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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the difference between Halo 3 and Halo 3 odst?

Cause iv herd that there different..

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From: Alvir1991 5 years ago

Actually the difference is:
1. No multiplayer
2. NO deathmatches
3. only co-op during firefight
4. the thing mentioned above is very fun if you have a lot of hate against the covenant since its an endless killing match
5. NO spartan's
6. campaign is quite the same except that you play a shock trooper which is to weak for words
7. it takes place in one location
8. the pistol from halo 1 is back
9. the difficulty for the normal mode is like this: friggin legendary on halo 3
10. its funnier since it uses random skulls

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Odst is like a campaign add on i think i dont think it will have as much as halo 3

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You're a Hell Jumper in ODST and it's like before the Elite rebellion, and you go through this one city to find your squad mates.

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From what I've read ODST is more of a stealth based version of Halo that takes place during and after Halo 2 and 3.

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You're and ODST troop they are like Spartans in training and you're going through a city full of Covenent I think to find your squad.

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It starts off that you are a Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (ODST) and you land alone in the city of New Mombassa and you go through the city fighting Covenant and trying to find out what happened to your other teammates. And occasionally you will play as your teammates in flashbacks or something else. The story takes place after Halo 2 and before Halo 3.

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There is Halo 3 style spartan multiplayer on a bonus disc that comes with the game - it also has all the map packs ever released for Halo 3 plus 3 new ones

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this is it ; in ODST u play mainly has The Rookie, and his ODST squad mates(Buch-Assault A.K.A=gunny,Romeo-sniper,Mickey-demolitions/exsplosives,Dare/ Veronica-leader theres one more that starts with a D but he slips my mind) they drop into new covenet controlled New Mombasa(u play in it as cheif in 2 first time u destroy the scarab) and The Roockie is separated from his squad, and u spend most your time tracking them down. Other Differences: No duels =(, smg is silensed, pisols(auto mags) one shot kill to the head if no sheilds, Firefight mode,no recharging sheilds,no matchmaking/open multiplayer, o yeah and not as many veichles.

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odst is awesome. Halo 3 is awesome. its kinda apples and oranges. they arent really similare enough to compare very well. both are great games. halo 3 has matchmaking. odst doesnt. thats the only downside if you can even consider it a downside. but odst has firefight, and its GREAT. similar but different. gotta play them before u can really say.

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