Question from NinjaKupKake77

How much money do I donate to the Temple of Avo for the gift of youth?

I have been donating money for the past hour and using the various specific amounts needed for the gift of youth from the original Fable and Fable TLC but I can't seem to get ten years off of my age no matter how much money I donate. Please help!


dualblades answered:

Has more to do with how many "good" alignment points you receive from each donation. the more evil you are, the more points you get from donation and the faster you'll get your youth, and sentinus. So if your'e already maxed out on good alignment you'll never get it no matter how much you donate. Go do some evil things, maybe sacrifice some people to skorm and try again
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darksoul1987 answered:

Or get married and kill your wife :)
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