• Unlock Bonus Promo Cards

    On the Main Menu, click "Extras" then click "Promotional Unlocks". It will prompt you for a code. Enter the Codes below to unlock a bonus card for each original deck. These codes work on all platforms.

    Unlock a free bonus promo cardGKSNDR
    Unlock a free bonus promo cardMGCCTN
    Unlock a free bonus promo cardPXPRMD
    Unlock a free bonus promo cardXBXBDZ
    Unlock a free bonus promo cardRSNGSN
    Unlock a free bonus promo cardPRSTTT
    Unlock a free bonus promo cardFTHPTH
    Unlock a free bonus promo cardTRCKSC
    Unlock a free bonus promo cardDWNNDR
    Unlock a free bonus promo cardJRHPRD

    Contributed By: MTGxerxes.


  • Promo Codes

    Enter these codes at the Promotional Unlocks screen under Extras on the Main Menu to unlock the listed items. If entered correctly the items will unlock, even if a "Code is invalid" message appears.

    Unlock Persona 13X340F5IS979E7K3Q

    Contributed By: Link43130.


  • Avatar Awards

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Pyromancer ArmorDefeat Ramaz in a Revenge Duel.
    Pyromancer GogglesDefeat Ramaz in a Campaign Duel.
    Red Mana T-ShirtPlaneswalk to Shandalar.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

  • Personas

    Once you have unlocked a persona, it can be selected in the Player Status menu. This image will be your avatar in duels.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Persona 01Mulligan down to one card and then win the game.
    Persona 02Attack an opponent with a copy of a creature.
    Persona 03Counter a spell that's targeting a spell you control.
    Persona 04Exile a creature.
    Persona 05Deal 10 damage that's not combat damage to a player in a turn.
    Persona 06Cast five spells in a single turn.
    Persona 07Gain 20 life during combat in a single duel.
    Persona 08Have twenty or more lands on the battlefield.
    Persona 09Deal 10 combat damage to a player with flying creatures in a single turn.
    Persona 10Win during an opponent's combat phase.
    Persona 11Play an online match between midnight and 1:00 a.m. local console time.
    Persona 12Win a duel while at 1 life.
    Persona 13Viral Unlock
    Persona 14Have a life total of 100 or higher.

    Contributed By: AlmightyGandalf.

  • Titles

    Once a title is unlocked, it can be selected within the Player Status menu. Your selected title is displayed next to your name in menus and during duels.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alara ChampionDefeat every node on Alara.
    AuramancerControl a creature enchanted with three Auras you own.
    Demonic MasterControl five Demons.
    Herald of AngelsHave five Angels enter the battlefield under your control during a game.
    Innistrad ChampionDefeat every node on Innistrad.
    Lord of LeviathansIn a duel, control creatures with a combined power of 50.
    Mage of AlabasterYour favorite color is white.
    Mage of AzureYour favorite color is blue.
    Mage of CrimsonYour favorite color is red.
    Mage of JadeYour favorite color is green.
    Mage of OnyxYour favorite color is black.
    Master of the PlanesComplete the single-player campaign.
    NecromancerControl thirteen Zombies.
    Phantom MageWin a game controlling only Illusions.
    Puppet MasterControl a creature an opponent owns.
    Ravnica ChampionDefeat every node on Ravnica.
    Shandalar ChampionDefeat every node on Shandalar.
    Sliver HivelordWin a game with the Sliver Hive deck.
    SpellslingerIn a duel, use spells to deal 20 damage to your opponent.
    The AnnihilatorCause an opponent to sacrifice five permanents in a single duel.
    Zendikar ChampionDefeat every node on Zendikar.

    Contributed By: AlmightyGandalf.


  • Achievements

    Acquire the Sliver FossilDefeated the "Sliver Hive" deck in campaign mode10
    BattlemasterWon 75 games20
    Bloodless TriumphWon a game while dealing no combat damage to a player20
    Burn Monster, Burn!Lost the "Angry Mob" encounter10
    Chandraís AllyDefeated Ramaz20
    Counter CrazyControlled a permanent with ten or more counters on it10
    Death DealerDestroyed or dealt lethal damage to 300 creatures10
    Deck EclecticWon a game with each deck20
    Defeat Ramazís AllyDefeated the "Chant of Mul Daya" deck in campaign mode10
    DeflectomancerCountered 25 spells20
    Field MarshalHad 40 permanents on the battlefield10
    Flawless VictoryWon a game without losing any life10
    Heavy HitterDealt over 200 damage in the "Go Berserk" Challenge10
    HivelordControlled seven or more Slivers with different names10
    In It to WinWon 25 games10
    Land LordControlled seventeen land of a single type10
    Lord of ForiysWon a Two-Headed Giant game10
    Maestro of SealedCompleted the Sealed campaign20
    Master of MagicUnlocked every deck20
    Masterful StrategistWon a Multiplayer game10
    Recover the Scrying ShardDefeated the "Enter the Dracomancer" deck in campaign mode10
    Sealed the DealWon a Sealed game10
    Secrets of the DimirDefeated the "Masks of the Dimir" deck in campaign mode10
    Skilled TacticianSolved a Challenge10
    SlaughtermasterDealt a total of 5000 damage20
    Sparer of PawnsWon a game without destroying or dealing lethal damage to a creature10
    Spell DelverUnlocked 50 cards10
    Spellbook CompleteFully unlocked one deck20
    Super SleuthSolved every Challenge20
    Worthy AdversaryDefeated the "Avacynís Glory" deck in campaign mode10

    Contributed By: Guard Master.


  • Free Deck Key

    If you have Magic 2013 on your hard drive you will recieve a free deck key when you start Magic 2014. Deck keys are used to unlock deck and extra cards.

    Contributed By: Ashtitan.

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