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Where can i get Altered weapons?

I've got Chimera lvl2 6 slots, Stinger lvl2 5 slots, Agressor lvl30 4 slots, Lindwurm lvl37 5 slots, Sledgehammer lvl17 2 slots and Rider lvl26 4 slots but i'm lvl 45 so they are useless to me now, so i want to know if there is a specific stage where this altered names weapons can be found or they are just as random as any other weapon or if they are at that level only 'cause i used them a lot

Accepted Answer

CaptainRoku answered:

As far as I know, the named versions of weapons are just a rare random chance to drop when you pick up Weapon Cases. I haven't noticed any increased drop rate depending on the difficulty so just keep trying to get them and hope you find another one suited to your level!
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