Question from soju

How do you get the Aquila figurehead to unlock?

I've attacked and boarded so many royal convoys I've lost count. Yet I still don't have the figurehead (which says "Loot three royal convoys" to unlock). Anyone know what to do?


drakonfire answered:

Are you sure you don't have it unlocked but don't have the requisite materials to craft it? I know that I unlocked it but couldn't craft it for a while because I lacked the necessary wood.
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Mantis503 answered:

If I remember correctly, you have to board every ship in the convoy and not sink any of them. That includes the small escorts.
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trademarkdesign answered:

From what I've heard, the trick is that the three convoys must be Royal Convoys (blue icons, but currently bugged and not appearing for most people), and they have to be convoys *shared by other people* to your game. Convoys that you find yourself apparently don't count toward unlocking the Aquilla's figurehead. Just what I've heard.

As has been mentioned, make sure to board and loot each of the ships in the convoy just in case. I've heard people say that boarding the smaller ships isn't necessary, but I would just to be sure.
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AlbinoGuerrilla answered:

You have to choose the "repair the jackdaw" option after you board it because plunder means destroy i guess, the same thing happened during one of the old community challenges
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