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Night Vision?

Night Vision just will not work on my Elite with HDMI on a Samsung LCD flat screen. But it did when i first got it. Now all it does is look like its all contrast or water down effects with all three goggle options.

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Well i wasn't trying to brag about it at all. I was just leaving as detailed of question as possible because most people want the facts of what your trying to play it on so they can reply with a correct answer.... I didn't mean to offend. And i have no idea what enhanced night vision is or where it would be in the game or anywhere else.

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Ill give it a try, thanks for the info. Take it easy.

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You we're right about enhanced night vision... But it seems to ruin the game for me, it just doesn't feel right. But to anyone else with the same problem, his answer/response is correct.

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Edgemaster99 answered:

This may sound stupid but have you got the enhanced night vision upgrade?
it makes you have night vision in full colour

on a sidenote- there is no need to brag about what you have
i have a pro and im using a tv that is about half my age (10 years)
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Edgemaster99 answered:

the enhanced night vision is gained from completing a primary objective in JBA HQ pt3
pause the game and check your equipment to see if you have it
if you do then that would explain why your night vision looks almost the same as regular vision, if you dont then i dont know what is wrong (btw, it doesnt affect thermal and emf vision so if those have changed as well then i DEFINATLY dont know)
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