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Asked: 6 years ago

How long to unlock Mark V Helmet?

Does anyone know how I can get the Mark V helmet? I know I have to reach a certain rank online, but does anyone know approx. how long that takes? I believe it said I have to Reach a rank in matchmaking of Sergeant Online. Any insight on how long Im going to be wroking at this would be helpful.

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From: robbix90 6 years ago

to unlock the mark V helmet you have to reach the sergeant level in matchmaking. to reach the sergeant level you need 20 exp this mean that if you are a good player it takes about an hour

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Should take less then an hour.
Just play social and don't quit out of games and you will become a sergeant.

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Sergant rank is at 20exp.
So once you hit 20 exp (total) you will get the achievement and the helmet.

Hope this helps =)

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You have to be a sergant to get the mark v helmet ( 20 exp) And The Rogue Helmet is When You Become A Lieutentant!

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Earn the UNSC Spartan pin.

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