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Asked: 7 months ago

Where can I find Wrench and Wire cutters?

I've seen a couple spots in the game where a wrench tool and or wire cutters are needed or would be useful in the foundry and the brothel, which are both very early on in the main story. Was wondering about the location of them to try them as options for path's through areas.

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You buy them at the shop, which is nearby the fleece.

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Go to the Crippled Burrick, which is just east of the clocktower. There's a merchant there. Use RB to tab over to the tools menu and you'll see the wrench, wirecutter, and razor available for purchase. If you've already been to the brothel, you are well past the point where those things became available.

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Not to sure if this helps any, but I saw them at the vendor at chapter 2, tried at chapter 1 and they where not there for sale. So guessing it's about story progression..

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You can get the wrench almost right away from the seller near Basso. But I wasn't able to get the wire cutters or the razar until Chapter 3. The seller was in the tavern The Siren's Rest in the Sount Quarter.

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