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Asked: 5 months ago

What is the JP for?

Can anyone tell me what it stands for/used for?

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From: rincewind1990 5 months ago

Job points and they're not really used for anything at the moment. Supposedly they are used to determine with winner of a playlist but since i've never done a playlist I can't say if this is correct.

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From what I gather, JP are going to be needed for performing Heists. The reason? When Heists do finally come out they don't want players doing nothing but Heists; You'll need to continue doing jobs to display that you're a proper criminal and not just a Heist player. It will also keep lower levels from robbing banks and making out with more money. You DO NOT receive more RP or GTA Cash for obtaining more JP. I'm level 139 and I receive the same amount of RP that I did when I was level 50 for the same jobs

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It means Job Points (JP) nothing much but puts you on a position on a leaderboard if you get the highest (1st) you get a reward like money or something that's all for now.

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