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Prerequisite plan?

Okay, so what exactly is that? To obtain the elite items for the ship and everything else requires that. Help

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Certain Jackdaw upgrades require "prerequisite plans" in order to buy that upgrade. For example, the harpoon plan allows you to "buy" the Elite Harpoons upgrade. You get these "plans" by finding treasure maps (from cadavers, marked with a map with a red x symbol on the map). Not all treasure maps offer plans, but the ones that do will say at the top of the screen where you look at the map. You can get to this screen by pressing left on the d-pad and selecting treasure maps, then press Y (for 360).

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Ah okay so it's getting the treasure maps and hopefully they offer the plans. Thanks

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Yup. Not all the treasure maps offer plans but some do. I found the Queen Anne's Figurehead plan in Havanna, and I have the maps for two or three others (unfortunately can't remember where I found them).

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So then can you get the black ship?

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Queen Anne's figurehead was a Naval mission prize.

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The figurehead is indeed found in Havanna. The Queen Anne's Wheel is obtained through the navel contracts. As they state you must find the plans to upgrade more. A few of the ship upgrades come from the buried treasure. Most of the main plans (I.E.) Elite Cannons) are found in the underwater locations. These become available after so many main missions. I believe it is sequence 5 or 6 these become unlocked.

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Some of the Pre-requisite plans are located within the Treasure Maps located in the Cadavers, while others are located in the Wrecks that requires the Diving Bell to access. It will be located in one of the chests located in the Wreck. The Diving Bell is acquired as part of the story and cannot be purchased before then.

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The main plans(elite Hull, elite broadside cannons, golden mortars, golden swivel cannons, elite cannon ball, etc.) are found in ship wrecks, just hover over them and it will tell you if there is a plan there or not. Also the mortar storage and other storage upgrades are available through treasure maps, as well as elite harpoon.

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