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How do i get to the bonus mission?

i have seen people so the bonus mission at the end. ur on a boat which has Moss on it and u have to defuse the bomb and kill moss. How do i get to that Bonus mission?

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Edgemaster99 answered:

you have to save 2/3 targets and have NSA trust above 33%
the 3 targets are:
1- the cruise ship (desision in JBA HQ pt3- saving it (either straight out or framing enrica) kills her/destroying it kills enrica and she will give you your equipment by the elivator to the final area if you forgot to get it in JBA HQ pt4)
2- hisham (desision in kinshasa- saving him unlocks a small pt 3 of the level (and achievement)/killing him ends the level there and then)
3- lambert (desision in JBA HQ pt4- saving him makes you lose all trust with JBA (and achievement)/ killing him allows you to move around the non-restricted part of the HQ with no hastle)
before i forget you HAVE to save lambert, you cannot kill him
if you do this you will get the good ending (and get the hero achievement as well) and will unlock the bonus mission to play whenever you want for that difficulty
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dmg7661 answered:

You have to get the Best ending on the last level.
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L1_Anonymous_L1 answered:

You have to finish the last level with the best ending by saving 2/3 targets (Lambert, cruise ship, and Hisham).
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