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Fingerprint lock in last level?

Hey folks. I'm playing on the Hard difficulty to get the achievement, and I've run into a problem.

In the last level, I choose to save Lambert. I kill Jamie, scan his retina, along with Enrica and Dayton's. I then go upstairs to head to the elevator, and find that the only way through the doors is via a fingerprint lock. However the objectives clearly state I need only retinas to get into locked areas. In previous HQ missions, I never bothered to scan fingerprints.

Am I basically screwed? Do I have to replay from the last HQ mission, scan a fingerprint, go through Kinshasa again, in order to get to the elevator?

Accepted Answer

DouglasFett answered:

Nevermind. Emile's fingerprints from the last HQ level are still present on the computer desk, where he has you decrypt that email. Even if they weren't scanned previously, they can still be scanned in the last level. Crisis averted.
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