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Why does bungie suck at making good multiplayer?

The basic system is fine but certain things like snowbound or the highest skill system(if i get mvp in 8 out of 10 matches i play consecutively but lose 9 of them because of my team why should i go down by 8 highest skill?) or the booting system ( so this guy follows me around the entire match shooting me in the back whenever i try to scope and lowering my energy shields getting me killed and i cant even kill him to make him not be near w/out being booted, yet when he finally kills me i cant boot him till the 4th time he kills me what is up with that? basically why does bungie suck at making a enjoyable multi player experience? why does my team swat rank hinge not on my ability to get 25 out of 50 kills but my team mates ability to get the other 25? why the hell do i have to play oddball and king of the hill to get a half decent rank(the only game types ever played in lone wolves?

knatsapooh provided additional details:

they seriousely suck really bad if reach comes packaged with another disk like ODST and they fail to correct problems to the multiplayer ill never buy a bungie made game again idc how awesome ppl say it is they r one of the worst developers in existence


death_death answered:

This seems it would be More on the board topic instead of the Q & A's board.
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CstevenJ answered:

oddball and koth the only gametypes in lone wolves? the playlist is weighted to like, 75% slayer/slayer BRs, that's basically not possible.
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tvdinner4me answered:

Sounds like you're just dissing on them, but I guess it's partly due to the players. Some games just attract a bad community.
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Hachibei answered:

Sounds like someone's just butthurt because they got schooled.
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