• Achievements

    AcademicFinish Chapter II.23
    Aftermath-InverterComplete The Aftermath with 2 inversions.11
    BridgewalkerCross The Bridge.23
    CatcherCatch the unchained key in The Mirrored Courtyard.11
    ChallengerFinish Chapter IV.23
    CollectorCollect all hidden wisps.19
    Corridor-InverterComplete The Corridor with 3 inversions.13
    Garden-InverterComplete The Mirrored Garden with 5 inversions.13
    GeniusFinish Mirrored Chapter IV.31
    HereticFinish Mirrored Chapter I.29
    HermitFinish Mirrored Chapter III.31
    OutcastFinish Mirrored Chapter II.29
    PlummeterFall for 30 seconds.7
    RefrainerComplete The Precipice without rotating.17
    RunnerComplete The Timepiece in less than 1 minute.7
    ScholarFinish Chapter III.23
    SliderComplete The Intersection without walking.17
    ThinkerFinish Chapter I.23
    VisionaryComplete all mirrored worlds.31
    WhispererComplete The Library being no louder than a whisper.19

    Contributed By: Guard Master.