Question from chemosh42117

Asked: 5 years ago

Can you still do Love Hurts if you've completed the game?

Victor's glitched and isn't at the mansion. Can I still complete the quest? Also, he's standing out side by the civilian displacement guy. He glows green to represent the quest but I cant start the quest because he won't interact with me and the game leads me to him but won't let me axcept it. Would using a different copy of the game help?

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From: Idacon 5 years ago

Sometimes characters need to be in certain places in order to do or complete a quest. Try pushing him back to the mansion. If that doesn't work you're probably stuck in a glitch and need to start a new game.

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Doubtful i think.. i mean give it a shot but i think its your save file thats corrupted not so much the disk.. but like i said give it a shot it cant hurt.. you can always thank Lionhead Studios for the glitches lol

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YEAH YOU CAN LOL I forgot all about that quest when playing the game. I beat the game and was fully bored then I checked my quests right and I saw the quest there. So I went and completed it. You totally have a chance bro go beat it

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