off the wall to scare him up and 
punch him one last time.


Available for Purchase: Curt Connors, Symbiote Scientist


Free Play:

Red Brick - Studs x8
 (Magnetism) Head down to the lower area and charge the generator, then 
 head back up and use Magnetism on the blue metal pod thingie.
Character Token - Thing (F.F.)
 (Telekinesis) You need to pop open three pipe covers.  The first two are 
 on either side of the window, behind silver and gold covers.  The last is 
 down in the water on the left and needs TK to open.
Stan Lee -
 In the last area in the back left, use Claws to dig up the dirt near the 
 carnivorous plant, then use the 4 Pad with Mister Fantastic.

6H. Bro-tunheim =

Found: Just west of the "Bifrosty Reception" misison
Gold Bricks Required: 200


True Believer at 27,000

Characters: Thor, Loki


Walkthrough - 

Hey, have you guys seen the new Thor movie?  Anyway, smash the nearby 
pyramid rock to find a pool of water.  Have Loki freeze it by holding 
down Circle.  You'll create an ice catapult.  Use Loki's TK to fire it at 
Malekith.  Run up the ramp that was just made and assemble the furnace and 
the generator above it.  Charge the generator.  Have Loki put out the fires 
that spring up and have Thor smash the wall.  Use TK to place the rock, 
then climb up the steps you've made.  Head along the path and use TK to 
turn the crank for the gate.

Now, fly up to the right side to the right of Laufey and smash into the 
ground to cause some rocks to get busted loose below you.  This will reveal 
a rotator switch, so push it to open the gate for Loki.  Now, at the next 
ledge are two rocks that balance each other.  Have Thor stand on the right 
one to balance them so Loki can hop up, then have him use his TK on the 
other crank.

Now, you need to fight Malekith.  When he raises himself on a platform, 
simply shoot the platform's parts to drop him to the ground, then smack him.  
Do that twice more.


Available for Purchase: Laufey, Malekith


Free Play:

Red Brick - Mini Characters
 (Heat Beam) GO to the back of the area and to the left.  Melt the ice 
 covering the black mouth to find this.
Character Token - Thor (Classic)
 (Explosives, Claws) Go to the right from the start and blast the silver 
 part of the landscape.  Dig up the dirt pile.
Stan Lee - 
 (Magnetism) To the back of the area is a blue shiny mouth thing.  Magnetize 

6I. Nuff Said =

Found: This is at the Marvel Comics office in the southern part of 
 Manhattan, marked by the MARVEL logo, not far from Grand Central.
Gold Bricks Required: 20


True Believer at 40,000

Characters: Mister Fantastic, Spider-Man


Walkthrough - 

Welp.  Guess it's time to save the Marvel execs from their own creations.  
Or something?  Smash the reception desk and assemble the terminal so 
Reed can hack it.  Attach all the pipes to make them green, then you can 
enter the main office.

Howard will take himself out of the game early, so you just need to deal with 
Vulture.  For his first heart, assemble the bird house in the front of the 
room.  Some new pieces are available to assemble.  They make a vent that 
Reed can pass through and get to the upper balcony.  Grab the nearby switch, 
then have Spidey web-swing up to the other ledge and grab the other switch 
to open the curtain.  Use Sense to reveal two hooks, then pull them down and 
assemble the Iron Man standee for heart #2.

Assemble the new pieces and you'll make a projector.  Hack it with Reed to 
make a Captain America projection and take off heart #3.  Assemble the 
new pieces to make a pump.  Stand on the yellow pump part to inflate a 
Thor balloon for heart #4.  Lastly, assemble and use the 4 Pad.

Oh, and so you know, "Nuff Said" is kind of a Marvel in-joke and theme for 
comic covers, where they'll just put art on the cover and no words besides 
"Nuff Said".


Available for Purchase: Howard the Duck, Vulture


Free Play:

Red Brick - Gold Brick Detector
 (Telekinesis) Go to the back right of the office and put the pieces to the 
 Deadpool puzzle on the wall correctly.  
Character Token - Ms. Marvel
 (Heat Beam) In the very first part, melt the giant Hulk statue to the right.
Stan Lee - 
 (Magnetism) In the back of the main office, use Magnetism to open the 
 glass room.

6J. House Party Protocol =

Found: On top of Stark Tower, marked with an "A".
Required: Complete Story


True Believer at 90,000

Characters: Iron Man (Mark 42), War Machine


Walkthrough - 

Looks like it's up to Tony and Rhodey to get this party popping off.  First, 
head to the back of the room and knock out the silver bricks with missiles 
to uncover a terminal.  Hack it, then press the buttons in the indicated 
order to drop the disco ball.

Second, smash all the boxes near Nick and assemble the speakers.  Lastly, 
head to the right where Hulk is near the smashed speakers.  Take your laser 
to the "STARK" sign above the door, cut out a shape, then assemble the pieces 
to get the elevator moving.  It will toss out a big box, so smash it open 
and assemble the pieces to finish up the speakers.

Now, you have to dance.  Step on the panels on the floor in the order 


New Characters: War Machine
Available for Purhcase: Iron Man (Mark 7)


Free Play:

Red Brick - Studs x10
 (Telekinesis) Go to the back and use a Heat Beam on the gold A holder with 
 the mallet inside.  Once it's loose, use Telekinesis to beat down the 
Character Token - Iron Man (Heartbreaker)
 Pop the three bunches of balloons scattered around the party.
Stan Lee - 
 You'll find him behind the gold bars on the right side of the room.

6K. Stranger Danger =

Found: The Sanctum Sanctorum, a gold and black "double X" symbol northwest 
 of Oscorp.
Gold Bricks Required: 150


True Believer at 45,000

Characters: Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Doctor Strange


Walkthrough - 

You need to save Doctor Strange from the dread Dormammu.  Head to the clock 
in the back left and use TK on it twice.  Assemble the handle pieces to 
open the door to the left.  In the bathroom, use TK on the shower to disrupt 
Dormy, then smash the objects he throws at you to make the tank for the 
toilet.  Use TK on the handle to get a hammer to pop out, then TK it over 
the boarded up wall to uncover the water heater.  Blast it with Johnny's 
heat beam.

Now, go to the right room to find a study.  Use Heat Beam on the gold object 
on the right to find piano key pieces.  Assemble them and flip the switch.  
Head up the stairs to the bedroom.  Use TK on the skeleton near the mirror 
to reveal Strange, who will tell you to destroy three golden orbs.  Blast 
the first one with Heat Beam, then find the second one in the chest on the 
right.  The last one is inside the wardrobe.

You now have Strange with you to fight Dormammu.  Watch for his lasers, 
which you can either deflect with Invisible Woman, or avoid by turning 
Strange invisible.  Punch Dormy in his flaming face, then punch up the 
skeletons he summons.  Do that for all six hearts.


Available for Purchase: Doctor Strange, Dormammu


Free Play:

Red Brick - Fast Build
 (Sandman) In the attic, pass through the sand, then TK open the chest and 
 smash the nearby box so you can construct a Christmas tree.  Pull open 
 the present with a rope to get the brick.
Character Token - Invisible Woman (F.F.)
 (Explosives) Blast open the lock on the cabinet in the back of the main 
Stan Lee - 
 (Web-slinger) In the bathroom, after you get rid of Dormammu, use Sense 
 to reveal hooks on the chandelier.  Pull them down and then fly up 
 through the ceiling.  Blast the lock on the coffin.


So there is a TON of stuff in Manhattan and it is not the easiest thing to 
organize.  I've tried marking these as how they appear on the map, basically 
by their icons.

It should be noted that there are also green "Fast Travel" icons, and blue 
"Vehicle Call-In Point" icons on the map.  You can select these to fast 
travel to that spot at any time.  It's important to note that Vehicle 
Call-In Points are the only places you can buy new vehicles, and each point 
caters to only a specific type of vehicle.

7A. Stan Lee in Peril =

With the 26 missions in the game each having Stan, and there being 50 in the 
game, there are 24 occurences of Stan Lee in Manhattan to rescue.  The first 
one you can't avoid because it's required to complete the story.  After that, 
these will all appear one at a time in sequence, the next one always marked 
by Stan's head on the map.

#1 -
 Location: Behind the X-Mansion at the north end of Manhattan
 Required: Mission 7 Complete
  This is the only one that can be done out of sequence.  You need to Mind 
  Control Stan to assemble a pipe, then use Jean's Telekinesis to turn the 

#2 -
 Location: Just southwest of the "Nuff Said" mission in lower Manhattan.
  Mind Control the guy inside the building to open the switch.

#3 - 
 Location: The southwest part of Central Park.
  This is at the chessboard.  Use Sense to find a hook on the pile of 
  pieces, then pull the hook off.

#4 - 
 Location: In the middle of the block east of the entrance to Asgard.
 Required: Nothing special, but Giant helps
  This one might be tough to trigger if you just jump or fly in.  May have 
  to give this one time to load up before you approach.  Stan will mention 
  how funny his soda tastes and morph into Stan Hulk.  Use a giant character 
  to beat him up.

#5 - 
 Location: Southeast of the X-Mansion, go along the shore.  He's north of a 
  building that's adjacent to the water.
  Stan's flailing on a hose.  Melt the ice nearby, then use the Claw Switch.

#6 - 
 Location: Atop a building two blocks east of the Central Park lake.
  Stan seems to be obliviously standing beneath a crane's payload.  Hop in the 
  cab of the crane and use the Claw Switch.

#7 - 
 Location: On top of the Empire State Building
  Fly to the top of the Empire State Buliding and punch the ape holding 
  Stan hostage.

#8 - 
 Location: On the deck of the Helicarrier
  Smash the robot that has Stan in its clutches.

#9 - 
 Location: Just north of the circus tent in Central Park.
  Use Claws to dig Stan out of the ground.  No real need to fight the 
  Sandman Goons.

#10 - 
 Location: Two blocks west of the circus tent, one block north of Fogwell's 
  Stan's on top of the tall smokestack.  Use Thor and throw his hammer at 
  the cracked wall at the base of the stack.

#11 - 
 Location: The lake in Central Park.
 Required: Magnetism
  Once you buy Magneto, use his power on the life preserver on the shore to 
  bring it to Stan, flailing in the water.

#12 - 
 Location: Near the freeway at the south end of the island, almost directly 
  south of the Daily Bugle.
  Smash the tree the taxi is stuck in.

#13 - 
 Location: Almost right on top of Fogwell's Gym in the west end.
  Use a Giant to lift the dumbell off of Stan. 

#14 - 
 Location: Directly west of Oscorp on the train tracks.
  Use Magneto to remove the bindings keeping Stan on the tracks.

#15 - 
 Location: Pier at the eastern end of the island, almost directly beneath 
  the Helicarrier.
  Smash all three sharks surrounding the boat.

#16 - 
 Location: On the Raft.  In the center.
  Smash the cracked walls to find Stan.

#17 - 
 Location: South of the X-Mansion, near a billboard and a Race.
  Use ice or wind to put out the fires around Stan.

#18 - 
 Location: Just north of the circus tent (again).
  Pull open the orange hook on the clown car.

#19 - 
 Location: Just east of the "A Shock Withdrawal" bank.
  Smash the mailbox Stan has his head stuck in.

#20 - 
 Location: Liberty Island
  Go up to the torch scaffolding and put out all the fires with an ice beam. 

#21 - 
 Location: Two blocks west of the northwest corner of Central Park.
  Beat up the Sandman Goons harrassing Stan.

#22 - 
 Location: The Roxxon Plant at the west end.
  At the entrance, you'll see Stan being shocked.  Use the switch above 
  him to free him.

#23 - 
 Location: The circus tent
  Above the big top, shoot the balloon Stan is holding onto to drop him.
#24 - 
 Location: Deadpool's Room on the Helicarrier
  The final Stan outside of missions is in a crate in the middle of 
  Deadpool's Room.
7B. Races =

While there are some other side missions that can qualify as "races", what 
I refer to are those marked by a checkered flag on the map.  These usually 
just involved a black and white ring that you press Circle in to start.  
There are basically two types of races: ground type, which require you be 
in a vehicle to start, and air type, in which you can be in a vehicle or 
just with a flying character (I recommend flying character).

The races require you to get through several checkpoint rings.  Each ring 
you pass will add on to your time.  The race stops once you reach the goal 
at the end.

The ground races tend to be relatively easy: get a fast car and done.  The 
flying races can be REALLY difficult given the somewhat wonky flying 
controls.  Here are a few suggestions:
- Using X and Circle to correct your trajectory will be necessary, but if 
 you can, always shoot low.  If you shoot high, you may feel the need to 
 tap Circle to correct downward, but you may just as easily deactivate your 
 flight in the process by double tapping.  Use smooth presses instead of 
 feverishly tapping to correct.
- While you won't have enough time to reach all markers if you don't use 
 the afterburners, nothing says you need to be going full speed all the 
 time.  Consider slowing down as you get close to rings so you don't 
 shoot past them and end up having to turn around.

These are all ordered "north to south" by starting point.

Completing each race will get you a Gold Brick.

#1 -
 Location: The roof of the X-Mansion
 This is a flying race that goes almost straight south to Oscorp.  The only 
 really difficult part would be the gate leading out of the X-Mansion 
 area, where it's easy to get hung up on lampposts.

#2 -
 Location: Billboard south of the X-Mansion
 A ground race that heads down the hill and north towards the X-Mansion.  
 Watch yourself at the north beach so you don't steer into the water.

#3 -
 Location: Go two blocks north of Central Park and slightly west in the 
  middle of the next block.
 This is a ground race, sort of.  All you have to do is go straight up the 
 walls to the roof.  If you have a flying character, just float straight 
 up.  Easy peazy.

#4 -
 Location: A couple streets southwest of the dock that leads to the Raft.
 A ground race that starts going east, then curves north going the wrong 
 way on the freeway, before curving back around the Industrial District.

#5 -
 Location: East of the entry to "Rapturous Rise" on a gas station.
 This is a flying race that heads northeast, then out over the Raft, then 
 back down south towards the bridge.  Be especially careful when you go 
 under the highway.  May want to save the boosting for when you're out over 
 the water, and move normal speed near buildings.

#6 -
 Location: Northwest corner of Central Park
 This ground race starts in the middle of a rotary and heads west, then 
 south, in a relatively straightforward fashion.  You end at Horizon Labs.

#7 -
 Location: Out over the water west and slightly south of Fisk Tower
 Probably the biggest challenge in this race is finding it, as it's out over 
 the water and really high up.  The race carries you south and at a really 
 steep dive, until you hit the Roxxon plant where it bears east, then back 
 south over the water to end at the Statue of Liberty.

#8 -
 Location: Southeast corner of the lake in Central Park
 This is a special race that requires you to take control of some boats in 
 the lake.  Use the machine to start controlling them, then steer them 
 through the rings.  You get a nice top-down view, so it shouldn't be too 

#9 -
 Location: West shore of the island, almost directly due west from the 
  Central Park lake.
 This is a flying race that basically travels in an "S" formation through 
 some tight curves.  Take most of the rings slowly and if you see one that's 
 tilted in another direction, slow down so you can turn and spot the next 

#10 - 
 Location: A couple of streets northeast of the Baxter Building
 A ground race that circles around streets, down a shore-walk, and ends at 
 a skate park.  The greatest challenge is traffic.

#11 -
 Location: Southeast of the Baxter Building
 This ground race drives up and around Grand Central Station, then turns 
 south to the bridge.  Not terribly exciting.

#12 -
 Location: Southwest corner of Central Park
 A ground race that drives through Central Park.  Watch for tight corners 
 and the water.

#13 -
 Location: Southwest of the Helicarrier
 This is way up by the Helicarrier.  It's probably the hardest race, as not 
 only is it quite long, but it also involves a lot of downward movement, 
 which puts you at risk of disengaging flight if you're not careful.  One 
 might think that given all the open space a vehicle might work, but that 
 will work against you when you get to the latter part of the course which 
 is a LOT of tight spaces.  Practice practice.  May want to focus on speed 
 in the first half, then drop back to normal speed in the second half.

#14 -
 Location: West of Columbus Circle (southwest of Central Park)
 Another difficult flying race that starts between two towers and weaves 
 up and down, around corners, and close to buildings.  Take the corners and 
 rings slow and only boost on open air, particularly at the end as you head 
 towards the Raft.

#15 -
 Location: East of Grand Central Station
 This ground race goes north along the eastern shore.  Be very careful as 
 you jump across the middle of the road, as there are crash barriers to 
 knock against.

#16 - 
 Location: Southeast of Grand Central Station
 This special race starts high on a building.  Go to the nearby console and 
 take control of the little RC cars.  Drive them around the course through 
 the rings.  Note that you don't "steer" the cars, but instead point them 
 the way you want them to go with the Control Stick (left goes left, down 
 goes down).  Make sure you go straight over the jumps so you don't fall 

#17 -
 Location: Just northwest of the Empire State Building
 This ground race shoots straight up Broadway, hangs a left near Horizon 
 Labs, and pretty much goes into the water.

#18 - 
 Location: North of the "Shock Withdrawal" bank
 This ground race heads east, goes underground, then ends up in a park in 
 southwest Manhattan.

#19 -
 Location: South of the "Shock Withdrawal" bank
 A ground race that heads almost immediately underground, then up and 
 west to Grand Central.

#20 -
 Location: Southeast part of the island, near Brooklyn Bridge.
 You'll drive along the shore then almost immediately turn north, driving 
 through the street until you reach the west end, where you'll head north 
 along the shore some more.

#21 -
 Location: South end of Liberty Island
 Required: Magnetism
 Unlock the Golf Cart nearby, then drive around the island carefully.

7C. Tokens =

Let me just say at the outset that this will not have ALL the tokens that 
appear on the map.  You see, there are several "mission sets" in Manhattan, 
that require three missions to be completed in order, and some give you 
Gold Bricks, and some give you tokens.  What we're doing here is just the 
tokens that sit freely in space, not those where you have to help people 
do stuff, because those are all mission sets, which are organized later.

That said, there are still a fair number of standalones, and these are all 
organized by how they appear in the list of characters and vehicles.

Also, I've included descriptions of what the characters look like for those 
who aren't familiar with the stable of Marvel people.


Character Tokens -

Absorbing Man -
 Appearance: Bald guy
 Location: West of the lake in Central Park
 Smash the manhole cover in this construction yard.

Ant-Man -
 Appearance: Silver helmet with antenna
 Location: Southeast of the Bifrost
 Enter the little hangar and smash the objects on the dirt pile.  Dig all 
  the piles up using Claws.

Archangel -
 Appearance: Blue face with black highlights
 Location: The Avengers Mansion south of the X-Mansion
 On the north wall are a whole bunch of ducts.  You need to destroy all 
  of those ducts in a limited time.

Beetle -
 Appearance: A red mask with green eyes
 Location: One block east of Central Park lake
 There's a bunch of web trampolines in this alley.  Bounce and collect all 
  the studs to make the token appear.

Black Cat -
 Appearance: A white-haired woman
 Location: Just next to the "Taking Liberties" mission, southeast of 
  Central Park.
 Pull down the hooks on either side of the door, then use Sense next to 
  the chest to find a switch to open it.

Bullseye -
 Appearance: A black suit with a bullseye marker
 Location: Northwest of "Rapturous Rise"
 You need to use a giant character or Thor to smash four basketball 
  backboards.  You can throw rocks or cars or whatever.

Carnage -
 Appearance: Red and black with white eyes
 Location: Two blocks east of Central Park lake
 Required: Ice
 Now, there are a lot of vents on this rooftop.  The idea is to freeze the 
  vents with water coming out of them so you have no choice but to end up 
  at the vent under the token.

Colossus -
 Appearance: Wide silver head with black hair
 Location: Just southeast of the X-Mansion
 A Sentinel will attack in front of the mansion.  Use explosives on its 
  silver chestplate, then a Heat Beam on the gold, then throw a rock at the 

Damage Control -
 Appearance: A guy with a yellow hard hat
 Location: South end of the Helicarrier
 Put out all the fires on the deck using the nearby water cannon.

Elektra -
 Appearance: Girl with a red bandanna
 Location: Southwest of "Rapturous Rise"
 On the roof of the building, smash up the stuff to find a Claw Switch, 
  then smash the wall inside the garage.

Havok -
 Appearance: A black suit with blond hair sticking out
 Location: South of the Avengers Mansion in Washington Heights
 This is inside a little shop, but to open it, you need to get Captain 
  America up to the roof so he can reflect the laser beams onto the gold 
  fan, then hit the Shield Switch behind it.

Hydra Agent -
 Appearance: Green bodysuit with yellow eyes
 Location: East of the Avengers Mansion in Washington Heights
 Use a Giant to smash through the cracked wall on the roof of this building.

Iron Man (Hulkbuster) -
 Appearance: A really wide Iron Man armor, red and gold
 Location: On top of Stark Tower
 There are eight vents around the helipad.  Blast them all in a short time.

Kraven the Hunter -
 Appearance: Black hair with a goatee and brown clothes
 Location: Near the Reptile House
 Stand on the platform and fire projectiles at the five targets that are 
  on the pavilion across the water.

Leader -
 Appearance: Tall green head with a mustache
 Location: Southeast of the Bifrost
 Between two billboards are some wall-jumping panels.  Hop up them to grab 
  the token.

Mary Jane Waston -
 Appearance: Red-headed girl
 Location: At the north end of the E-shaped building on the eastern shore.
 There's a little alley that goes up to a ledge between these buildings.  
  There's a chest at the end that requires Sense to activate.

Mini-Sentinel -
 Appearance: Purple robot with red eyes
 Location: Middle of Columbus Circle, southwest of Central Park
 Hop into the halo of light to fight a Sentinel.  Use explosives on its 
  silver chestplate, then a Heat Beam on the gold, then throw a rock at the 

Nova -
 Appearance: Gold helmet with red star on it
 Location: One block east of the Reptile House
 This is a foot race.  You'll run around the buildings and climb up the 
  walls.  Easiest with a flying character.

Power Man -
 Appearance: Dark-skinned with sunglasses
 Location: Northeast of the Reptile House
 In the midst of the buildings, fight a bunch of bad guys.

Red Hulk -
 Appearance: The Hulk.  Only red.
 Location: Northeast of the Bifrost
 There's a circle of light that summons him.  Best to use a Giant character 
  to put him down quickly.

Ronan the Accuser -
 Appearance: Gray guy with a green hood and white eyes
 Location: East of the circus tent
 Required: Electricity
 Go south from the marker and look beneath the monument with gold and silver 
  statues.  You should find a passage that goes underneath.  Melt the gold 
  wall and blast the silver wall to uncover generators, and there's a third 
  on the ceiling.  Charge them all up.

Sandman Goon -
 Appearance: A sand golem
 Location: Eastern shore, northwest of the Helicarrier
 Smash the cracked wall in the underground highway.

She-Hulk -
 Appearance: A green skinned girl
 Location: North of "Rapturous Rise"
 There are seven spots in this lot to smash cracked walls.  Two are on 
  the ground.  Two are on containers.  Two are on walls.  The last is on 
  the roof.  It's easiest to do this by throwing Thor's hammer.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent -
 Appearance: A guy with blond hair
 Location: Under the Helicarrier, south end
 Fly under the carrier to come up on a gun.  Flip the switch next to it, 
  then hop on and shoot all the targets.

Silver Samurai -
 Appearance: A fancy silver helmet
 Location: Northwest of "Rapturous Rise"
 Required: Telekinesis
 You need Sense at several points to reveal the path in this little maze.  
  Use TK to move the purple box around the maze to the exit.

Spider-Woman -
 Appearance: A girl with long black hair and a red mask
 Location: Southwest of the bank along the shore.
 Go inside the store at ground level and smash the webs so you can pull the 
  switch.  Bounce up the webs to the roof (or just fly).

Squirrel Girl -
 Appearance: A girl with short brown hair and marked eyes.
 Location: West of Fogwell's Gym
 Required: Magnetism
 Dig up the dirt south of the little shack until you find a button.  Step 
  on it, then use Magnetism on the switch inside the shack.

Super Skrull -
 Appearance: A green alien with big ears
 Location: Northwest of the Queensboro Bridge
 On top of this building, underneath the water tower, is a block of ice.  
  Melt it.

Superior Spider-Man -
 Appearance: Spidey with darker gray eyes
 Location: On top of the Empire State Building
 This one's kinda fun.  Dive off the ESB and collect as many studs as you 
  can on the way down.  If you get enough, you get the token.

Taskmaster -
 Appearance: A white hood with a skull mask
 Location: South of Manhattan over the water, WAY over the water.
 You can find this west of the submarine mission.  Fly straight up for a 
  while until you spot the floating platform with this on it.

Viper -
 Appearance: Green-haired woman
 Location: West side of Central Park
 Use a heat beam to melt the lock on the chest.

Iron Patriot -
 Appearance: A red white and blue Iron Man
 Location: On top of the Empire State Building
 There's a spot on the ESB with three flags.  Pull the hook for one of them, 
  use a Claw Switch for the second, and go up and use Sense for the third.

Wasp -
 Appearance: Short-haired brunette woman
 Location: On top of Ant-Man's lab southwest of Oscorp
 Required: Shrink
 Use Ant-Man to enter the maze on the roof of the lab and push all the 
  buttons inside to open the way to the end.

Whiplash -
 Appearance: Long-black hair and goatee
 Location: North of the Baxter Building
 Required: Mind Control
 Take control of the person inside the glass door at ground level and have 
  them use the switch.

Wizard -
 Appearance: Tall purple helmeted guy with a goatee
 Location: On the Baxter Building
 Required: Magnetism
 This is on the west side of the building in front of the "4" logo.  Use 
  Magnetism on the blue switch to open the box.


Vehicle Tokens -

S.H.I.E.L.D. Staff Car -
 Appearance: A green topless car
 Location: East of the Empire State Building
 Fly up to the top of the building and use Invisibility to throw the 
  switch in the center of the rooftop.

S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x4 -
 Appearance: Bluish pickup truck
 Location: Northeast of Fisk Tower
 Climb on top of the construction site and smash through the ceiling.  Dig 
  up the dirt under it.

S.H.I.E.L.D. APC -
 Appearance: A six-wheeled APC
 Location: Near the Raft Ferry dock
 On the building is a black chest.  The Shield Switch that opens it is 
  just beneath it, and you need to hit it from ground level.

Police Motorcycle -
 Appearance: A blue and white motorbike
 Location: Two blocks east of the Central Park lake.
 Smash the cracked floors in this area until you find a vent that Mister 
  Fantastic can go through.

Police Truck -
 Appearance: White panel truck
 Location: Southeast of Fisk Tower
 Under the road, hop up the walls to reach this, or just fly up.

Raft Truck -
 Appearance: A blue and gray van
 Location: The northwest corner of the Raft
 Use Claws to dig up a spot by the water.

Raid Truck -
 Appearance: A green panel truck
 Location: Southwest of the Raft Ferry dock
 Smash the cracked floor, then take out 15 little purple bugs.

Hydra Tank -
 Appearance: A yellow combat type vehicle
 Location: North side of the Empire State Building
 Required: Magnetism
 Above ground level is a switch with a blue handle.  Use Magnetism on it to 
  open the gate below.  Inside, fire up the two generators.

Mandarin's Buggy -
 Appearance: Small green car with a pole contraption on top
 Location: Southeast of the Bifrost
 Required: Mind Control
 Control the guy inside the shack and have him throw the switch.

Pizza Van -
 Appearance: A red, white, and green truck
 Location: Southeast of Grand Central Station
 Climb up the ladder to the right of the pizzeria.  Use the Claw Switch, 
  then climb further up and pull the hook to find a second Claw Switch, then 
  use Sense and climb up to the last switch, which needs to be melted with 
  a Heat Beam before it can be used.

Golf Cart -
 Appearance: A small cart
 Location: Liberty Island
 Required: Magnetism
 You'll need to use Magnetism on the blue clamp to unlock this.

Spider-Cycle -
 Appearance: Black and red motorcycle
 Location: West of Oscorp
 Blast the silver statue on the rooftop.

Spider-Trike -
 Appearance: A red and blue three wheeled bike
 Location: Northeast of the Baxter Building.
 Required: Electricity
 Drop down to street level and charge up the generator.  Jump or fly to 
  the rooftop and enter the greenhouse.

Pumpkin Chopper -
 Appearance: A helicopter that looks like a pumpkin
 Location: On top of Oscorp
 Required: Symbiote
 While the token is on one tower, the means to reach it is on the other.  
  Blast the silver wall, then pass through the black goop on the wall as a 

News Helicopter -
 Appearance: A blue and white helicopter
 Location: Southeast of the Baxter Building
 The box is on a wall above the subway tunnel.  Go just west of it to find 
  a wall with cracks (this is in the park before you started the second 
  story mission).  There will be a terminal underneath.  Hack it.

Police Helicopter -
 Appearance: A blue and white helicopter
 Location: West of the circus tent
 You need to shoot several midair targets.  The first is where the marker 
  is.  The second appears on top of a water tower to the north.  The third 
  appears on top of a smokestack to the northwest (south of Fisk Tower).  
  The fourth appears to the southeast just west of a tall building.  The 
  chest by the marker will now open.

Raft Helicopter -
 Appearance: A gray helicopter
 Location: On the Raft, on top of the cylinder structure.
 At the very top of the cylinder, pull off the green handles on the little 

Spider-copter -
 Appearance: Red and blue helicopter
 Location: South of Oscorp
 On the rooftop of this building is a shelter with a cracked wall, covered in 
  spiders.  Smash it.

Fantasticar -
 Appearance: A thin gray open pod
 Location: In Central Park, on a fountain next to the "Doctor in the House" 
 This will appear after the "Doctor in the House" mission is complete.

Stark Jet -
 Appearance: A gray and red jet
 Location: Middle of the lake in Central Park
 This will appear after the "Magnetic Personality" mission.

Doom Jet -
 Appearance: A gray and green jet
 Location: Just southwest of the Empire State Building
 This will only appear after completing the story missions.

X-Jet -
 Appearance: A large black plane
 Location: Beneath the X-Mansion
 Required: Electricity
 Go down the north side of the mansion to get to the hangar underneath.  
  There are three generators down here that need to be powered.  One is 
  near the blue box and needs to be Sensed.  The second is behind a support 
  pillar under some silver panels.  The last is on the ceiling under a 
  spider web.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Jetfighter -
 Appearance: Blue jet with yellow highlights
 Location: Middle of the Helicarrier
 Just north of the main elevator is a vent that you need to pull a hook off 
  of to access.  Go through as Mister Fantastic.

7D. Gold Bricks =

While many of these little sidetrips in Manhattan award you with a Gold 
Brick, these constitute the tasks that are marked by a Gold Brick on the 

Like Races, I've ordered these north to south.

#1 -
 Location: Northwest of the X-Mansion by the beach.
 Required: Sandman
 It's obviously inside that (literal) greenhouse.  Go down to the beach 
  and smash up the plants until you find a sand pile that Sandman can 
  enter by pressing Circle.

#2 -
 Location: Southeast wall of X-Mansion
 Required: Magnetism
 This is in a little nook of the mansion wall.  Smash up all the garbage and 
  dumpsters, including the object on the wall, then use Magnetism on the 
  wall hanging to open the box.

#3 -
 Location: South of X-Mansion
 Blast the Wolverine statue in the middle of the small garden.

#4 -
 Location: Billboard some ways southwest of X-Mansion
 On the back side of the billboard, hack the terminal, then make a connected 
  purple line by turning the arrows down, up, left.

#5 -
 Location: In the center of Washington Heights (the neighborhood south of 
  the X-Mansion)
 Required: Ice/Wind
 You need to rescue four people trapped by fire.  One is on the ground 
  floor on the north side of the building.  Two are on the north wall, and 
  one is on the roof.  Put out the fires near them to rescue them.  You can 
  go through a complicated obstacle course climbing around the walls, but 
  it's so much easier just to fly up and change characters.

#6 -
 Location: Building on the shore southwest of the Raft.
 Required: Electricity
 There are three generators on this building to charge up in order to make 
  a smiley face with a hat on the building.  One generator is on the roof, 
  the second is on the north wall (behind some plants) and the last is down 
  by the waterline under some platforms.  Charge them all up.

#7 -
 Location: Basketball courts in West Harlem (two pinkish rectangles northwest 
  of Central Park)
 Use a Giant to pick up the basketballs and throw one in each hoop.

#8 -
 Location: Near the highway two blocks north of Central Park (just south 
  of a call-in point).
 This is beneath the highway in a blue box on the wall, near some red 
  lights.  Go a bit east to find a big orange button on the ground.  Step on 
  it with a Giant to open the blue box.  You just need to get there 
  quickly (I suggest with a flyer).

#9 -
 Location: Just northeast of the Bifrost mission.

 Required: Sandman
 In the construction site is a brick, but it's beneath some unbreakable 
  glass.  Go southeast to a small pit to find a dig spot.  Use Claws to 
  dig it up, then use Sandman to travel to the brick.

#10 -
 Location: A parking garage northeast of Central Park
 On the roof of the garage are seven red cars that need to be smashed, and 
  you have a limited time to get them all.  I suggest starting at the ramp 
  leading down and smashing the two there, then using projectiles (like 
  missiles) on the other five from long range.

#11 -
 Location: Under the parking garage northeast of Central Park (the brick 
  appears to be to the east of the garage)
 Inside the garage is a bottom level.  You'll need to shut down the lasers 
  blocking your path.  Go up two levels (just below the roof) to find a 
  Shield Switch which will shut down the lasers.  Now, smash the yellow 
  dumpster.  There's no need to fight the Octobots.

#12 -
 Location: Building northeast of the "Rapturous Rise" starting point.
 Required: Heat Beam, Claws
 Use heat on the gold garage door, then smash the boxes to uncover a Claw 
  Switch.  The brick will appear on the roof.

#13 -
 Location: The block north of the northeast corner of Central Park.
 On the roof of the marked building is a booth that needs Invisibility to 
  pass.  You can either fly up and switch or bounce up the obstacle course.  
  Either way, throwing the switch opens the store beneath.

#14 -
 Location: Underground southeast of the Bifrost mission.
 Enter the chainlink fenced area on the left to find a vent.  Use Mister 
  Fantastic on the vent, then throw the switch to shut off the laser 

#15 -
 Location: Between buildings northeast of Central Park, west of the skate 
 Between the buildings here are some fans that blow you back.  Use explosives 
  on both fans so you can approach the brick.

#16 -
 Location: Northwest corner of Central Park
 Start at the circular benches southeast of the marker and use Sense to find 
  a dig spot.  Dig it up, then proceed along the stud trail, continually 

#17 -
 Location: Northeast corner of Central Park
 In front of the Reptile House is a fountain.  Smash the four plants that 
  encircle it quickly.

#18 -
 Location: Northwest corner of the Central Park lake (tends to be covered by 
  the "Magnetic Personality" mission icon)
 Commandeer the little boats and fire on the yellow subs.

#19 -
 Location: Building west of the north tip of the Helicarrier, just south 
  of the E-shaped building.
 The brick is behind the glass.  Go around to the west side of the building 
  and uncover the vent, then stretch through it.

#20 -
 Location: Just east of the lake in Central Park
 On the rooftop of this building is a switch.  Pull it, then watch how the 
  windows below light up.  Step on each red switch in front of the windows 
  to light them up in order.  Flying is the simplest way so you don't have 
  to deal with the obstacle course.

#21 -
 Location: In the middle of the C-shaped building west of the lake in Central 
 You need Black Widow for this one.  Flip the switch near the scaffolding, 
  then turn invisible and head for the far corner.  Hop up the wall and 
  across all the poles to reach the brick.

#22 -
 Location: In the middle of Central Park, where the road is.
 On the bridge is a button.  Stand on it and a bunch of panels will pop out 
  of the walls.  Shoot all the panels.

#23 -
 Location: Along the road east of the center of Central Park.
 This is kinda underground.  Instead of going straight east from the park.  
  Fly up and over the building, as it's behind a gate on the east side.  
  Using Thor, throw Mjolnir at the two cracked walls, then charge up the 
  generator at the top.

#24 -
 Location: One block west of the circus tent.
 This is inside the greenhouse.  Go to the nearby pond and melt the ice 
  covering the vent, then go through the vent as Reed.

#25 -
 Location: On the Helicarrier, near the northwest jump-off point.
 Hop into the guns in the northwest and fire at all the drones that appear 
  in the distance.

#26 - 
 Location: On the city block east of the circus tent.
 Required: Telekinesis
 On the side of this building is a dirty wall and a brush.  Use TK to move 
  the brush to get all the dirty spots.

#27 -
 Location: On a building west of the middle of the Helicarrier.
 Near the marker for this is a dirt pile.  Dig it up to uncover a stud 
  trail.  Follow it to the next dirt pile, in between two picnic tables.  
  The third is further north.  The trail might seem to run out, but 
  continue to the northwest to find a circle plot of land.  Sense in the 
  middle of that to make a stud arrow that points directly to a spot on 
  the flower bed strip to the east.  Sense there and dig up to be led back 
  south and west to a yellow dumpster.  Sense and dig to get the brick.

#28 -
 Location: In the center of the Helicarrier
 Hop into the missile launchers on the east end and fire at the drones 
  that appear in the distance.

#29 -
 Location: At the west shore, directly west from the circus tent.
 In the midst of all the shipping crates are some smaller crates marked 
  with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo.  Smash them with a giant character, then use 
  Sense in the empty space.

#30 -
 Location: The large building northwest of Fogwell's Gym
 This is actually underneath in the small underpass walkway.  Pull off the 
  green handles, then head down into the underground.  Smash all the 

#31 -
 Location: In Central Park, just southeast of the circus tent.
 Surrounding a monument are two gold and two silver statues.  Blast and 
  melt them completely (down to their bases) to get the brick.

#32 -
 Location: On the Helicarrier, near the southwest propeller
 Required: Electricity
 You need to dislodge all the stuff from the propeller (which includes some 
  gold items and charge up the generator to get it going again).

#33 -
 Location: On the G-shaped building two blocks east of the Baxter Building.
 Required: Ant-Man
 Shrink down on the roof of this building at the south end, then wind your 
  way through the passages to the buttons so you can open the chests above 
  them.  One will have the brick in it.

#34 -
 Location: The mid-south portion of Central Park
 Required: Ant-Man
 Shrink down and enter the passage from the east end.  Push both buttons to 
  open the way to the west end.

#35 -
 Location: On the train tracks southwest of Fogwell's Gym
 Required: Ice/Wind
  Put out all ten fires in the immediate area beneath the tracks.

#36 -
 Location: Directly west of Columbus Circle (southwest corner of Central Park)
 Fly up to the top of the twin buildings.  Melt the gold fans and blast the 
  silver fans, then step on all four buttons underneath them.

#37 -
 Location: West of Queensboro Bridge (not on it)
 Go underneath the bridge to find a small park with RC hammer cars.  Take 
  one and bash all the enemy cars.

#38 -
 Location: On Queensboro Bridge
 Required: Ice
 There are four people that need to be rescued from burning cars.  One is 
  hanging in the gantry above.  Another is in the middle of the bridge.  
  The third is on the south edge (hooks to be pulled) and the last is under 
  a purple car that needs to be smashed.

#39 -
 Location: East of the "Taking Liberties" mission
 Required: Magnetism
 Beneath the bridge to the south is a store with a generator outside.  
  Charge it to open it up, then use Magnetism on the blue switch handle.

#40 -
 Location: Southwest of Queensboro Bridge
 This is on top of the building, and is a foot race (but not a normal Race).  
  You need to follow the rope sliding path down and around the buildings.  
  The ropes are kinda slow, though, so you may want to consider flying in 
  those sections.

#41 -
 Location: Northwest of Stark Tower, northeast of Oscorp, south of Central 
 On top of this building is a camera and a greenhouse.  Turn invisble to 
  sneak past the camera, and throw the switch.  The brick will appear in 
  front of the neon face below.

#42 -
 Location: Just northwest of Marvel Comics HQ
 There are ten statues around the HQ, some silver, some gold.  There are 
  three behind a glass door that you need to use Mister Fantastic on a vent 
  to get into.  A bunch are on the south side of the building, as well.

#43 -
 Location: Southeast of Oscorp, west of Marvel Comics HQ
 In Times Square is a pedestal with a gold statue.  Melt all three parts of 

#44 -
 Location: Northeast of the Roxxon plant at the train tracks.
 Required: Electricity
 Beneath the tracks is a coffee shop with a sealed gate.  Charge both 
  generators next to the gate.

#45 -
 Location: Just south of Oscorp
 Required: Heat Beam
 Melt the gold lock on the gate to the store.

#46 -
 Location: Southwest of Grand Central Station
 On top of the building are several buttons that need a Giant character to 
  step on them.  Before you start the timed mission, punch the cracked wall 
  and pull the green handles off the other wall to prepare.  Stand on them 
  all to make the brick appear.

#47 -
 Location: Buildings southeast of the Roxxon Plant
 I believe this only appears once you do the van-chasing mission south of 
  the bank.  Anyway, this brick can only be taken with a character like 
  Black Widow.  Head southeast from the brick itself until you find a 
  switch on a roof, then run the course to reach it.

#48 -
 Location: East of the Daily Bugle
 On top of the skyscraper are several terminals for hacking.  The right 
  hand one is a game of Memory.  The middle one requires making one solid 
  purple line, and the left one requires shutting off the power.

#49 -
 Location: West of the Daily Bugle
 Required: Telekinesis
 On top of the building is a small maze that you need to push boxes through 
  using TK.

#50 -
 Location: South of the Daily Bugle
 Required: Heat Beam, Venom
 On top of this building, use a Heat Beam at the south end to cut a shape, 
  then use Venom to crawl through the symbiote muck.

#51 -
 Location: Northwest of Brooklyn Bridge
 This is underground, and it's easiest to get to via a subway tunnel just 
  to the northwest of the marker.  Inside is an RC hammer car course.  
  Smash all the other cars to win.

#52 -
 Location: Park at the south end of Manhattan
 This is at the large concrete circle.  Step into the light to fight a 
  Sentinel.  Blast the silver covering on its chest, then melt the gold 
  covering, then throw a rock or Mjolnir at the cracks on the chest to 
  finish it.

#53 -
 Location: At the base of Liberty Island
 Required: Ant-Man
 Flip the switch at the base of this maze, then send Ant-Man in to push 
  the button on the right, then push the button in the center, then flip 
  the bigger switch on the left, then enter and grab the brick.

7E. Question Marks =

These are the question marks dotted around Manhattan.  This list ONLY 
covers those that are standalones, not part of a mission set (which 
are all in 7G).  For these you'll speak to a person, then have to do 
something for them, such as get them an item, or a person, or fight some 
bad guys.

These are all ordered from north to south, and all these ones specifically 
give you a Gold Brick.


#1 - 
 Location: Medical Lab in the Helicarrier, in the very back of the long 
 A nurse here needs you to find a cast.  Head down to the hangar (opposite 
  end of the Helicarrier) and follow the trail to a box with the cast inside 

#2 -
 Location: East side of the Helicarrier Hangar (left from where the camera 
  is pointing)
 The mechanic wants you to find his wrench.  It's in the same room, to 
  the right, on top of a tarp-covered crate.

#3 -
 Location: Center of the Helicarrier Hangar (just down the stairs)
 The mechanic wants you to fight a bunch of snakes on a Helicarrier.  They 
  spawn in just as you finish speaking.
#4 -
 Location: The long hallway to the left of the Command Center.
 The soldier needs you to find a Captain America card.  It's over in the 
  Detention Center.

#5 - 
 Location: Helicarrier Lab, the room off to the left of the main path in 
  the Helicarrier.
 Use Telekinesis to move the sponge and clean the Deadpool signs off the 

#6 - 
 Location: Just west of the X-Mansion
 There's a lady here who wants her dog's squeak toy.  You need Claws for 
  this one, so dig up nearby, then follow the trail to the next dig 
  spot.  Continue this way around the mansion (try to avoid the Sentinel) 
  and you'll eventually reach the toy.

#7 -
 Location: On the Raft, eastern part.
 This is on top of the helipad.  Use Telekinesis to turn the parts of the 
  "H" the proper way around.

#8 -
 Location: On the shore south of the Raft.
 There's a large tire pile here, but Pyro keeps burning them.  Use Ice or 
  Wind powers to put out the fires and beat up Pyro.

#9 -
 Location: Raft Ferry Port
 The ferry captain wants you to demolish the boats out in the water.  
  Using a flying character with seeking projectiles, such as Iron Man, 
  will probably make this go faster.

#10 -
 Location: Just north of the "Bifrosty Reception" mission.
 Speak to the Asgardian on the rooftop then follow the prompt to the clothing 
  store.  Power up the generator to the left of the gate, then the second on 
  up on the roof to the right of the gate.  Take the hat inside.

#11 -
 Location: Northeast of Reptile House
 You need to escort this egg-carrying man to the Empire State University.  
  Watch out for thugs along the way.

#12 -
 Location: West of the northwest corner of Central Park
 You need to use Telekinesis to create balance beams for this lady.  Hold 
  the beams in place while she crosses, and don't let go until she stops 
  moving.  You need to do this four times to finish.

#13 -
 Location: Two blocks east of the Reptile House
 You need to help a lady re-enter her house.  First thing to do is make a 
  path for her.  Use Claw Switches, Sense, and hooks to pull out a path, 
  as well as a switch on the roof, then Mind Control the girl and send her 

#14 -
 Location: The west end of the E-shaped building east of Central Park
 This young lady is looking for her classmate.  Go to the Reptile House and 
  find the dark-skinned girl with the bun hair and escort her back to the 

#15 -
 Location: The east end of the E-shaped building east of Central Park
 Follow the guy and fight some bad guys.

#16 -
 Location: Southwest corner of the lake in Central Park
 Charge up the generator

#17 -
 Location: Building just west of Helicarrier's northwest propeller.
 You need to get an old lady's handbag.  Chase after the very obvious 
  hoodlum and punch him up to get it back.

#18 -
 Location: Near the Helicarrier's northeast propeller.
 Head to the south part of the Helicarrier and underneath it.  This is 
  stuck in one of the vents on the underside.  You'll need Telekinesis to 
  pull it out.

#19 -
 Location: Northwest of Fogwell's Gym
 Head down to Little Italy and nick the Pizza Van and drive it back to the 
  indicated spot.

#20 -
 Location: Near the Helicarrier's southeast propeller.
 Head to the northwest propeller until you find sparklies for a Sense 
  prompt.  Use it to find the guy, then bring him back to the other guy.

#21 -
 Location: Southeast corner of Central Park
 Go into the and area and take out all the Sandman Goons.

#22 -
 Location: Pier west of Oscorp
 This is a stage setup.  Go up to the light tower and shine the spotlight 
  on the dancer throughout her entire routine.

#23 -
 Location: Building northwest of Stark Tower
 The lady here wants you to find her son.  Follow the marker to a "groceries" 
  store and the kid will be in front of it.  Tap Circle to get him to 
  follow you and lead him back to his mom.

#24 -
 Location: In Times Square, north end.
 The hard hat guys asks you to find his shovel.  Follow the trail of studs 
  underground until you find some webs on the walls.  Smash one to find the 
  shovel and bring it back.

#25 -
 Location: East side of Grand Central Station
 Use Mind Control to direct the people into the queue marked along the wall.

#26 -
 Location: Two blocks east of Grand Central Station, the FEAST building
 This guy wants you to get a carrot.  Head to the marked spot to find some 
  thugs, including one in green clothes who will run off.  

#27 -
 Location: South side of Grand Central Station (obscured by the mission 
  marker on the map)
 Head down to the underground and blast the Symbiote Scientists.

#28 -
 Location: East across the water from the Roxxon Plant.
 Help this old lady across the street.  Simply clear a path for her and 
  she'll be pretty much fine on her own.

#29 -
 Location: Two blocks south of Oscorp
 Head to the marked coffee shop.  Above the gate, use Sense and then the 
  Shield Switch.

#30 -
 Location: Southeast part of Manhattan, southeast of Grand Central Station, 
  just south of a Call-In Point
 You need to find a food critic for this guy, who is in Times Square, in the 
  southeast corner, holding a baguette.  Take him back to the restaurant.

#31 -
 Location: Southwest of the Empire State Building
 Use Telekinesis to put the LEGO sign back on the building.  In order, of 

#32 -
 Location: Just south of the Bank
 Smash the four indicated vans.  Easiest to do so with a Heat Beam.

#33 -
 Location: Southwest of the Bank, on the waterline
 Head to Times Square and talk to the lady in front of the big steps.  Lead 
  her back to her husband.

#34 -
 Location: Square pier in the southwest part of Manhattan, directly south of 
  a Call-In Point.
 The fisherman will task you with helping people in the water.  Use 
  Telekinesis to place the life preservers on the flailing civilians.

#35 -
 Location: South end of Manhattan, northwest of a Call-In Point.
 Follow the indicated arrows to the "treasure".  The silver arrows mean you 
  need to go in the opposite direction they're pointing.

7F. Daily Bugle Snapshots =

J. Jonah Jameson needs pictures!  Pictures of New York!  Head down to the 
Daily Bugle to spot a blue icon with a newspaper on it.  Talk to Jameson 
and he'll give you a mission.  You'll need to find the spot he wants a 
picture of and take a picture of it as Peter Parker (Spider-Man transformed).

Not all of the jobs are available at once.  Most will open up as the story 
progresses.  Each one you turn in will net you a Gold Brick.


#1 - Grand Central Station
 Go up to the roof southwest of the station.

#2 - The Raft
 Go to the northeast of the Raft Island to find a floating platform to 
 take the picture from.

#3 - Stark Tower
 Get on a roof just northeast of the Daily Bugle.

#4 - Empire State Building
 Fly to the top of the Baxter Building for this shot.

#5 - Bifrost Marker
 There's a good spot on the roof just south of the marker.

#6 - X-Mansion
 The spot is a decent ways to the south, on top of a store named "Hats and 

#7 - Skate Park
 This is south of the Raft ferry port.

#8 - Statue of Liberty
 The spot is at the south end of Manhattan.

#9 - City Skyline
 The spot for this is waaaay out north over the water.  West of the 

#10 - Central Park
 Go to the north end of the park and on top of a nearby building.

7F. Mission Sets =

Some missions in Manhattan come in groups, mostly of three but sometimes of 
two or even four.  These missions must be completed in order.  They can 
result in Gold Bricks or Tokens.  Typically, these will only appear after 
completing certain story missions.


Black Panther Missions

#1 - Pepper Potts
 Location: Inside the C-shaped building south of Fisk Tower.
 Follow and beat up the bad guys.

#2 - Rescue
 Location: At the plant southwest of Fisk Tower.
 Time to take down a Roxxon plant.  First, fly up to the northeast tank.  
  Magnetize the blue clamps, then throw Cap's shield into the switch.  That's 
  one.  For the other, head down to the water to the south and use the Shield 
  Switch, then hack the terminal and play the Memory game.

#3 - Black Panther
 Location: Just southwest of the Queensboro Bridge.
 You need to find Mr. Tiddles.  Head to the marked spot and follow the cat 
  to some thugs and beat them up.  Follow the cat to another group of thugs, 
  then up onto a roof for a third group.  Now, drop down and tag the cat 
  with Circle so it will follow you back to Black Panther.


Blade Missions

#1 - Pizza Bike
 Location: Southeast part of Manhattan, in Little Italy.  Go west from the 
  marker and down the subway steps.
 This is a race against Blade that goes around southeast Manhattan.  Not 
  too difficult.

#2 - Iron Fist
 Location: The building to the east and slightly north of Stark Tower on 
  the shoreline.
 Beat up all the Frost Giants.
#3 - Blade
 Location: Two blocks north of the Reptile House
 You need to smash the marked four golf carts that show up on your map.  
  It's easiest to do with a Heat Beam.


Captain Britain Missions

#1 - The Britmobile
 Location: Just northeast of the bank in the southwest part of Manhattan.
 Go get Captain Britain's car in the parking garage at the north end of the 
  city and drive it back to CB.

#2 - Psylocke
 Location: Down the road northwest of the bank.  The marker's a little off.  
  He's actually on the east side of the street.
 This is a race around the south end of the island, ending at the Queensboro 

#3 - Captain Britain
 Location: Just southeast of the Empire State Building
 Head down into the subway and beat up some bad guys.

Circus Missions

#1 - Gold Brick
 Location: In front of the Circus Tent
 Go to the marker and find the monkey by knocking it out of the tree, then 
  lead it back to the guy.

#2 - Gold Brick
 Location: North of the Circus Tent
 Go to the marker and bring back the gorilla, giraffe and elephant to the guy 
  by riding them.


Deadpool Missions

These will only pop up once you've purchased Deadpool.

#1 - Deadpool's Scooter
 Location: On Brooklyn Bridge 
 Race Deadpool to the west end of town.

#2 - Deadpool's Helicopter
 Location: Just north of the highway in Washington Heights.  Three blocks 
  north of Central Park.
 Go to the prescribed area and go behind the building there until you spot 
  a pink dumpster.  That's the one that has the Flamingo Blade in it.

#3 - Aunt May
 Location: At the east end of the curved road northeast of the Bifrost.


Drax Missions

You need to be the Story for these to appear.

#1 - Gamora
 Location: Southeast of Oscorp
 Travel to the music shop to the northeast.  Once you get there, go up and 
  to the right from the closed gate and hack the terminal.  Play the Memory 
  game with the symbols to extend the platforms to the switch.

#2 - Gwen Stacy
 Location: South end of Times Square
 Beat up the bad guys that show up.

#3 - Drax
 Location: Top of Marvel Comics HQ
 Yes, he wants a lion.  Go the circus and hop on it like you were on a 
 vehicle.  Ride it south to the Marvel HQ.  To the west of the building are 
 some ramps you can use to climb up to the roof.


Gambit Missions

#1 - Black Bolt
 Location: Just north of the circus.
 Play Gambit's game of "find the ball".  Use TK to lift the correct barrel 
  three times to win.

#2 - Mandarin's Helicopter
 Location: Next to the front door of the X-Mansion.
 Beat up some bad guys.

#3 - Gambit
 Location: South part of Central Park.
 The card Gambit's looking for is at ground level, just south of the 
  monument.  Snatch it up and give it to him.


Ghost Rider Missions

#1 - Spider-Man (F.F.)
 Location: The pier directly west from the circus tent.
 This is a race that leads around the center of Manhattan and through a 
  couple of tight spaces.

#2 - Mister Fantastic (F.F.)
 Location: Between the buildings in Washington Heights, southeast of the 
 Another race, this time around Washington Heights.

#3 - Ghost Rider's Motorcycle
 Location: Waterfront to the east of Grand Central Station and a little bit 
 Last race.  You might want a boost car for this one to get over the jump 
  onto the train tracks near the end of it.


Groot Missions

Like the rest of the GotG, you need to beat the Story for these to appear.  
All of the missions involve smashing little purple bugs that pop out of 
holes in a limited time.

#1 - Flower Car
 Location: North end of Central Park

#2 - Mandarin's Boat
 Location: Park southeast of the bank.

#3 - Groot
 Location: On the road south of the X-Mansion.


Heimdall Missions

#1 - Iron Man (Heroic Age)
 Location: Near the Bifrost.
 Beat up all the Frost Giants that show up.

#2 - Chitauri Chariot
 Location: Northwest of Marvel Comics HQ
 You need to free four people trapped in ice.  This one's kinda tough to 
  find all the people.  The first is pointed out right to you (the northwest 
  part of the block east of Times Square).  The second is in Times Square, 
  just west of the big stairs.  The third is north of Times Square on the 
  west side of the block.  The last is on a roof almost directly north of 
  where Heimdall is standing.

#3 - Heimdall
 Location: Southeast corner of Manhattan, near a pizza place.
 You'll need to find Heimdall's friend, who is up near Oscorp.  Escort 
  him back to the pizza place.


Maria Hill Missions 

These are all on the deck of the Helicarrier.  There's a scaffolding where 
Maria is at the northwest end.

#1 - Go-kart
 This is a race around a projected track above the Helicarrier.  You can't 
  fall off, but you can't make too many mistakes because Maria's pretty good.

#2 - S.H.I.E.L.D. Minicarrier
 This is on the middle of the deck, and is a fight against a bunch of A.I.M. 

#3 - Maria Hill
 Another race.  This one's a little harder.


Old Lady's Cat Missions

#1 - Gold Brick
 Location: Washington Heights, three blocks north of Central Park, in the 
  center neighborhood (west of a Call-In Point)
 You need to find this old lady's cat.  Head to the marked spot to find the 
  cat at ground level.  Lead it back to the old lady.

#2 - Gold Brick
 Location: Just north of Marvel Comics HQ.
 Another cat finding mission.  The cat's to the northeast.  Bring him back 
  to the lady.


Police Officer Missions

These are all "beat up" missions.  After you speak to the cop, you'll have 
to bunch a whole load of bad guys.

#1 - Gold Brick
 Location: Just northwest of the "Rapturous Rise" mission.

#2 - Gold Brick
 Location: Northeast of the "Bifrosty Reception" mission.


Professor X Missions

All of these are located behind the X-Mansion.

#1 - Magneto-mobile
 Use Heat Beam to cut a shape out of the wall.

#2 - Emma Frost
 Use Mind Control to go through the maze to the far right corner.

#3 - Professor X
 Use Telekinesis on the objects to place them in an X formation.


Punisher Missions

These missions are all about blowing up vehicles, to PUNISH the evils of... 

#1 - Punisher's Truck
 Location: West of the Raft Ferry Port.
 Take the truck and blast the marked van.  Use Square to fire missiles or 
  just ram it.

#2 - Punisher's Car
 Location: Two blocks east of Central Park (right near a Race).
 More busting trucks.

#3 - Punisher
 Location: Just east of Fogwell's Gym.
 Yet more truck busting.


Rocket Raccoon Missions

You need to beat the Story Missions for these to appear.

#1 - Garbage Truck
 Location: North of the "Rapturous Rise" mission.
 You'll need to find RR's energy knife.  Go to the spot pointed out on the 
  map.  The dumpster in question is inside some chainlink fence in the 
  northeast part of the block.

#2 - Star-Lord
 Location: West of Central Park, directly east of Fisk Tower.
 Beat up some Frost Giants.

#3 - Rocket Raccoon
 Location: On the island shore directly east of the Empire State Building
 RR wants a picture of a giraffe on top of a building.  Go to Fisk Tower, 
  then switch to Spider-Man and transform into Peter Parker so you can get 
  a shot.


Romantic Couple Missions

#1 - Gold Brick
 Location: The top of the Empire State Building
 The lady up here wants you to get her boyfriend to the top of the ESB.  
  Follow where the camera points and drop down that roof to find the guy, 
  then Mind Control him through the course up the building.  After a while, 
  you'll lose control and will have to reach him again to get him up the 
  rest of the way.

#2 - Gold Brick
 Location: Southwest of Fogwell's Gym
 You now need to talk to the guy and he'll ask you to get him up there.  
  Again, use Mind Control to get him up the course on the wall.


Roxxon Missions

These all take place near the Roxxon Plant in the southwest part of town.

#1 - Gold Brick
 This one's a little involved.  You need to free all four people trapped at 
 the Roxxon plant.  The first person is just inside on the right.  Pull 
 the hook on the big crates to free him, then lead him back to the front.  
 The second and third are each on the left and right sides of the plant, 
 trapped by fire.  Not only do you need to put out the fires, but you 
 also need to clear the path for them to get back to the front, including 
 blasting some silver objects.  The last person is on the back side of the 
 plant, and is a little more difficult, as they're pinned down by laser 
 cannons.  Fly or climb up to the terminal and hack it to turn off one 
 of the lasers, then lead the person back clockwise around the plant.

#2 - Kurse
 Go down the street from the plant and to the halo of light to fight 
 Kurse.  Punch him out with a giant character.

#3 - Gold Brick
 Fly up to the top of the plant and find the terminal to hack.  Adjust 
 all the arrows to open the chest.


Silver Surfer Missions

#1 - Gold Brick
 Location: North end of the Helicarrier
 This is a flight race around the Helicarrier against Surfer.  Make sure 
  you grab a flying character.

#2 - Gold Brick
 Location: South side of the Baxter Building
 For this one to appear, you need to complete a mission bringing a food 
  critic to a restaurant.  In this, you need to escort Surfer to that same 
  restaurant.  He won't have his board for some reason, so you'll have to 
  hoof it and make sure he follows.  On the way, you'll have to fight 
  thugs, so stay sharp.

#3 - Silver Surfer
 Location: Two blocks north of the Reptile House
 Go to the marker to find a guy in a yellow shirt with the cosmic brick.  
  Chase him down and beat him up to make him drop it.

Taxi Missions

#1 - Gold Brick
 Location: Washington Heights, southeast of the Avengers' Mansion.
 Find a Taxi and pick up the passenger, then drive to Grand Central.

#2 - Cyclops (Astonishing)
 Location: South end of Manhattan, just west of the Brooklyn Bridge.
 Taxi this person to Marvel Comics HQ.
#3 - Electro (Ultimate)
 Location: Just west of Oscorp
 Taxi this person to the skate park.

#4 - Captain America's Bike
 Location: South of the Bifrost
 Taxi this person to the Empire State Building.


Toad Missions

These all require you to bounce through rings on the lilypads.  They're 
basically races in that regard.

#1 - Gold Brick
 Location: North end of Manhattan, to the east of the beach.

#2 - Wolverine's Motorcycle
 Location: West end of Manhattan, west of Fisk Tower.

#3 - Toad
 Location: South end of Liberty Island

7G. Bonus Level: The Brick Apple =

This mission is available after completing the story, at the base of the 
Statue of Liberty, marked by a shawarma icon.

Like in past LEGO games, the objective is to score 1 million studs in this 
area, and there are tons of ways to get them.  Smash things, build things, 
manipulate things.  Walk over seeds to make them grow into flowers, etc.

This one's pretty easy to hit the cap on, so I won't give a step-by-step 
walkthough through it.  Just run around and have some fun with Galactus and 
Doom wrecking the place.  You can e-mail me if you *really* need help, but 
it's more fun if you do it yourself.

That said, don't bother with the three piece Empire State Building.  It's a 
pain in the BUTT to get together properly and you can finish without it.

Available for Purchase: Captain America (Classic), Union Jack


There are well over 100 characters and vehicles in this game.  Some of them 
you'll get by playing through the story, but a vast majority are picked up 
doing side missions trawling around Manhattan.

At any time in Manhattan you can switch characters by holding down Triangle 
to bring up the list of characters and selecting the one you want.  You can 
also use this menu to purchase character you've unlocked (marked by a black 
silhouette instead of a question mark).

The vehicle menus can only be accessed at Vehicle Call-In Points scattered 
around the city, and even then there's only one type of vehicle per Call-In 
Point.  Also, all vehicles can only be earned by findin tokens in Manhattan, 
either by picking them up, or by earning them from missions, so I didn't 
specify in that section.

8A. Main Characters =

Iron Man

Iron Man (Heroic Age) - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 200,000
Iron Man (Heartbreaker) - Character Token in "House Party Protocol"
 Cost: 150,000
Iron Man (Mark 1) - After Mission 5
Iron Man (Mark 6) - After Mission 1	
Iron Man (Mark 7) - After "House Party Protocol"
 Cost: 150,000
Iron Man (Mark 42) - After Mission 5
Tony Stark - After Mission 5
Tony Stark (Underwear) - After Mission 4

Billionaire playboy industrialist Tony Stark was in the Middle East when 
he was captured by terrorists.  An injury forced him to use an electromagnet 
to keep shrapnel from entering his heart.  He used this technical know-how 
to construct a suit of armor powered the reactor in his chest that doubles 
as his lifesaver.  After returning to civilization, he adopted the identity 
of Iron Man, and he continually builds new suits to upgrade his performance.

The numbered Iron Man armors are all pulled from the films.  The Mark 1 is 
the first armor that he used to break out of his captivity.  Mark 6 was the 
armor he wore at the beginning of The Avengers film, and the Mark 7 is the 
armor he changed to for the end of the film.  Mark 42 is the armor Tony wears 
for most of the Iron Man 3 film.  As for the other two, the Heroic Age armor 
is the armor Tony wore through much of the 2010 Heroic Age series of comics, 
while the Heartbreaker armor is one of the many armors used at the end of 
Iron Man 3.  It is specifically Mark 17.

Hacking (All variations of Tony)
Flight (All armors EXCEPT Mark 1)
Projectiles (All armors) - Tap Square to fire pulse blasts from the 
 Repulsors which act as projectiles.  The Mark 1 has a red flame-like 
 variant, but does the same thing.
Explosives (All armors EXCEPT Heroic Age) - Tap Circle or target with Square 
 to fire missiles that can destroy silver objects.
Unibeam (Heroic Age, Mark 1, Mark 6, Mark 7) - Hold down Circle to charge up 
 a shot from Tony's chest blaster.  It's a standard attack type.
Heat Beam (Heartbreaker, Mark 42) - Hold down Circle to fire a heat ray that 
 has flame abilities.


Hulk - After Mission 1

Robert Bruce Banner is one of the world's foremost minds on the subject of 
gamma radiation.  An accident during a gamma bomb test resulted him being 
severely irradiated with gamma, resulting in him transforming to the massive 
engine of destruction known as the Hulk whenever he gets angry.



Spider-Man - After Mission 1
Spider-Man (F.F.) - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Peter Parker was a brilliant, yet wimpy, high school student when he was 
bit by a genetically enhanced spider that transferred on him spider powers, 
such as the ability to cling to walls and shoot webs from his wrists (or 
maybe he made the web shooters himself, it depends on the fiction).  After 
losing his Uncle Ben to a mugger that he could have previously stopped, 
Peter used his powers to protect New York as Spider-Man.

The alternate costume for Spidey is his white costume for the Future 
Foundation (see Mister Fantastic for more info).

Transform - Can change back to Peter Parker
Camera - In Peter Parker form.  Used during Daily Bugle missions.


Captain America - After Mission 1
Captain America (Classic) - After "The Brick Apple" Bonus Mission
 Cost: 150,000

Steve Rogers was a frail young man during the 1940s who wanted to enlist in 
the military.  After being rejected, he became part of a Super Soldier 
program, where through serum and radiation he became a perfect human specimen, 
although he never lost his sense of right and wrong.  He adopted the persona 
of Captain America in order to perform special missions for the allies during 
World War II.  During a mission, he was lost in the Arctic and frozen in 
suspended animation, until he was thawed in modern times.

Shield - A projectile that also activates special Shield Switches.


Mister Fantastic - After Mission 1
Mister Fantastic (F.F.) - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Reed Richards was on a space mission with Ben Grimm, and Sue and Johnny Storm 
when their ship was assaulted by cosmic rays which gave them different super 
powers.  Richards was given the ability to stretch his body into many varied 
forms.  Combining these abilities with a brilliant mind, Richards founded the 
Fantastic Four with his partners, operating out of the Baxter Building in 
New York.

Reed's alternate costume is his Future Foundation white costume.  The Future 
Foundation was an organziation of brilliant minds Reed assembled to help 
solve the world's problems.  Several super heroes were also brought in on the 
team.  Most of the members adopted white uniforms.



Hawkeye - After Mission 2

Clint Barton is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a member of the Avengers.  He 
is a master archer who wields a considerable array of arrows.  He frequently 
works with Black Widow on missions.

Projectiles - Via his arrows
Rope - Shooting arrows at certain spots create ropes that can be climbed or 
 used to pull down a single handle.
Pole Arrow - Shooting arrows at holes on the wall allow characters to traverse 
Explosives - Aiming at silver objects fires explosive arrows.


Black Widow - After Mission 2

Natasha Romanoff was a Russian spy who defected to the United States and 
became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.  She has many espionage talents and is an 
excellent markswoman and acrobat.

Projectiles - Via her dual pistols


Wolverine - After Mission 4
Wolverine (Cowl) - Character Token in "Put Up Your Dukes"
 Cost: 150,000

James "Logan" Howlett is a mutant with animal-like senses, great physical 
prowess, and most notably, the ability to regenerate from any injury.  He 
was captured and forced into the "Weapon X" project, which coated his skeleton 
with the invulnerable metal adamantium and gave him retractable claws.  After 
a life of wandering and mercenary work, he joined the X-Men, often serving 
as a field commander.



Human Torch - After Mission 6

Johnny Storm was on the space flight with Reed Richards.  The cosmic ray 
storm gave him the ability to wreath his body in flame and fly.  He is also 
able to fire flame from his hands.  True to his powers, he is typically the 
brash hot-headed one in the Fantastic Four.

Projectiles - Individual fire blasts
Heat Beam


Thor - After Mission 7
Thor (Classic) - Character Token in "Bro-tunheim"
 Cost: 200,000

Thor Odinson is a resident of Asgard, a realm beyond our reality.  The son 
of the Allfather Odin, Thor was a mighty warrior in Asgard and would have 
been king, but his father wanted to teach him humility and stripped him of 
his powers, as well as his hammer Mjolnir, and sent him to Earth.  There he 
lived as a normal man until he was considered ready to serve both Earth and 
Asgard as the Mighty Thor.

Projectiles - Lightning blasts if charged
Electricity - Power must be charged
Super Weapon


Cyclops - After Mission 7
Cyclops (Astonishing) - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Scott Summers is a mutant born with the ability to pour concussive energy 
from his eyes.  Only by wearing lenses of ruby quartz is he able to contain 
his powers.  He was enlisted by Charles Xavier as one of the first X-Men, 
where he serves as deputy leader.

The other costume is Cyclops with a hood on instead of open hair, like he 
wore during the "Astonishing X-Men" comic run.

Heat Beam


Jean Grey - After Mission 7
Phoenix - After "Put Up Your Dukes"
 Cost: 200,000

Jean Grey is a telepath and telekinetic mutant.  She is one of the original 
members of the X-Men and is romantically involved with Cyclops (their 
relationship is REALLY complicated).  She also is a bearer of the Phoenix 
Force, an entity that gives her amazing powers.

Float (as Jean)
Mind Control
Flight (as Phoenix)
Heat Beam (as Phoenix)


Storm - After Mission 8

Ororo Monroe is a mutant that can manipulate the weather.  She is descended 
from an ancient line of African priestesses, all who have the same power.  
She is a member of the X-Men and has also served as the group's leader.  
She is also the queen of the African nation of Wakanda, her husband being 
Black Panther.

Projectiles - Wind blasts
Electricity - Power must be charged


Beast - After Mission 8

Hank McCoy is not only a mutant with incredible agility and strength, but 
also a brilliant mind and is considered one of the world's experts on 
mutations and evolutionary human biology.  He is one of the founding members 
of the X-Men and often serves the team in an advisory role.



Iceman - After Mission 8

Bobby Drake is a mutant who discovered his powers to manipulate ice at an 
early age.  This ostracized him among his friends and he soon joined the 
Xavier Institute where he eventually became one of the X-Men.



Invisible Woman - After Mission 8
Invisible Woman (F.F.) - Character Token in "Stranger Danger"
 Cost: 200,000

Sue Storm is a member of the Fantastic Four and Reed Richard's wife.  The 
space accident that created the team gave her the ability to bend psychic 
barriers to make herself invisible and create force fields of her own.  She 
is also an extremely capable fighter.

Sue's alternate costume is her white outfit from the Future Foundation.



Thing - After Mission 9
Thing (F.F.) - Character Token in "Reptilian Ruckus"
 Cost: 250,000

Ben Grimm is a member of the Fantastic Four and an old college friend of 
Reed Richards'.  He was the pilot of the spacecraft that resulted in the 
accident.  His body expanded and became a rock-like substance, which gave 
him super strength.



Nick Fury - After Mission 9

Fury is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.  He deploys S.H.I.E.L.D.'s agents to 
the various parts of the world where villains threaten.  He also commands the 
Avengers in this universe.  Beyond that, he's also an expert agent on his own.

Projectiles - A pistol

8B. Other Characters =

Maria Hill - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

A high-ranking officer in S.H.I.E.L.D., Hill serves as Fury's second-in-
command, and in this game, she relays information to the heroes before they 
begin their missions.

Projectiles - A pistol


Agent Coulson - After "Tabloid Tidy Up"

Phil Coulson is a high-ranking agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a team leader.  He 
serves as mission control for the heroes and is ready to dispense advice on 
how to best use their abilities and where to go next.

Projectiles - The Destroyer cannon.  Also serves as explosive.


Abomination - After Mission 4
 Cost: 250,000

Emil Blonsky was a spy for the KGB and gained powers similar to the Hulk 
after exposure to gamma radiation.  His transformation is different from the 
Hulk in two key ways.  For one, he maintains control of his mental faculties.  
The other difference is that he cannot change back like the Hulk can.



Absorbing Man - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Carl Creel was a common criminal until tricked into taking a potion by Loki.  
He was sent to fight Thor with his new powers allowing him to absorb anything 
he touched, becoming that material, such as stone, iron, or even absorbing 
certain powers such as Thor's hammer or the Hulk's strength.



A.I.M. Agent - After Mission 10
 Cost: 250,000

A.I.M. is an organization of scientists who desire to control the world 
through their technological advancements.  They are responsible for the 
creation of M.O.D.O.K., who then became their leader.

Projectile - A pistol


Aldrich Killian - After Mission 5
 Cost: 150,000

This one's a little interesting.  In the comics, Killian was the scientist 
who created the Extremis virus, but he died soon after.  This particular 
Aldrich Killian is more based on the entrepeneur from the film Iron Man 3, 
who not only discovered but also used Extremis on himself, gaining heat 
and explosive based powers.

Projectiles - Blasts of fire
Heat Beam


Ant-Man - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Hank Pym is a brilliant scientist who discovered the means by which to 
manipluate subatomic particles through magnets.  He used these abilities 
to shrink himself and became Ant-Man, a member of the Avengers, using his 
talents and powers to fit in tight spaces.



Archangel - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Warren Worthington III is a mutant with feathered wings that sprouted from 
his back.  He fought crime as a super hero for a time until he lost his 
wings.  The villain Apocalypse gave him metallic wings and brainwashed him 
to become one of his Horsemen, but he overcame it.

Projectiles - Feathers


Arnim Zola - After Mission 6
 Cost: 200,000

Zola is a brilliant scientist who served the Third Reich in World War II.  
As a result of his research, he created android bodies that allowed him 
to stay alive after his death.  His androids are powerful, and all have an 
image of his face on their chest.

Projectiles - Laser Beam (NOT a Heat Beam)


Aunt May - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

May Reilly-Parker is Peter Parker's aunt, who took custody of him after 
the death of his parents.  She serves as one of his moral centers in his 
life as Spider-Man.



Beetle - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Abner Jenkins is a gifted mechanic who turned to a life of crime after 
devising an armored suit for himself.  He's a foe of the Fantastic Four 
and Spider-Man.

Projectiles - Repulsor Blasts
Heat Beam
Explosives - Missiles


Black Bolt - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Blackagar Boltagon (no, seriously) was born to geneticists on the island 
of Attilan.  He was given powers at birth that unleash great destructive 
energy through the use of his voice.

Projectiles - Voice Blast
Voice Beam - Hold Circle to charge up


Black Cat - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Felicia Hardy is a former burglar who now works as an adventurer and 
friend of Spider-Man.  She is a talented acrobat and gymnast who uses some 
high tech gadgets to help her crime fighting.

Single Rope


Black Panther - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

T'Challa is a scientist and the current ruler of Wakanda.  He is also 
Storm's husband.  He is a skilled fighter, hunter, and planner, and he 
has enhanced senses through herbal medicine.



Blade - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Also known as the "Daywalker", Eric Brooks was born a half vampire.  He has 
all of their strengths, but none of their weaknesses.  He is also a master 
martial artist, and is particularly good with swords.

Super Weapon


Blob - After "Put Up Your Dukes"
 Cost: 250,000

Fred Dukes is a mutant who is typically a member of Magneto's Brotherhood 
of Mutants.  Quite simply, nothing moves the Blob.  As long as he plants 
his feet, the Blob cannot be affected by force.



Bullseye - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Lester is a mercenary about which little is known.  He is best known as a 
villain to Daredevil, and his abilities are centered around being an 
astonishingly accomplished marksman, capable of turning even the most 
mundane of objects into deadly weapons.

Projectiles - Cards, special card throw if you press Circle


Captain Britain - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Brian Braddock was destined for greatness by Merlin himself.  He became 
Captain Britain after choosing an amulet over a sword, giving him its 
protection.  He has superhuman strength and can fly.

Projectiles - Energy Blasts


Carnage - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Cletus Kasady was your typical serial killer until he came into contact 
with the Venom symbiote.  It entered his bloodstream, transforming him into 
the being known as Carnage, a rabid super villain with powers similar to 
Spider-Man and Venom.



Colossus - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Piotr Rasputin is a mutant from Russia.  His powers involve him being able 
to encase his body in a metallic substance that gives him super strength 
and durability.  He is a steadfast member of the X-Men.



Curt Connors - After "Reptilian Ruckus"
 Cost: 200,000

Dr. Curt Connors was a surgeon who lost his right arm through a tragic 
series of events.  He made it his work to study the idea of reptilian 
regeneration.  Although his results regrew his arm, it also transformed him 
into a reptilian monster.  As the Lizard, Connors is typically a foe of 



Damage Control - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Housed at the Flatiron Bulding in Manhattan, Damage Control is an 
engineering and construction firm that works to rebuild cities that are 
invariably destroyed as a result of superhumans battling each other.  With 
all the heroes and villains roaming the city, these guys will never be out of 



Daredevil - After "Feeling Fisky"

Matt Murdock was a lawyer who lost his sight when saving someone from a 
speeding truck carrying radioactive cargo.  Contact with the cargo blinded 
him, but heightened all his other senses.  He now roams the streets as 
Daredevil, a capable fighter and protector against those the law cannot 

Super Weapon


Deadpool - After purchasing all the Red Bricks

The Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson was a mercenary with a terminal illness.  
He was put into the Weapon X program to heal him and was given a version of 
Wolverine's healing factor.  In addition to making him regenerate from any 
damage, it also appeared to make him insane, to the point where he is aware 
he is in a fictional work.  Deadpool has knowledge of many forms of martial 
arts and uses a vast array of weaponry in his work.

Projectiles - Two guns


Destroyer (Minifig) - After Mission 7
 Cost: 250,000

The Destroyer is an Asgardian construct designed to battle gods.  It is 
nearly invulnerable and possesses fantastic weaponry.  It was commandeered 
by Loki in order to kill his half-brother Thor.

Projectiles - Fire balls
Heat Beam


Doctor Doom - After Mission 14

The dictator of the Eastern European nation of Latveria, Victor von Doom knew 
Reed Richards in his early years and developed an envy of his rival's natural 
abilities.  His jealousy and drive resulted in an accident that disfigured 
his face, for which he wears a mask.  After fleeing to his country in shame, 
he rose as Doctor Doom, a dictator with incredible technological and 
mystical powers.

Projectiles - Electric Shots


Doctor Octopus - After Mission 2
Doctor Octopus (Ultimate) - Character Token in "Tabloid Tidy Up"
 Cost: 150,000

Otto Octavius is a genius scientist who, through an accident, had a 
tentacled harness grafted onto his body.  He developed telepathic abilities 
that allowed him to control this harness with his mind and became the villain 
Doctor Octopus, one of Spider-Man's most constant villains.

Otto's alternate costume is his appearance in the Ultimate universe, more 
subdued and similar to his appearance in the Spider-Man 2 film.

Double Rope - Otto's tentacles serve as a means to grab two handles at once, 
 similar to a web-slinger.


Doctor Strange - After "Stranger Danger"
 Cost: 150,000

Stephen Strange was a surgeon before destiny caused him to become the 
Sorcerer Supreme.  His knowledge of the mystical arts is dizzying, and he 
is considered one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence.  He constantly 
protects Earth from those of a more magical nature, particulary those from 
other dimensions.

Projectiles - Magical blasts
Heat Beam
Vents, Symbiote - Through Teleportation magic


Doombot - After Mission 9
 Cost: 250,000

A master of robotics and a master strategist, Doctor Doom always prefers to 
be one step ahead of his foes.  He maintains a stable of robotic minions to 
do his bidding and typically replaces himself with a Doombot.  Heroes who 
believe they've captured Doom are stymied to find that they've only caught 
yet another Doombot.

Projectiles - Blaster pistol


Doombot (V-Series) - After Mission 14
 Cost: 175,000

This is a more bulky version of the Doombot, built for heavy combat and 
fighting more powerful super heroes.



Dormammu - After "Stranger Danger"
 Cost: 250,000

The dread Dormammu is an ancient being from the Faltine Dimension.  His 
desire for power brought untold amounts of mystical energy into him, and 
by raw power, he is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, 
although he may not always use it to its full potential.  He is a villain 
to Doctor Strange.

Projectiles - Fire balls
Heat Beam


Drax - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Art Douglas was a saxophonist until he died at the hands of Thanos.  He was 
resurrected as a superhuman designed to defeat Thanos.  He later became a 
member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  He has the power of flight, super 
strength, invulnerability, and can shoot cosmic energy from his arms.  He 
basically won the super power lottery.

Projectiles - His sai


Electro - After "A Shock Withdrawal"
 Cost: 150,000
Electro (Ultimate)
 Cost: 150,000

Maxwell Dillon was an electrician when he was struck by lightning.  As tends 
to happen in these situations, he got super powers related to electricity.  
He became a villain of Spider-Man and a banner member of the Sinister Six.

Flight - On a glider


Elektra - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Elektra Natchios is an adventurer and assassin.  She is a contemporary 
of Daredevil and their relationship is often complicated.  She has incredible 
acrobatic skills and is especially good with her twin sai.

Projectiles - Her sai


Emma Frost - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Also known as "The White Queen", Emma has served both with Magneto's 
Brotherhood of Mutants and with the X-Men.  She has mutant abilites of 
telepathy and the ability to fire psionic blasts.  She also recently gained 
the ability to turn her skin into a hard diamond-like substance.

Diamond Skin - Tap Circle


Frost Giant - After Mission 7
 Cost: 250,000

Also known as Etins, the giants of Jotunheim are large beings who are 
opposed to Asgard.  Odin and Thor regularly battle against them, and it 
comes to light that Loki himself had a father who was a Frost Giant.  They're 
incredibly strong and considered a match for the powerful Asgardians.

Projectiles - Ice Blasts


Galactus - After Mission 15

The cosmic entity Galactus was once known as Galan, the sole survivor of 
the universe before the Big Bang.  He was caught in cosmic energy and 
became a near-omnipotent being.  He roams the universe simply looking for 
sustenance, and eats planets to sustain himself.

Power Cosmic
Mind Control


Gambit - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Remy LeBeau is a mutant and a member of the X-Men.  His power consists of 
being able to convert an object's potential energy into kinetic energy 
(which is not how science works, but oh well).  He can then use the charged 
object as a weapon, where it will explode on contact with something.  He 
typically does this to playing cards.  He's also a highly skilled fighter 
with a staff.

Explosives - Kinetic cards


Gamora - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Gamora is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and a former minion of 
Thanos.  While she has no latent powers, she's an accomplished combatant 
and wields the dagger Godslayer.

Super Weapon


Ghost Rider - After "Stunt Show Surprise"
 Cost: 150,000

Johnny Blaze was a stunt motorcycle rider who entered a deal with the 
Devil to save the life of his mentor.  He became the flaming-skulled Spirit 
of Vengeance and an anti-hero fighting evil.  His powers center around 
control of mystical Hellfire.

Double Rope
Projectiles - Flaming skulls
Heat Beam


Green Goblin - After Mission 9

This particular Green Goblin is Norman Osborn, industrialist and CEO of 
Oscorp.  He adopted the identity of the Goblin after an accident in his labs 
that gave him superhuman powers, but cost him his sanity.  He typically uses 
bombs that look like pumpkins and rides around on a glider.  He is a bitter 
enemy of Spider-Man.

Flight - Via glider
Explosives - Pumpkin Bombs


Green Goblin (Ultimate) - Character Token in "The Thrill of the Chess"
 Cost: 175,000

The Ultimate universe Goblin, while still Norman Osborn, is different in 
that he is a hulking green menace instead of a normal sized man in a costume.  
He doesn't use technology, either.



Groot - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Groot is a sentient plant-based lifeform from Planet X (no seriously).  His 
body looks tree-like and can grow and contract to make him appear larger 
and stronger.  He can also regrow lost limbs as a plant would.  He is a 
member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.



Gwen Stacy - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Gwen was Peter Parker's first love.  She lived in New York and was a 
college student and classmate of Peter.



Havok - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Alex Summers is Cyclops' younger brother.  As the mutant Havok, he has the 
power to fire heat blasts from his body, usually from his arms.  He has 
worked for several organizations, including the X-Men and the Brotherhood.

Projectiles - Concussive Force
Laser Beam - Hold Circle (NOT a Heat Beam)


Heimdall - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Heimdall is the gatekeeper of Asgard, and guardian of the Bifrost, the 
bridge that connects Asgard with other realms.  He serves Odin faithfully 
and is a good friend to Thor.  He has the powers of a typical Asgardian.



H.E.R.B.I.E. - After Mission 2
 Cost: 200,000

The Humanoid Experimental Robot, B-Type, Integrated Electronics (yeah, 
that's not a stretch) is a robot ally of the Fantastic Four.  He was 
originally conceived as a fourth member of the FF for the 1978 animated 
series in place of Human Torch, who could not be used due to legal reasons 
involving a Human Torch movie that was never made.  H.E.R.B.I.E. was 
eventually worked into the comics as a robot that held the consciousness 
of the evil Doctor Sun, but that's not addressed here.

Shock Attack - Press Square, not the same as Electricity


Howard the Duck - After "Nuff Said"
 Cost: 25,000

A citizen of Duckworld, an alternate reality where waterfowl evolved instead 
of humans, Howard found himself ripped to our reality by Thog the Nether-
Spawn.  He is largely a reluctant hero with no particular powers and most 
people even forget he's part of the Marvel canon.

Explosives - His bazooka


Hydra Agent - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 12,500

HYDRA is an organization determined to rule the world (because we don't have 
enough of those).  It began during Nazi Germany and persists into modern 
day.  In the film canon, HYDRA was the brain child of the Red Skull (who also 
serves as a member in the comics), who was determined to use technological 
advancements to crush the Allied forces.

Projectiles - His gun


Iron Fist - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

The current Iron Fist is Danny Rand, but the title has been held by many 
people over the years.  Through a long series of complicated events that we 
don't have time to go into here, Rand became the bearer of the name Iron Fist 
and all its attendant abilities, which revolve around harnessing the spirit 
energy known as chi.  It goes without saying that he is a fantastically 
accomplished martial artist.

Chi Uppercut - Hold Circle and release


Iron Man (Hulkbuster) - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

This is one of Tony Stark's special armors, specifically a particularly 
large one that is designed to take on the Hulk himself.  Its physical 
strength is severely augmented.

Projectiles - Repulsor blasts
Explosives - Missiles


J. Jonah Jameson - After "Tabloid Tidy Up"
 Cost: 150,000

JJ is the editor of the Daily Bugle.  He hires Peter Parker many times in 
his capacity as a freelance photographer, but also has a drive to out 
Spider-Man as a MENACE to the city.  He's ruthless and fairly cruel, but 
he does have a soft side that comes out very occasionally.



Juggernaut - After Mission 8
 Cost: 250,000

Cain Marko is the half brother of Charles Xavier.  He is a mutant who, 
in addition to being incredibly strong and large, has the ability to not 
be stopped by any resisting force.  He will continue through barriers, 
walls, and people, moving forward relentlessy and implacably.  He also 
wears a helmet that protects him from having mind powers used on him.



Kingpin - After "Feeling Fisky"
 Cost: 150,000

Wilson Fisk is a criminal mastermind involved in extensive illegal 
activities in New York and elsewhere.  For having no superhuman powers, he 
is still a considerable threat, as his giant body is almost completely 
muscle, and he is extremely intelligent and savvy.  He is the villain of 
many characters, but particularly Daredevil and Spider-Man.

Projectiles - Cane gun


Kingpin Henchman - Character Token in "Feeling Fisky"
 Cost: 150,000

The Kingpin maintains a large stable of goons.  Hired goons.

Projectiles - Gun


Kraven the Hunter - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Sergei Kravinoff is a professional game hunter and mercenary.  As his 
name suggests, he believes himself to be the greatest hunter in the world, 
and wants to prove it by bagging the most dangerous game: Spider-Man.  He is 
a well-trained combatant and a talented acrobat and he also has superhuman 
strength after taking mystical potions.

Single Rope


Kurse - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Algrim is a dark elf of Svartalfheim.  Through the dark magic of his 
master, Malekith, he was transformed into a hulking giant known as Kurse.  
He's incredibly strong and has a rage against Thor and Asgard that cannot be 



Laufey - After "Bro-tunheim"
 Cost: 250,000

The king of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim and Loki's birth father.  Laufey 
is the antagonist of Asgard and Odin.

Projectiles - Ice blasts
Ice Beam


Leader - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Like the Hulk, Samuel Sterns was exposed to gamma radiation, but whereas 
Banner gained great physical strength, Sterns gained great mental prowess.  
Styling himself as a man who should lead all of mankind, he called himself 
The Leader.  He has telepathic and psychokinetic powers, and also uses an 
array of gadgets in his crimes.

Projectiles - Blaster Pistol
Mind Control


Liberty - After Mission 11
 Cost: 250,000

Lady Liberty was given to the United States as a gift from France.  Although 
we all know her as being green, many people forget that she used to be copper 
colored, which oxidized decades ago.  Despite this game's insistence and the 
events of Ghostbusters 2, she cannot actually move.



Loki - After Mission 15

Loki is the adopted brother of Thor and adopted son of Odin.  He is in 
reality the son of Laufey, king of the Frost Giants, and it is for this 
and the fact that Thor is the favored son that Loki harbored deep resentment 
towards Asgard.  Using his mystical powers of trickery, Loki continually 
attempts to usurp Earth and Asgard to his control.

Projectiles - Firing from his scepter.
Mind Control
Ice - Using the Casket of Ancient Winters by holding down Circle.


Magneto - After Mission 13
 Cost: 150,000

The Master of Magnetism.  Erik Lehnsherr, or perhaps Max Eisenhardt, 
suffered dearly at the hands of the Nazi regime.  As a result of the 
atrocities committed, he developed a deep resentment for humanity, that 
further deepened once his mutant abilities of controlling metal awakened.  
He formed a Brotherhood of Mutants in contrast to Charles Xavier's X-Men, 
with the stated purpose of finding a place where mutants can exist without 
fear of persecution, and if it means removing humanity to do so, he would 
consider that acceptable.

Projectiles - Metal spheres


Magneto Acolyte - After Mission 13
 Cost: 15,000

Magneto has a series of mutants who follow him faithfully.  These mutants 
have a variety of powers to use against his foes.



Malekith - After "Bro-tunheim"
 Cost: 250,000

A dark elf of Svartelfheim, Malekith the Accursed is the ruler of the 
dark elves.  He has a variety of mystical powers that he can employ against 
his foes in Asgard, including energy projection, flight, and taking on the 
appearance of other beings through illusion.

Projectiles - Fire blasts
Mind Control


Mandarin - After Mission 5
 Cost: 100,000
Mandarin (Film) - Character Token in "Stunt Show Surprise"
 Cost: 150,000

The leader of the terrorist organization known as the Ten Rings, the Mandarin 
is a mysterious figure who is a master strategist and propagandist.  His 
real name is unknown, and he is a dogged enemy of Iron Man.

The alternate Mandarin is from the film Iron Man 3.  He is in reality Trevor 
Slattery, an actor hired to play the Mandarin terrorist leader so the real 
Mandarin could operate behind the scenes anonymously.

Powers: (Film version has no powers)
Projectiles - Fire blasts from his rings
Heat Beam


Mary Jane Watson - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Peter Parker's girlfriend and later wife, Mary Jane is an accomplished 
actress as well as model and television show host.



Mastermind - After Mission 11
 Cost: 250,000

Jason Wyngarde is a mutant who has amazing illusory powers, and can 
psionically cause others to see, hear, and even feel things that are not 
real.  He has worked with Magneto's Brotherhood in the past.

Mind Control


Mini Sentinel - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

The Sentinels are a series of robots created by Bolivar Trask in order to 
detain mutants who get out of hand.  Safe to say that they don't always get 
used for benevolent purposes, as the X-Men routinely have to junk Sentinels 
to get through the day.

Projectiles - Concussive Blasts
Heat Beam


M.O.D.O.K. - After Mission 10
 Cost: 250,000

The Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.  George Tarleton was a 
generic nobody technician at A.I.M. until he was selected for a process 
to create a living computer, which warped his body severely, but also made 
him extremely intelligent and insane.  He usurped control of A.I.M. and 
made it his mission to conquer the world with his newfound abilities.

Projectiles - Psionic Blasts
Heat Beam
Engine Blast - Hold down Circle


Moon Knight - Character Token in "A Shock Withdrawal"
 Cost: 150,000

Marc Spector is a vigilante whose powers are driven by the moon.  At night 
he has enhanced strength, endurance, and reflexes, and these powers grow 
greater during a full moon.  He also sometimes has prophetic visions.

Projectiles - Crescent Moon shurikens


Ms. Marvel - Character Token in "Nuff Said"
 Cost: 200,000

Although there has been more than one Ms. Marvel, this is Carol Danvers, 
a CIA agent who became a super hero after being bombarded with energy 
caused by an explosion and modified by the nearby Mar-Vell.  This gave her 
the Kree warrior's abilities, which include flight, strength, and durability, 
as well as the ability to fire concussive blasts.

Power Cosmic
Projectiles - Hand blasts
Heat Beam


Mysterio - After "The Thrill of the Chess"
 Cost: 150,000

Quentin Beck is a former stuntman and special effects designer who turned 
to a life of crime when he tried to frame Spider-Man for crimes.  While he 
has no powers to speak of, he is very talented at practical illusion and 

Projectiles - Concussive blasts
Heat Beam
Mind Control


Mystique - After Mission 12

Her true name unknown, Mystique is a mutant who often works with Magneto's 
Brotherhood.  Her mutant powers lie in her ability to shapeshift into any 
other humanoid creature, copying them exactly except for any powers they 

Projectiles - Two guns
Invisibility - Of a sort.  Pressing Circle transforms her into a local 
 guard, allowing her to bypass cameras.


Nightmare - After "Stunt Show Surprise"
 Cost: 250,000

A demon who lives within the Dream Dimension, Nightmare is a foe of both 
Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider.  True to his name, he typically uses his 
powers while his foes sleep, drawing their psyches into the Nightmare 
World, where he has complete control.

Projectiles - Green blasts
Heat Beam
Mind Control


Nova - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Richard Rider was randomly selected to be part of the Nova Corps, a galactic 
peacekeeping force.  Becoming the last member of the Corps after a serious 
tragedy, Nova gained the power of the entire Nova Force, with the abilities 
of flight, strength, speed, and durability.

Power Cosmic
Projectiles - Hand blasts
Heat Beam


Pepper Potts - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000
Rescue - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Virginia Potts is Tony Stark's executive assistant at Stark Industries.  
She is also one of Tony's confidants and friends.  At a certain point in the 
comics, she comes across the Mark 1616 armor and uses it under the codename 
of Rescue.

Powers: (Only as Rescue; Pepper has no powers alone)
Projectiles - Repulsor blasts
Heat Beam


Polaris - After "The Thrill of the Chess"
 Cost: 150,000

Lorna Dane is an orphan who was mistakenly led to believe that she was the 
child of Magneto.  As it turns out, her mutant powers are her own, but are 
very similar to Magneto's.  She is a former member of the X-Men, among other 

Projectiles - Magnetic Spheres


Power Man - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Luke Cage was a former Harlem street gang tough.  After time in prison, he 
was given superpowers during an experiment gone awry.  He made his way back 
to New York where he used his power as a hero for hire.  He has incredible 
strength and durability.

Super Strength


Professor X - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Charles Xavier is a mutant who is the founder of the X-Men and his own 
Institute for Higher Learning, where he teaches young mutants how to 
control and best use their abilities.  He is also incredibly brilliant, 
and has vast psychic and psionic powers.

Mind Control


Psylocke - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Betsy Braddock is the twin sister of Captain Britain.  Her powers enable 
her to create psychic blades from her hands.  She also works as a super 
model.  She has worked for the X-Men and X-Force.



Punisher - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Frank Castle was a veteran of the US Marine Corps as a captain.  He lived 
happily in New York until his wife and children were killed having witnessed 
a Mafia hit.  Castle was unable to bring his family's killers to justice 
through the police, so adopted the identity of the Punisher, and made it 
his life's goal to lethally eradicate the criminal element in New York.

Projectiles - Gun


Pyro - After Mission 8
 Cost: 150,000

St. John Allerdyce is a mutant with the ability manipulate fire into any 
form he wishes.  He cannot create fire, though, so he typically carries a 
flamethrower in order to generate it.  He is a typical member of Magneto's 

Projectiles - Fire blasts
Heat Beam


Red Hulk - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross was in command of the gamma experiment 
that created the Hulk, and the father of Betty Ross, who became involved 
with the Hulk, so you can imagine that he's not a big fan of the Hulk.  This 
was compounded when he gave himself gamma treatment so he could face the 
Hulk on equal terms.

Projectiles - Pistol (as General Ross)


Red Skull - After Mission 6
 Cost: 200,000

Johann Shmidt served under the Third Reich during World War II.  He and 
Captain America became bitter enemies.  Their personal war even continued to 
modern times when both were put in suspended animation under separate 
circumstances.  Although Red Skull has no powers, he is a keen military 
and political strategist.

Projectiles - Pistol


Rhino - After Mission 12
 Cost: 250,000

Aleksei Sytsevich was a thug in the Russian mafia when he was subjected to 
chemical and radiation treatments, giving him super strength and durability.  
These were enhanced with his rhino suit, which makes him nearly impervious.  
He is a constant foe of Spider-Man.



Rocket Raccoon - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

A citizen of Halfworld and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket 
Raccoon is a feisty scrapper.  He's an interplanetary explorer with a 
wealth of guns and gadgets at his disposal, as well as a nasty attitude.

Projectiles - Guns


Ronan the Accuser - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Ronan is the Supreme Public Accuser on Kree.  He fights for law and his 
exploits have brought him into conflict with the Fantastic Four.  He has a 
universal weapon that allows him to change matter and create time motion 
displacement fields.  He also has elevated strength and durability.

Projectiles - Hammer shots


Roxxon Guard - After Mission 1
 Cost: 150,000

Roxxon Oil is a powerful and influential corporation that not only deals 
with petroleum, but also is a major player in the high-tech research 
industry.  It maintains its own security force.

Projectiles - Pistol


Sabretooth - After Mission 4
 Cost: 250,000

A foe of the X-Men, especially Wolverine, Victor Creed spent his early life 
as a feral mutant,  He often works with Magneto's Brotherhood.  His powers 
are similar to Wolverine's, involving animal senses, a healing factor, and 
enhanced strength and agility.



Sandman - After Mission 1
 Cost: 175,000

William Baker, also known as Flint Marko, was a criminal on the run when 
he was hit by a radiation explosion while hiding on a beach.  His body and 
the sand melded together, allowing him to shapeshift with his sand-like 



Sandman Goon - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Apparently, these are little golems created by Sandman that function 
autonomously.  They're just cannon fodder, really.



She-Hulk - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Attorney Jennifer Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner.  When she was 
injured, her cousin was the only one available to give her a blood 
transfusion, which resulted in her changing into the statuesque and 
confident She-Hulk.  Unlike the Hulk, she retains her full intellect, and 
has greatly elevated strength.

Super Strength


S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division is 
a branch of the United States government devoted to law enforcement and 
espionage that tends to operate with autonomy.  It was created to deal with 
superhuman threats in the world and maintains a considerable staff for all 
its business.

Projectiles - Gun


Shocker - After "A Shock Withdrawal"
 Cost: 150,000

Herman Schultz is a criminal who is a foe of Spider-Man.  He wears a battle 
suit that allows him to create powerful blasts of air vibration.  In the 
older days of the comics, it was thought that his blasts were electricity, 
but this has since been retconned.

Explosives - Concussive blasts
Laser Beam - Hold Circle (NOT a Heat Beam)


Silver Samurai - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Kenuichiro Harada is a mutant who has worked with HYDRA in the past.  He 
has the power to generate a tachyon energy field, and he typically uses it 
through his sword, which allows it to cut almost anything.

Super Weapon


Silver Surfer - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 1,000,000

Norrin Radd became the Herald of Galactus in order to spare his homeworld 
of being eaten by the cosmic entity.  He was given the power cosmic and 
rides the galaxy on a board of the same type of energy, searching for planets 
for Galactus to consume.

Power Cosmic
Projectiles - Hand blasts


Spider-Woman - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Jessica Drew received her powers after suffering uranium poisoning and being 
injected with an experimental spider serum.  She began her career as a 
villain, but turned hero later on, joining the Avengers.  Her powers are 
actually somewhat different than Spider-Man's.



Squirrel Girl - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Doreen Green is a mutant with the ability to communicate with squirrels and 
also with the agility and relative strength of one, assuming it were her 
size.  She has the surprising ability to defeat people that one would 
assume were much more powerful than her, including Wolverine, Deadpool, and 
Doctor Doom.

Projectiles - Squirrels!
Squirrel Pile - Hold down Circle and release


Stan Lee - Find all Stan Lees in Peril

The face of Marvel Comics, Stanley Lieber is at least partly responsible for 
the creation of many of Marvel's super heroes and villains.  These days, 
he can often be seen in just about EVERY Marvel movie.  Excelsior!

Heat Beam
Mind Control


Star-Lord - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Peter Quill is the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  He has a suit 
that allows him to travel in space and carries the Element Gun, which allows 
him to shoot the four cardinal elements.

Projectiles - Dual Guns


Superior Spider-Man - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Recently in the comic books, Peter Parker and Otto Octavius switched minds.  
With Peter dying in Otto's body, Octavius became the new Spider-Man, 
constantly conflicted between his own goals and living up to the name of 



Super-Skrull - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Kl'rt of the Skrull Empire is a war hero of their race and was selected to 
be their greatest weapon.  After the Fantastic Four defeated the shape-
changing race, Kl'rt was given all of their powers and tasked with their 

Heat Beam


Symbiote Scientist - After "Reptilian Ruckus"
 Cost: 150,000

The alien symbiote is part of a conquering race that feeds off emotions.  
It came to Peter Parker when he was on Battleworld and formed a costume 
for him, and then ended up doing similar things to other people.  In this 
case, this is a scientist who is infected with the symbiote and became a 



Symbiote Scientist (Hazmat) - After Mission 3
 Cost: 150,000

See above, only with a hazmat suit that apparently doesn't help against 



Taskmaster - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

One of the premier trainers of the criminal world, Taskmaster is a 
mercenary who has photographic reflexes, meaning he can copy most any 
move he has seen once.  He's typically seen using the sword style of Black 
Knight, the archery talents of Hawkeye, and the shield talents of Captain 

Projectiles - Arrows


Toad - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Mortimer Toynbee is a mutant who has the power of making great leaps using 
his legs.  He also has a tongue that is whip-like and prehensile.  He is 
considered one of the low-level members of Magneto's Brotherhood.

Single Rope - his tongue


Union Jack - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Joseph Chapman is not the first man to be Union Jack, but is the current one, 
and is a hero based out of England.  He has physical abilites similar to 
Captain America and carries a number of weapons with which to fight crime.

Projectiles - Gun


Venom - After Mission 3

The second person to wear the alien symbiote after Peter Parker, Eddie Brock 
was an outspoken critic of Spider-Man, and then became a villain to him, 
and later a begrudging ally in certain circumstances.  The time the symbiote 
spent with Spider-Man meant that Venom inherited a number of Spider-Man's 



Viper - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Also known as Madame Hydra, Viper is an assassin and terrorist who typically 
uses poison.  While she has no real powers, she entered into a demonic pact 
to slow her aging process.  She is known as a member of HYDRA.

Projectiles - Gun
Single Rope


Vulture - After "Nuff Said"
 Cost: 150,000

A villain of Spider-Man's and a member of the Sinister Six, Adrian Toomes 
is a former electronics engineer who developed a harness that allows him to 
fly rather naturally.

Projectiles - Feathers


War Machine - After "House Party Protocol"
Iron Patriot
 Cost: 150,000

James Rhodes is a US Marine who more than once served as Iron Man in Tony 
Stark's stead.  Eventually, he earned a suit of his own, and became the War 
Machine.  In the films, the War Machine armor started life as the Mark 2 
armor before Justin Hammer remade it into a more lethal version.

Rhodes is also the Iron Patriot, but only in the films.  In the comics, the 
Iron Patriot was actually Norman Osborn.

Projectiles - Shoulder Cannon
Explosives - Missiles


Wasp - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

The owner of Van Dyne Industries, Janet Van Dyne is a member of the Avengers 
as the Wasp and is married to Ant-Man, Hank Pym.  She can shrink herself 
similar to Hank, and can also fly and shoot bio-electric blasts.

Projectiles - Stingers


Whiplash - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

This version of Whiplash is Anton Vanko, a man who was the Crimson Dynamo in 
the comics, but is Whiplash in the films.  The son of Igor Vanko, an 
associate of Howard Stark, Anton created a harness similar to Iron Man's 
armor, and attached electrified whips to the arms of it.  He is, naturally, 
a villain of Iron Man.

Double Rope


Wizard - Character Token in Manhattan
 Cost: 150,000

Actually not a magician, Bentley Wittman is a genius inventor specializing 
in physics and sub-atomic particles, as well as the study of other 
dimensions.  He is a villain of the Fantastic Four.


8C. Ground Vehicles =

S.H.I.E.L.D. Staff Car
 Cost: 150,000


S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x4
 Cost: 150,000


 Cost: 150,000


Deadpool's Scooter
 Cost: 150,000


Ghost Rider's Motorcycle
 Cost: 150,000


 Cost: 150,000


School Bus - Available at the start


Saloon - Available at the start


Small Car - Available at the start


Sedan - Available at the start


Limousine - Available at the start


Van - Available at the start


Ambulance - Available at the start


Fire Engine - Available at the start


Police Car - Available at the start


Police Motorcycle
 Cost: 150,000


Police Truck
 Cost: 150,000


Raft Truck
 Cost: 150,000


Raid Truck
 Cost: 150,000


Punisher's Car
 Cost: 150,000


Punisher's Truck
 Cost: 150,000


Hydra Tank
 Cost: 150,000


Mandarin's Buggy
 Cost: 150,000


Pizza Van
 Cost: 150,000


Pizza Bike
 Cost: 150,000


News Van - Available at the start


Tanker - Available at the start


Taxi - Available at the start


Golf Cart
 Cost: 150,000


Garbage Truck
 Cost: 150,000


Bicycle - Available at the start


Wolverine's Motorcycle
 Cost: 150,000


 Cost: 150,000


 Cost: 150,000


 Cost: 150,000


Flower Car
 Cost: 150,000


 Cost: 150,000


The Britmobile
 Cost: 150,000


Stark's Motorcycle - Available at the start
 Cost: 150,000


Stark's Sportscar - Available at the start
 Cost: 150,000


Hot Rod - Available at the start
 Cost: 150,000


Avenging Cycle - Available at the start
 Cost: 150,000


Captain America's Bike
 Cost: 150,000


The Cloud Rider - Available at the start

8D. Water Vehicles =

Mandarin's Boat
 Cost: 150,000


Speedboat - Available at the start

8E. Air Vehicles =

Quinjet - Available at the start


Chitauri Chariot
 Cost: 150,000


Pumpkin Chopper
 Cost: 150,000


Mandarin's Helicopter
 Cost: 150,000


News Helicopter
 Cost: 150,000


Police Helicopter
 Cost: 150,000


Raft Helicopter
 Cost: 150,000


 Cost: 150,000


Deadpool's Helicopter
 Cost: 150,000


 Cost: 150,000


Stark Jet
 Cost: 150,000


Doom Jet
 Cost: 150,000


 Cost: 150,000


S.H.I.E.L.D. Minicarrier
 Cost: 150,000


S.H.I.E.L.D. Jetfighter
 Cost: 150,000

9A. How To Get 100% =

While it will be a long slog to taking care of all the side stuff in 
Manhattan, I wouldn't say getting 100% in this game is all that difficult.  

As always, make it a priority to get the stud multipliers first.  Once you 
get those, everything else is easy.

To get all the minikits in the missions, you'll need to purchase two 
characters: Magneto and Sandman.  Everyone else can cover all the other 
powers needed.

Once you get at least one multiplier, play missions with high stud counts 
to rack them up.

The final tally to 100% requires that you've bought everything: characters, 
vehicles, etc., and that you have all the totals on your Pause Menu complete: 
all Gold Bricks, Red Bricks, Stan Lees, True Believers, and Minikits.

9B. Extras =

The famed "Red Bricks" are found in the Manhattan Missions scattered around 
the city in this game.  Once you find them in the mission, you'll need to 
go to Deadpool's Room on the Helicarrier to purchase it, and then you'll 
activate it through the Extras Menu itself.  Here's a quick list of what 
all of them do and where to find the ones you need to find:

Studs x2 - Available from the start
Cost: 1,000,000
 Multiplies your stud intake by 2.  Remember that these stack, so adding the 
 other multipliers on will give you mammoth amounts of intake.

Studs x4
Found: Tabloid Tidy Up
Cost: 2,000,000
 Multiplies your stud intake by 4.

Studs x6
Found: Feeling Fisky
Cost: 3,000,000
 Multiplies your stud intake by 6.

Studs x8
Found: Reptilian Ruckus
Cost: 4,000,000
 Multiplies your stud intake by 8.

Studs x10
Found: House Party Protocol
Cost: 5,000,000
 Multiplies your stud intake by 10.

Disguises - Available from the start
Cost: 300,000

Gold Brick Detector
Found: Nuff Said
Cost: 200,000
 This makes an arrow appear on the screen pointing to any nearby Gold 
 Bricks in Manhattan.  Since the map tells you were each one is, this isn't 
 all that useful.

Minikit Detector
Found: Put Up Your Dukes
Cost: 200,000
 This makes an arrow appear on the screen pointing to minikit canisters in 
 missions.  Considerably more useful than the Gold Brick one.

Mini Characters
Found: Bro-tunehim
Cost: 100,000

Collect Ghost Studs
Found: A Shock Withdrawal
Cost: 100,000

Fast Build
Found: Stranger Danger
Cost: 100,000
 This handy ability makes you build much faster.

Attract Studs
Found: Stunt Show Surprise
Cost: 600,000
 This increases your stud-collecting radius to be much larger, allowing you 
 to pick up studs from further away.

Character Token Detector
Found: The Thrill of the Chess
Cost: 800,000
 Like the other detectors, this creates an arrow on the screen pointing to 
 nearby tokens.

Festive Hats - Available from the start
Cost: 100,000

Extra Hearts - Available from the start
Cost: 100,000
 This gives you character six hearts instead of the usual four.

9C. Trophies/Achievements =

So not counting the Platinum Trophy, the first fifteen trophies are all 
for completing the story missions, so I won't list them here, because 
that's dumb.  So here's the rest of them:

Falling... with Style
- Complete first Helicarrier skydive

Don't I Know You?
- Team up Captain America with Human Torch
 NOTE: This one HAS to be done with two controllers.  Have two players 
  active and have one pick each of the characters.

- Rescue Stan Lee from every peril

Road Rage
- Destroy 100 vehicles in the Manhattan hub
 NOTE: Easiest done with a Heat Beam.  Really tears through the cars.

It's Clobberin' Time!
- Defeat 100 enemies as the Thing

I'm Always Angry!
- Transform into the Hulk 50 times
 NOTE: This one will take a few minutes.  Just hold down Triangle and do 
  something else while you wait.

Billionaire Philanthropist
- Collect 1,000,000,000 studs
 NOTE: Turn on all multipliers and do some missions for lots of studs

This is fantastic!
- First turning Mister Fantastic into a teapot.
 NOTE: Hold down Circle while controlling Reed.

You Win a No-Prize!
- Complete game 100%

Avengers Assembled
- Collect all Avengers characters in the game

Sinister Six
- Collect Doc Ock, Sandman, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Electro, and Vulture

To Me, My X-Men
- Collect all traditionally heroic mutants

- Collect all traditionally evil mutants

I Am Iron Man
- Collect all Iron Man armors

Stan's Soapbox
- Turn into Stan Hulk

Post Credit Party
- Complete House Party Protocol

The Toast of Croydon
- Create a character called "Trevor" in the character customizer.

Puny God
- Perform Hulk's special move on Loki.
 NOTE: Have one character pick Loki and the other pick the Hulk.  Keep on 
  punching Loki and eventually Hulk will do his slam move.

Welcome to Level 7
- Play as Agent Coulson

It's Me Time
- Read a comic in Deadpool's room on the Helicarrier

Bad Luck?
- Unlock Black Cat

Zoo Believer
- Unlock all animal-themed characters

Guardians of the Galaxy
- Unlock all of the Guardians of the Galaxy

Fastball Special
- Perform a special throwing move as Colossus on Wolverine
 NOTE: Have two characters each pick Wolverine and Colossus, then punch 
  Wolverine as Colossus and eventually you'll pick him up and throw him.

Menace of Magneto
- Drive to the Baxter Building as Magneto in the Magneto Mobile
 NOTE: Go to a Call-In Point and call in the Mag Mobile, then hop in and 
  drive to the Baxter Building.

Alter Ego
- Perform all big LEGO figure transformations
 NOTE: So, Hulk, Curt Connors, Stan Lee, Red Hulk, and Venom

Can't Hurt Me Bub
- Regenerate as Wolverine

- Create a custom character

Ultimate True Believer
- Unlock all True Believers

- Collect Howard the Duck

9D. Secret Codes =

Here are a few codes I picked up from GameFAQs.  Let me know if any of them 
don't work.  I haven't checked them all, myself.

Characters -

KXFQ87 - Beetle
P9OWL0 - Black Cat
7HWU4L - Captain America (Classic)
AA0Z50 - Carnage
J58RSS - Howard the Duck
B7AA3K - Hydra Agent
2NGSRZ - Iron Man (Heartbreaker)
CK7SDS - Iron Man (Hulkbuster)
Q5X1J5 - Iron Patriot
SZ8Q06 - M.O.D.O.K.
WFOZXQ - Spider-Man (F.F.)
H8CSE6 - Thor (Classic)
TQ4C57 - War Machine
OAW2LB - Wolverine (Cowl)

Vehicles -

5T3CQU - Avenging Cycle
35E41W - Pumpkin Chopper
SH9MZQ - Spider-bike

Extras -

UZFBG4 - Studs x2

10A. Legal =

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2014 Scott "CyricZ" 
Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
own.  You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
includes putting it in HTML format.  Please donít post this on your site 
unless you have express consent by me.  Iíve put a lot of time into this.  
Give me some credit.

Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:


I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this FAQ.  
They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the LEGO Marvel guides, but, 
trying to keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed sites 
that I trust.

15B. E-mail Guidelines =

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the guide.
- Make sure it has something to do with LEGO Marvel.  I don't want spam, 
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- Make sure you say LEGO Marvel at one point in your e-mail.  I have 
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- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
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15C. Credits =

CJayC, SBAllen, and all respective webmasters for having this on their sites.

Marvel, for their world of great characters.

LEGO, for their world of imagination.

15D. Version Updates =

Version 1.0 - 1/6/2014 - So...  Sorry this took so long.  Grad school 
 happened and I needed to focus on my studies, so this took a lot longer 
 than expected.  Hopefully the wait was worth it. :)

15E. The Final Word =

Another cute and fun ride from Traveller's Tales.  Let's all get hyped for 
the next two LEGO games, the Movie, and the Hobbit!