Question from nickay420

How do I break a ladder?

Ladder, extreme rules matches


DarknessGouki answered:

Pretty simple. Prop the ladder up in the corner, vertically. Then, whip an opponent onto it, and grapple them. You should do a suplex onto the ladder. If that doesn't work, try it when you have a finisher saved like you would in a table match.
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ChuckNorris1232 answered:

You could do what DarknessGouki said

OR you can be creative,drop it on the ropes,put the enemy right in front of it,walk backwards......and then

SPEAR!!!!!!!!SPEAR HIM AS HARD AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry...talking like ultimate warrior again.just spear him with a running spear
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ChuckNorris1232 answered:

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kaidenflores answered:

Depending on your ladder finisher, you can prop a ladder in the corner. Then set up a ladder in the middle of the ring making the 'steps' of the ladder face
the propped ladder and do your ladder finisher. P.S, (suplex is most likely your best bet).
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SilverNugget answered:

Try a move with a long range (High Cross, Razor's Edge, German Suplex) while having a ladder in the corner. That usually works for me.
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