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Asked: 10 months ago

Where can I find metal?

What are the best resources (ships, warehouses, etc) to load up on metal?

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From: kunel_sanders 10 months ago

Each ship is random with what it has, you'll just have to use the spy glass to see what has what you want. warehouses have a guaranteed amount of each resource though so that might help. the bigger the ship the more resources as well.

schooner is weak so less resources, brig is a bit stronger, frigates have a lot, man o'war has the most. there are a few different levels between the same class of ships as well so keep that in mind. ive seen ships of the same class with about 2 or 3 different levels and same as before, the stronger the level the more resources you get

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Fighting brig class and above on the ships are the best source I've noticed.

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South of Cuba the ships begin to carry more supplies and Brigs more often than not have metal. I took a British brig last night with 103 metal and 120 rum.

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Hunter ships carry a bit of everything, they make great additions to Kenway's Fleet, and best of all, they come to you. Want to be rich? Be a pirate! Run up your wanted level and fight!

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So far, the Hunter Man O' Wars have the best that i found, so get the wanted level up to 4, and they will eventually attack

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