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Why does the game keep telling me (fail to load)?

Hey does anyone know why, when i try to load any game at all, it would say "fail to load"???

I can't play anything on halo 3!!!

Please help! it's like my xbox won't recognize any of the maps or anything...

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uberhaxx0r answered:

If it's the default maps (construct, narrows, etc) then you're disk is unreadable. If it's DLC, you either have corrupt files or your xbox is being stupid and needs to be restarted. Also, if you have live, start searching a social match then back out right away and that sometimes helps.
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fireblaze999 answered:

Try to download the map pack again or the disc might be broken.
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ProfBlahson answered:

Try restarting the xbox right away. When it tells you "failed to load" restart it; try again. This has happened to me before, and that's how i've solved it. You can even try loading a different map, just to see if it'll load that one too; if you DLC, load a standard map that came with the game, THEN the DLC map.
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Ohhhhhhh k pal heres wat u do get some of the eletronics cleaner that is for tv,cd players all that crap take out the cords so theres nothin in the xbox then wipe the disk with it "spray the disc and get paper towles to clean it it should really new and shiny" then spray the paper towel and clean as much as posable 'itll make sure nothin in/ on the xbox is causein the game to take a dumpload of dirt on it kk by the way the cords takin out was to prevent electrocuteion not that you need that peice of info but no damm duh right see ya peps!!
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legolord9000 answered:

You might have to start a new file. If you shut the xbox off while the game was saving the data might be corrupted.
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DiablosHeir answered:

It's either the profile or the game make a new profile if it's still not working get a new game
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masterchief8495 answered:

This happens to me almost every time I load up Halo 3. Just click on a non DLC match type then go back and forth. No corrupted data it's somewhat like how your armor and colors sometimes swap back to defaults, it's just a glitch.
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bonoaids answered:

Either ur disc is messed up or ur harddrive is. check disc.

P.S. is it just ur halo or other games too.
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HeroOfTimeGCN answered:

More than likely your disc is either dirty or damaged. Look for small cracks in the center of the disk, or scratches on either side of the disk.

If your disk is cracked, throw it away and buy a new one. Sorry, but it can't be repaired if it's broken.


Take it to a store that has a refurbishing machine. Most pawn shops will have one, and all GameCrazy outlets have one; It's $2 per disk at GC.

If your disk is scratched on the label side, it's not going to be able to be fixed either. The label is reflective and what the machine uses to reflect the eye's laser back into the console to read the data. Buy a new one if this is the case, sorry.
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Gamerguy78 answered:

Your disk is probably broken,i would just get another one
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inspecta_gaddi answered:

Look at your disc, if there are these rings on the disc that means you probably moved your xbox when the disc was still inside. This causes your disc to become unreadable which is why microsoft now allows you to download the game into your hard drive. You can switch your disc by renting one at blockbusters or what ever game rental place you have. I've done it 3 times and didnt get sh!t for it.
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VuduPaco answered:

I have had this problem numerous times. if its the standard map pack try going to forge then open the map u want to play then switch it then switch back. then go back to the match making screen it should work
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LordSepiroth666 answered:

It might be that you have some LAG.
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itsamemario6 answered:

Do you clean your discs?
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pipguy answered:

It's probably broken or dirty it has happened to me a lot and i just restart the system and it works again.
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CHAOSRAVEN17 answered:

Actually if you wait about 2 minutes they should appear. give it time to load the massive amount of extra data.
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Xfreak666 answered:

Maybe you're disc is just scratched, or damaged. Inner crack perhaps. Off to the toothpaste to buffer that sucker down! Or car wax, or a banana, yes a banana.
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