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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I reactivate the sticky camera?

Ive shot a sticky camera and have gone back into Sam's view to move around and I want to look through the sticky camera again but I cant figure out how to go back into the sticky camera view. I dont want to shoot another camera or pick the previous camera up. Please help.

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I dont think you can look through the sticky camera again. You have to pick it up again :S

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Yes you can but I havnt played the game in so long i blieve it is one of the control pads or one of the direction you use to do the different modes

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Ive figured it out on my own (about 5 mins after beating it lol), in single player press and hold LB then press and hold RB, then let go of LB then RB. In multiplayer im not sure but I know its different than that.

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All you do is hold the LB button down until it the camera view pops up if it doesn't then the camera was destroyed. If you have used the gas or explosion then it won't work

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You have to press LB until you have the camera view and options. It is always available until you use the gas or explosion, which will destroy it.

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