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Asked: 11 months ago

How do you unlock the other create character slots?

In GTA Online there are two slots available to create your character, while the third, fourth and fifth slots are locked. How do you unlock the other three slots? Thanks in advance!

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My guess is probably through ranking up or if you used up the others?

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Rank 103 and only two slots so far. I would think they're a paid item later, like the cash cards. Rockstar hasn't said anything, but people have claimed they unlock later in November, but of course didn't provide a source for that information.

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have you guys tried making a new one??

I have made 4 seperate characters online(didnt do anything extra just went to create new). I always thought they had a locked symbol on them because you hadn't made a new one yet to fill the spot. In my experience anyhow.

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I contacted rockstar about this and they said there is no info to release on this. I have heard rumours that it is to do with the number of platinum awards you have earned but I can't verify these. From Rockstar's response I assume they are holding back the release of these slots for a future update.

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Limited edition is my guess?

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