Question from DarkSlayer179

Asked: 5 years ago

Spartan officer ranks achievement help???

I have not got this acheievement even though i am lieutenant. My true skill is 17, and i should have it but havan't. Has it glitched out and i now can't get it or have i got to do something else???

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From: 54Bears 5 years ago

You need to get 50 exp. in one playlist.

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The same thing happened to my friend it has indeed glitched due to Title Update 2 you can start a new account to try and get it again

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The same thing happened to me except for the Spartan achievement. I am a seargent class 2 and still no achievement.

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54Bears is right you have to have the lieutenant in your main rank and it in your Secondary Rank (the little rank beside a social playlist) which is achieved by having 50 exp in it as stated by bears.

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U need to get a lutisnant in team slayer

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