Question from vash2k3

Where can I find (Enigma Datapack)?

Hi guys. I still cannot find the data-pack located at the pioneer bridge.. On the map, i can set way-point and its directs me to a stone statue holding the bridge cable. I tried searching around, up and down but still there is nothing. pls help .


HTW answered:

If it's the same Datapack I'm thinking of, you can't reach it until after the campaign is finished. A passageway under the road gets blown open, directly off the west side of the bridge.
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JokngOutlawer2 answered:

Actullay,the datapack is under the bridge.Go to the location,then under the
bridge and grappnel the datapack.
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sevanm83 answered:

I had trouble there to and for me it was the one on a blown apart walkway behind some boarded up walls after the firefly fight
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