• Achievements

    There are 13 achievements valued at 400 points total.

    Are you the Key Master?Obtain a gold key10
    Bathroom breaks are for the weakPass a red level without respawning25
    City OrdinanceUnlock all City levels25
    E-Waste DisposalUnlock all Laboratory levels25
    Easy Does itScore double-S in all combat levels without using area attack50
    Into the TreesUnlock all Forest levels25
    Maid ServiceUnlock all Mansion levels25
    Master of the Custodial ArtsScore double-S in all original single player levels100
    One man’s Trash…Sweep 50 apples50
    Spotless ShineScore a flawless victory in a four-player online match25
    The Clean Up CrewScore double-S in a silver level in each hub10
    The Janitor Possesses the KeysObtain a red key20
    Triple threatUse area attack three times in a single player level10

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.