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Hellfire rings?

What does it take to make the Hellfire Rings? I have the Plans for them and just need to know what it takes and where I can get them.


joshiki_r answered:

If its anything like the pc, prepare for the hardest fight in the game. first, u need 3 infernal machines. they require 3 keys each, one from each keywarden on the first 3 acts. then u need to go to the blacksmith and make the machines. set the game to the HIGHEST mp possible(garantees the drops), set game to act1:return to tristram, get 5 stacks of valor(garanteed spots for this, festering woods[the areas where u got the orbs], and outside leorics manor[extra possible inside manor as well]). directly behind the blacksmith is a house with a breakable door. break it and go in. use a machine and fight 2 bosses at the same time. manage to win, get a piece of the ring. use another machine, repeat the process with each machine. it takes a massive amount of power and survivability to do this
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oMGLUL answered:

You don't need to set the game to highest MP possible, that's just setting yourself up for failure and wasted keys. On Master I, there is a 60 percent chance for the organs to drop. Master II has a 70 percent chance, and so on. I have no problem fighting the ubers on Master II and I pretty much always get an organ to drop when I defeat them (to be fair, I do over 400K dps when fully buffed). One thing that sucks about the Hellfire Ring, however, is that you're not guaranteed to craft a good one. I've probably crafted 6 or 7 of them and I would only consider 3 of them good. That's a lot of wasted time collecting keys.
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mikeysrob answered:

You need to do the infernal machine pseudo-event to get the parts for the hellfire rings, just google "Diablo 3 Infernal Machine" and you'll find plenty of helpful guides.

Also, even if the ring you make is terrible, there's no required level, so you can use it for other, weaker characters
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ultraner17 answered:

use a monk and 2 wizards for the best 3 player combination. the wixarsd keep them frozen continuosly, and the monk deals the damage. For a better 4 player combo, bring in a witch doctor with the ckicken fetish and gargantuan. And dogs.
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GaM3rGA1 answered:

Looking for others on xbox 360 that would like to do key runs and make hellfire rings. Xbox id GaM3rGA1
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