• Achievements

    CompleteEarn 72 stamps.100
    Figure FanCollect all figures.30
    Furniture LoverCollect all trinkets.30
    Game SamplerPlay 9 different games.10
    Ghost EaterEarn all Ghost Eater and Ghost Hunter stamps.20
    Happy 30thEarn 30th Anniversary stamp in every game.50
    Happy FamilyGet all pals.30
    IntermediateEarn Beginner's Graduation stamp in every game.20
    Pac and PalsUnlock Pac, Cylindria, and Spiral.20
    Pac-FanTotal play time reached 10 hrs.20
    Pac-Man MasterEarn Master stamp in every game.50
    Stamp LoverEarn 10 stamps.20

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

Pac-Attack Cheats


  • Level Passwords

    Level 1STR
    Level 10SRY
    Level 100LST
    Level 11YSK
    Level 12RCF
    Level 13HSM
    Level 14PWW
    Level 15MTN
    Level 16TKY
    Level 17RGH
    Level 18TNS
    Level 19YKM
    Level 2HNM
    Level 20MWS
    Level 21KTY
    Level 22TYK
    Level 23SMN
    Level 24NFL
    Level 25SRT
    Level 26KKT
    Level 27MDD
    Level 28CWD
    Level 29DRC
    Level 3KST
    Level 30WHT
    Level 31FLT
    Level 32SKM
    Level 33QTN
    Level 34SMN
    Level 35TGR
    Level 36WKR
    Level 37YYP
    Level 38SLS
    Level 39THD
    Level 4TRT
    Level 40RMN
    Level 41CNK
    Level 42FRB
    Level 43MLR
    Level 44FRP
    Level 45SDB
    Level 46BQJ
    Level 47VSM
    Level 48RDY
    Level 49XPL
    Level 5MYX
    Level 50WLC
    Level 51TMF
    Level 52QNS
    Level 53GWR
    Level 54PLT
    Level 55KRW
    Level 56HRC
    Level 57RPN
    Level 58CNT
    Level 59BTT
    Level 6KHL
    Level 60TMP
    Level 61MNS
    Level 62SWD
    Level 63LDM
    Level 64YST
    Level 65QTM
    Level 66BRP
    Level 67MRS
    Level 68PPY
    Level 69SWT
    Level 7RTS
    Level 70WTM
    Level 71FST
    Level 72SLW
    Level 73XWF
    Level 74RGJ
    Level 75SNC
    Level 76BKP
    Level 77CRN
    Level 78XNT
    Level 79RNT
    Level 8SKB
    Level 80BSK
    Level 81JWK
    Level 82GSN
    Level 83MMT
    Level 84DNK
    Level 85HPN
    Level 86DCR
    Level 87BNS
    Level 88SDC
    Level 89MRH
    Level 9HNT
    Level 90BTF
    Level 91NSM
    Level 92QYZ
    Level 93KTT
    Level 94FGS
    Level 95RRC
    Level 96YLW
    Level 97PNN
    Level 98SPR
    Level 99CHB
    You get the game ending as well as the creditsJFK

    Contributed By: Moochthemonkey.

  • Sound Test

    This password will allow you to use a music test and some other options in the game.

    Sends you to a "Sound Test" mode.SND

    Contributed By: WhiteLen.

Pac-Land Cheats


  • Hidden warp

    First, make sure you're in Round 2. Move a tree stump (There's only one in the level that you can move) and you will warp to Trip 3 Round 9, and earn an additional 80,000 points (Arcade and Atari Lynx versions only).

    Contributed By: Mega Man 5.

Pac-Man Championship Edition Cheats


  • Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    200,000 Points (10)Score 200,000 points.
    400,000 Points (30)Score 400,000 points.
    8 Ghosts (5)Eat 8 ghosts in succession.
    Challenge Mode 1 (20)Complete Challenge Mode 1.
    Challenge Mode 2 (20)Complete Challenge Mode 2.
    Championship Mode (20)Complete Championship Mode.
    Crown (20)Eat the Crown.
    Extra Mode 1 (20)Complete Extra Mode 1.
    Extra Mode 2 (20)Complete Extra Mode 2.
    Extra Mode 3 (20)Complete Extra Mode 3.
    Key (10)Eat the Key.
    Sparkster (5)Emit sparks for 1 second.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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