• Guan Yu's 5 star weapon-Godly Dragon

    Defeat Hua Xiong and Lu Bu in under 14 minutes at Battle of Hu Lao Gate-Liu Bei's forces on hard or chaos mode, item appears in the corridors that are on fire.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Guan Yu's 5 star weapon-Godly DragonDefeat Hua Xiong and Lu Bu in under 14 minutes at Battle of Hu Lao Gate-Liu Bei's forces on hard or chaos mode, item appears in the corridors on fire

    Contributed By: bluedragon619.

  • Special Animals

    Can only be unlocked in Ambition Mode. To welcome the Emperor, you must have completed construction of the Tongquetai.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Golden PandaWelcomed Emperor and recruited all allies
    HarrierWelcomed Emperor and all Facilities fully upgraded
    Hex MarkComplete 60 consecutive battles
    Red HareComplete 90 consecutive battles
    Shadow RunnerComplete 30 consecutive battles
    War ElephantComplete 100 consecutive battles

    Contributed By: michaelP4o.


  • Achievements

    *There are 6 secret achievements. show

    A Collector of RaritiesObtained all of the Camp Symbols.30
    A Majestic MannerReached the maximum Fame level in Ambition Mode.30
    A Shout of TriumphFinished all of the stages within Story Mode and Free Mode with the exception of the tutorial.30
    An Intricate TaleCompleted all of the stages in Story Mode.30
    Animal CollectorObtained all of the animals within the game.10
    Battle-hardened VeteranWon 100 battles with the same officer.30
    Comeback KidDefeated 3 enemy officers with a Switch Counter in a single battle.10
    Death from AboveDefeated an enemy after juggling them in the air for at least 10 seconds.10
    Event CollectorUnlocked all of the event scenes within the game.10
    Facility ConstructionHad a new facility built in Ambition Mode.10
    Facility ExpansionHad a facility expanded in Ambition Mode.10
    Friends to the EndFormed a bond at the maximum level with another officer.30
    Graduation DayCompleted the tutorials for all of the kingdoms.10
    Heaven and EarthBuilt a Tongquetai and welcomed the Emperor to your town.30
    In an InstantDefeated 3 enemy officers with a Storm Rush in a single battle.10
    King of the CombosAchieved a 1,000 hit combo.10
    Legend of Jin (secret)Viewed the ending (Historical and Hypothetical) for the Jin story.30
    Legend of Shu (secret)Viewed the ending (Historical and Hypothetical) for the Shu story.30
    Legend of Wei (secret)Viewed the ending (Historical and Hypothetical) for the Wei story.30
    Legend of Wu (secret)Viewed the ending (Historical and Hypothetical) for the Wu story.30
    Like a ShadowFinished any stage of the game, except for the tutorial, without taking any damage.10
    Master of ChaosCompleted all of the stages on the "Chaos" difficulty level.60
    Mounted TerrorDefeated 1,000 enemies while mounted on a riding-type animal.10
    Movie CollectorUnlocked all of the movies within the game.10
    One Warrior vs. a ThousandDefeated 1,000 enemies in a single battle.10
    RevelationUpgraded all skills to Level 10 or higher.30
    The Beastmaster AwakensDefeated 100 enemies with a companion-type animal.10
    The Birth of a LeaderFought 5 straight battles in Ambition Mode.10
    The DestroyerDestroyed a total of 1,000 siege weapons.30
    The Height of ProsperityObtained all of the facilities in Ambition Mode.30
    The Land of PlentyObtained more than 1,000 materials for weapons and facilities in Ambition Mode.30
    The Path of AmbitionFought 20 straight battles in Ambition Mode.30
    The Ties that Bind UsBecame allies with all of the officers in Ambition Mode.30
    True RageUsed a True Rage Attack.10
    True Warrior of the 3 KingdomsObtained all achievements.100
    Unstoppable Might (secret)Defeated a total of more than 100,000 enemies.30
    Untold Legends (secret)Completed all of the stages for the Other story.30
    Unwavering AmbitionFought 50 straight battles in Ambition Mode.60
    Vocal EnthusiastListened to all of the voice lines within the Gallery.10
    Wallpaper CollectorUnlocked all of the wallpapers within the game.10
    Weapon CollectorObtained all of the weapons in the game.30

    Contributed By: Guard Master and The Retro Goat.

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